Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 70

County House.

Sir County Guard Pang Jiuling sighed deeply after reading the secret letter in his hand.

The Censor Chen Zhongyi, who was sitting opposite him, frowned: “Lord State Shepherd is still not willing to give us reinforcements?”

“You can see for yourself.”

Chen Zhongyi took the secret letter and looked at it, and soon his expression turned bad.

In the secret letter, the shepherd of Xiangzhou state said in the letter that Jiangning County would continue to suppress the rebels on its own, and even the letter was very dissatisfied with their Jiangning County’s performance, and the trifling seven broke out. The rebels in the county have suppressed the rebels for so long.

After all, in the eyes of the people above, Jiangning County has a total of 28 counties, and only seven counties have rebels. Compared with the fall of Nanyang County next door, it is not at the same level.

In the end, Mrs. Xinmo Zhou said that they would only give 1,000 reinforcements, which will come soon.

“There are only 1,000 reinforcements, an utterly inadequate measure.”

“It seems that we don’t want to think about more reinforcements for the time being. 50,000 prefecture troops sent 40,000 to suppress Nanyang County next door, we want more reinforcements, it is difficult!” Chen Zhongyi said helplessly.

The reason why the prefecture sent most of the troops to suppress Nanyang County is that most of Nanyang County has fallen into the hands of the rebels, so the prefecture naturally dispatched the main force to suppress it.

Actually, it turned out that the state capital of Xiangzhou had a total of 100,000 troops, but a year ago, the Imperial Court had drawn 50,000 to the North to fight against the Yuan.

Otherwise, with 100,000 troops, the rebels in Xiangzhou would have been wiped out long ago.

“We’re running out of money now, so let’s go on…”

“Imperial Court is now declining Western Mountain, our Jiangning County rebels have Red Sect remnants Shadow, is there no shadow of the remnants of the Yellow Turban Sect in Nanyang County next door? Those Great Sects that were forced away hundreds of years ago are back! Now these Great Sects are back, and the state religion Colored Glass Sect has not sent people to destroy them. They!” Pang Jiuling said solemnly.

“Pang, shut up, I don’t want to die with you!” Chen Zhongyi coldly snorted.

Pang Jiuling glanced at the other party: “hmph!”


Northern Part of City, inside the slaughterhouse.

Altar Master Dong Haobo was called to Zhou Wuzhi’s room.

“So, how is the investigation of Zhu Fengyin’s disappearance?” Zhou Wuzhi asked.

Today, he sent someone to Huangsha Town to contact the people from Golden Alliance. He also paid a deposit to the other party, and the other party also promised that the batch of heavy armor would be delivered in ten days.

He also revealed a piece of news to the other party, that is, Zhu Fengyin missed the appointment and was very likely to disappear. The people from the Golden Alliance asked him to help investigate. Of course, he readily agreed.

“Branch Lord, there are no valuable clues. What we found is still similar to the clues we knew before. That is, the Constable He Xiongjian of the team died, which should have been killed by Zhu Fengyin. Then, Then she disappeared.”

“We conducted another investigation and found an interesting clue, even related to our former Deputy Altar Master Wang Kuntai!” Dong Haobo said.

“Oh? Talk about it.” Zhou Wuzhi touched the chin.

“The cause of death of Zhu Fengyin’s younger brother originated from the fact that the Twelfth team bailiff discovered the heavy armor of the Four Seas Trading Company, and was later captured by Chief Constable Huo Boru, who had escaped from the Four Seas Trading Company and returned. .So Zhu Fengyin put all her hatred on the entire Twelfth team and its unit Constable He Xiongjian, and even that Huo Boru.”

“From the time she killed He Xiongjian, it was a good Proof.”

“Let’s not talk about Zhu Fengyin, our investigation found that the original Twelfth team searched the Four Seas Trading Company, and only one Vice Captain Qin Feng survived! Last time we were in Li Family town. Remember? The death of Deputy Altar Master Wang, Qin Feng was suspected to some extent, so you asked an incense master who was in the city to send someone to test him. Not to mention whether the incense master sent someone to test him, but then The incense master’s stronghold was discovered by the City Guard by chance, and then surrounded and suppressed by the City Guard, none of them were able to escape!”

“Our investigation found that this Qin Feng is only the Third Stage cultivation base, why did the Li Family team escape without dying? Four Seas Trading Company, the whole team is the only one who survived! Is his luck very good?” Dong Haobo said with a smile.

“Luck is indeed too good. At that time, Lu Xiangzhu should have received my secret letter, but whether he sent someone to test this Qin Feng, we don’t know, because dead men tell no tales.” Zhou Wuzhi nodded.

At that time, after the incense owner and the stronghold in the city were almost wiped out, he never took this trivial matter seriously.

I didn’t expect that Qin Feng was really strange after a survey.

“So, if this Qin Feng is a hidden expert, what if Zhu Fengyin kills He Xiongjian and then kills this Qin Feng? After all, as long as she is not stupid, she will definitely not. I will go to Huo Boru. Instead, I should kill He Xiongjian and Qin Feng, the only survivor of the Twelfth team, to vent their anger. This is the greatest possibility!” Dong Haobo analyzed.

“Even if Zhu Fengyin disappeared without the trouble of finding Qin Feng, since this Qin Feng went to Li Family Town, it is very likely that it has something to do with the death of Deputy Altar Master Wang, no matter what, we have to go Test this person!”

“Well, you’re right, in order to prevent accidents, tonight, you and I will bring a few good hands to test this Qin Feng together.” Zhou Wu Zhi opened the mouth and said.

As a dignified Branch Lord, he usually doesn’t take action. It’s fine to let some subordinates do these small things. However, after listening to Qin Feng’s deeds, he always feels that he has a not simple feeling.

So it’s safe to go there in person.

Even if he can really kill Zhu Fengyin, he is not afraid, because he can also kill Zhu Fengyin of Eighth Stage!

Hearing that Branch Lord was going to take the shot himself, Dong Haobo of course agreed very much. The lion also used all his strength to fight the rabbit.


In the evening, Qin Yi, who was on duty, went to a restaurant for dinner. Since his father sent it to Myriad Immortals Dao Sect, he basically settled out of his meals.

On the second floor, I found a window seat to sit down.

Watching the people coming, people going on the street, while waiting for the dishes to come.

“Have you heard that the war in the north is still not optimistic. I heard that three cities were lost a few days ago!” said a big man next door, spitting.

“The Northern Origin iron cavalry is really strong! There are many plains in the north, and it is very difficult for us to fight. But I think if these iron cavalry reach our south, hehe, there are many rivers, mountains and forests, when the time Comes, they will definitely fail.”

“You know shit, do you know why Northern Origin suddenly attacked our Great Yong?” A big man squinted.

The other big men all looked towards him, waiting for the answer.

“Forget it, don’t talk about it, there are a lot of people here, I will talk about it later when I have a chance!”

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