Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 68

With one hit, Qin Yi grabbed the still-cold corpse, jumped and disappeared into the night.

In an uninhabited courtyard in the city, Qin Yi raised the body to the well in the courtyard.

After groping for a while on the corpse, I found a purse and a wast token.

“Golden Alliance, deacon?” Qin Yi was a little surprised when he looked at the wast token.

Originally, it was Red Sect who came to trouble him this time, but he didn’t expect it to be someone from Golden Alliance!

After all, there seems to be no other forces besides Red Sect who have troubled him for so long.

This Golden Alliance, he only knew about it after he seized the heavy armor last time.

According to the yamen torture, the two leaders were tortured at that time, and they knew that Four Seas Trading Company was originally an industry under the Golden Alliance.

And this Golden Alliance is said to be a force specializing in smuggling and a Great Influence lurking in the dark!

It was originally a smuggling business on the border between Northern Origin and Great Yong, and later it developed into multiple lines, and even traded with overseas!

“It should be revenge!” Qin Yi’s face turned gloomy.

Four Seas Trading Company was kicked in a pot, and the other party wanted to get back in revenge. At this time, Qin Yi faintly felt that maybe He Xiongjian’s death might be related to the Golden Alliance!

He’s been implicated, kind of going to assassinate the Sir County Guard.

Put the purse away, then threw the corpse and the waste token into the well and floated away.

This courtyard was also accidentally discovered by Qin Yi when he was patrolling the streets.

At home.

After taking a shower, Qin Yi sat at the table and opened the purse.

There are more than a dozen banknotes in it. Look, there are more than 500 taels in total!

“Get rich!” Qin Yi took a breath, adding the more than 100 taels he had saved so far, the total was more than 600 taels.

“Unfortunately, I started too fast and didn’t force her to ask her if she had any accomplices.”

The reason why he chose to quickly end this woman’s dog’s life was mainly due to the expert In the confrontation, there will be a turnaround at any time, he will not give the opponent any chance, can kill, never let go!

Unlike the last time I met two Fourth Stage scumbags, I can ask some information, this woman is Eighth Stage.

In fact, he could also choose to consume the woman alive, but it would take too long, and he was afraid that it would be troublesome if the City Guard or the experts in the city found out.

“If she has an accomplice, my father may be in danger!”

He doesn’t care, at least he has the power to protect himself, his father is an ordinary person, even if he is an enemy Send a few ordinary big men over, and they can kill his father. He was impossible to be by his father’s side all the time.

“No, I have to send Dad out to a safe place overnight. When I finish learning the martial arts at the giant elephant’s martial arts hall, I’ll resign and leave here and go to the state capital!” Qin Yi quickly made a plan in his mind.

The county is the state!

Great Yong has a total of 12 prefectures, one state is governed by a total of three counties, the entire Great Yong has a total of 36 counties, and the county below is the county.

Jiangning County belongs to Xiangzhou. At present, two of the three counties in Xiangzhou have rebels. One is Nanyang County next door, and it is said that most of the county has fallen into the hands of the rebels. The other is Jiangning County, seven counties fell into the hands of the rebels. At present, only Jiangbei County in Xiangzhou has not yet experienced a rebellion.

“But the city gate is closed at night, so it might be troublesome to send it out.” Qin Yi frowned.

But when it is sent out during the day, he doesn’t know if there will be eyeliner tracking, so it is safest to send it out at night.

“Try it first and then talk about it!”

Qin Yi quickly changed into night clothes, and then came to Father Qin’s room to wake him up.

“Fourth Child, what are you doing?” Father Qin looked at his son’s outfit and was slightly stunned.

“Dad, hurry up and pack your clothes, I’ll take you out of the city!”

“Send me out of the city, why?”

“I had an affair with someone else Conflict, I am afraid that when the time comes, someone will send someone to plot against you, so I want to send you to Myriad Immortals Dao Sect to avoid half a month for ten days.” Qin Yi said.

“Ah? Then what should I do? Are the people you provoked badly, or let’s run away together!” Father Qin said worriedly.

“I’m not as strong as me. I’m just afraid that he will threaten me with you. Don’t worry, he will be finished soon.”


In the end, under Qin Yi’s persuasion, Father Qin hurriedly packed up a few sets of clothes, and Qin Yi left the house on his back.

After one hour.

A corner of the city.

Qin Yi looked at the ten-meter-high city wall and took out a dagger and a spare dagger from his waist.

There are 300,000 people in Jiangning County, so the city is very big, so the city wall is also very long.

On the city wall, Impossible is guarded everywhere, whether it is day or night, there are patrols training back and forth on it, and there are time intervals.

Qin Yi and Father Qin are hiding in a shadow.

“The patrol team is over, Dad, get on my back!”

“Is it so high up?” Father Qin climbed onto Qin Yi’s back and worried.


To tell the truth, the ten-meter-high city wall is the height of the three-story bungalow in later generations.

In the eyes of the ordinary person, it is impossible to climb over, but in front of his strength, there is still no problem.

I saw Qin Yi carrying Daddy Qin on his back and tying Daddy with a piece of cloth.

“flash step!”

Under the accelerated charge, I rushed to the city wall.


He stepped on the ground with a deep footprint, and the person jumped directly up to two meters high!



Two daggers were inserted directly into the city wall.

puff puff puff!

Qin Yi kept using the dagger to insert the dagger between the gaps in the wall and climbed up quickly.

Soon, Qin Yi will be on the city wall!

After going up, it’s like this again, going down the city wall and disappearing into the dark…

The whole process takes less than two minutes!

More than an hour later.

In front of the immortal dao Palace Mountain Sect.

Qin Yi handed the 100 taels silver note to Dad and said, “Dad, you will live in Myriad Immortals Dao Sect within the ten days half a month, and you will donate some incense money from time to time. There is no problem living here.”

“Then be careful.” Father Qin took the money and warned repeatedly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save it.”

peng~ peng~ peng~ .

Knock on the door.

After many knocks, the door finally opened.

I saw a yawning Little Daoist Priest seeing Qin Yi and the two of them, “Jushi Qin, why are you?”

This acquaintance, the Little Daoist Priest, is the Little Daoist last time. Daoist Priest.

When Qin Yi left last time, he gave the other party a 100-liter bronze ticket, so he had an impression of himself.

“The Inn at the foot of the mountain is full, can you arrange for my father to stay here for one night?” Qin Yi said, stuffing a hundred-wen copper ticket over there.

Little Daoist Priest took it with a smile and hurriedly said: “Okay, okay, layman Qin, you don’t live?”

“I have to travel at night and have official business at hand.” Qin Yi casually made up a reason.

“Okay, I’ll make arrangements now.”

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