Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 69

After setting up Dad, Qin Yi went down the mountain and moved towards County City.

It’s midnight.

Qin Yi finally arrived under the city wall.

Hiding behind a big boulder, Qin Yi suddenly jumped up after the patrol above passed by.

The pair of daggers in his hands were inserted into the gaps in the city wall again, and the whole person took advantage of the strength to go up.

puff puff puff!

Every time he borrows strength, he can rise more than half a meter.

In a short while, he appeared above the city head.

Glancing around, no one, moved towards the inner city.

After landing, Qin Yi, covering his face, quickly moved towards the house.

Just when he was about to get home, suddenly a white clothed woman was more than ten meters away from him, crossing in the opposite direction!

Both sides stopped after charging ahead for more than ten meters.

Both look back.

Qin Yi saw that more than ten meters away, was a slender, white clothed woman with a veil.

The eyes of both sides met for a moment.

The two of them withdrew their gazes at the same time, moved towards their respective directions again and left.

“The speed of Ninth Stage!” Qin Yi inwardly startled in one’s heart.

A few jumps and he disappeared into the night.

Just a chance encounter, not an enemy!

Qin Yi made a few laps, and after confirming that no one was following him, he quietly returned home.


second day.

After Qin Yi arranged all the tasks, he came to the giant elephant martial arts hall by himself.

Disciple, who was at the door, heard that the bailiff Captain was coming to learn martial arts, and they all warmly welcomed Qin Yi.

As soon as Qin Yi came in, he saw a group of brawny men practicing martial arts at the Martial Training Stage. The martial arts practitioners here are different from the Moonchaser Martial Hall before. Most of the people here are muscular.

Soon, Qin Yi saw a muscular man with a height of eight feet walking out.

“It turns out that Captain Qin is here. I heard that Captain Qin wants to learn martial arts in my martial arts hall. I wonder which martial arts Captain Qin wants to learn?” Zhuang Meng asked with a hearty smile.

He looked at the Grade 9 officer who had become bailiff Captain at such a young age, and his face was very enthusiastic.

For those who have a martial arts hall, many Disciples will either go to work in the yamen or join some gangs, or be a thug for some Great Family, and they have to deal with bailiffs more or less, so I can make good friends with these bailiffs. Of course, they are very happy.

“Master Zhuang Hall, I want to learn the mammoth power of your mammoth martial arts hall, but I don’t know what regulations are needed.” Qin Yi explained his intention.

“Captain Qin wants to learn the giant elephant power in my martial arts hall?”

“No problem! Just pay, my son is also the Captain of the fifth team of Yamen bailiff. , you are also colleagues, since you are colleagues, how about I give you a 10% discount?” Zhuang Meng opened the mouth and said.

“It turns out that the Hall Master’s Linglang is also a bailiff, so I have been exposed to Linglang’s light.” Qin Yi said somewhat unexpectedly.

After the two sides talked about business again, Qin Yi paid 450 silver tael, and he asked to study now!

Zhuang Meng is also unequivocal, personally teaching Qin Yi this giant elephant power on the spot!


During the Martial Training Stage.

While demonstrating Juxiang Jin, Zhuang Meng explained: “Our Juxiang Jin is different from general boxing and palm techniques. Our Juxiang Jin has a variety of attack methods, such as shoulder strikes, elbow strikes, You can move your fists left and right to lift, wrap your hands, push up, hug, and throw! The main thing is to keep the movements simple and fast.”

“There is a matching Breathing when practicing these moves. Technique, it is best to have a soaking medicated bath after the practice, as well as internal medicine to condition the body. Because in addition to practicing this move, we also have a special training for strength training, the giant elephant strength, pay attention to breaking all with strength! Strength! It should be bigger, but our strength training method is more harmful to the body, so we need secret medicine to condition the body…”

Qin Yi listened, well, it’s all about selling their secret medicine to himself.

“I understand this, but I wonder if Hall Master can show me how your training is like?” Qin Yi said.

“Of course, we also have a Breathing Technique to practice with…”

In a flash, most of the day passed like this.

As the evening approached, Qin Yi joined his team and led the team back.

On the way home, Qin Yi walked into an old pharmacy.

“Shopkeeper, give me fifty silver tael of Shiquan Dabu soup.”

“What? Fifty silver tael? That’s one hundred, are you sure you want it? So much?” The old shopkeeper was taken aback by this.

“Yes.” Qin Yi is used to this look.

“This Young Master, in fact, if this supplement is too much, it will cause Yin deficiency…”


In the end, Qin Yi lost On the next 50 taels silver note, the address of my home was quoted: “Can you deliver it to my house?”

“Of course.”

Out of the pharmacy , Qin Yi looked at the thirty silver tael left in his pocket.

“Money really doesn’t need to be spent.”

When Qin Yi passed a casino, he looked involuntarily towards it.

I stopped and watched for a few seconds, then walked towards home.

In the evening.

Qin Yi recharged all the medicine ingredients sent in this batch into the system.

In one fell swoop, I gained 60 energy points!


Three days passed quietly.

In the past three days, Qin Yi took at least half a day to go to the giant elephant martial arts hall to learn martial arts.

Northern Part of City.

In a slaughterhouse.

“Zhu Fengyin is missing?” Zhou Wuzhi stopped his subordinate’s report, browsing tightly frowns.

They made an appointment before. Yesterday was the day when they were ready to hand over the deposit to Zhu Fengyin.

I waited for a long time today, but still can’t wait.

So he sent someone to look at Zhu Fengyin’s residence and found that there was no one inside!

“Didn’t she kill that He Xiongjian a few days ago? Why did she suddenly disappear!” Zhou Wuzhi knew that Zhu Fengyin would definitely avenge her younger brother, and went to those bailiffs trouble.

“Could it be that she would go to trouble Huo Boru stupidly?” A subordinate speculated.

“No, Huo Boru’s Chief Constable is Ninth Stage strength, she is only Eighth Stage, she will not court death like this.” Zhou Wuzhi shouted the head.

“So, there are only three possibilities. First, she has something to leave. Second, maybe when she was looking for trouble with those bailiffs, she was unlucky and ran into a few experts such as Huo Boru. Killed! Third, after she killed He Xiongjian, she may have left clues, she was found by Huo Boru and the others, and she was surrounded and killed!” Another subordinate analyzed.

“There are several possibilities, but Zhu Fengyin is missing, we are cooperating with her, let’s send someone to investigate what’s going on! In addition, send someone to Huangsha Town and the Golden Alliance Contact someone, our heavy armor should be delivered as scheduled!” Zhou Wuzhi said solemnly.

“Yes, Branch Lord.”

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