Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 71

“Fuck, what the hell are you talking about, don’t say it, I don’t even listen to it!”

“I think you simply make up Selling off, spoiling the fun, drinking and drinking.”


Qin Yi, who was listening with pricked ears, was also speechless for a while.

I thought there was some great news.

However, the war in the north is still at a disadvantage, and it seems that this Great Yong is really declining Western Mountain.

“In this chaotic world, it’s really hard to live.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart, but he is hard, ordinary person is even harder.

“I need to be stronger!”

After dinner, go home.

When I got home and took a cold shower, it was already dark.

After resting for a while, Qin Yi blew out the tung oil lamp, and the whole room went dark.

She rustled into her night clothes, brought some things, walked to the window, and quietly listened to the movement all around.

After about a quarter of an hour, Qin Yi found that no one was watching all around, Qin Yi opened the back window, looked left and right, turned out the window, and closed it.

The whole person swims in the shadows.

After wandering in the vicinity for two laps, the man sneaked into the courtyard diagonally opposite his house.

The courtyard is currently not rented out, so no one lives in it.

It just so happens that he can sleep here at night!

Since he was sneak attacked by that Golden Alliance woman last time, he didn’t know if there were any other people from Golden Alliance in the city. So after he sent Dad out overnight, from the second night, he did not stay at home at night, but lived here.

In order to prevent someone from touching the door and assassinating him, he is impossible to be awake all the time!

If when the time comes, once someone touches the door, he can also monitor it here, turning light into darkness!

If you live in your own home, you have to be alert at all times to the enemy, which is too passive.

It was late at night.

In front of the window, Qin Yi looked in the direction of his house and muttered to himself, “It’s strange, it’s been a long time since the Golden Alliance woman was killed by him, why is Golden Alliance? Haven’t sent someone to look for trouble? Could it be that the Golden Alliance has no one in the city?”

“If that’s the case, it’s good news for me.”

under night.

Eight shadows moved towards Qin Yi’s home.

When there were hundreds of meters away, they all stopped.

Eight people found a hidden one and lurked.

“Send two people down to see the situation. If Qin Feng is really playing the pig to eat the tiger, we will kill him. If he is not expert, then we will solve him!” Zhou Takeshi instructed.

“You two, go down, remember, be careful.” Dong Haobo ordered two subordinates.


The two big men jumped lightly, jumped to the ground, and moved towards Qin Yi’s house.

Soon, the two big men came outside the fence of Qin Yi’s house.


Diagonally opposite.

Just as Qin Yi was about to sleep for a while on the straw mat in the house, he suddenly heard movement from his house.

He looked out the window and saw two silhouettes climbing over the wall and entering his home.

“After waiting for so many days, is it finally here?” Qin Yi was refreshed.

He guessed that those two people should be the people of Golden Alliance!

However, he didn’t intend to go over and deal with them.

He didn’t know how many people from the Golden Alliance were lurking in the city.

Since the woman with the strength of Eighth Stage was killed by herself, and the other party dared to touch it, then there must be something to rely on.

This wave, have a firm hand!

Sure enough, after a few minutes, the two of them found no one at Qin Yi’s house, and they climbed over the wall again.

Seeing that they were about to leave, Qin Yi planned to go out and follow him to see where the other’s nest was. If he could, he wouldn’t mind kicking him.

But just as he was about to go out and follow him, he saw the two silhouettes stop in a shadow a hundred meters away.

β€œen? There are still people over there!” Qin Yi was surprised.


At this time, Zhou Wuzhi watched the two subordinates come back, with a smile on his face: “I’ll just say, I’m a teenager, how could I have the ability to kill Wang? The strength of the Deputy Altar Master!”

“It seems that I am overthinking it.” Dong Haobo said embarrassedly.

At this moment, the two subordinates also returned here, and a cup one fist in the other hand whispered: “Branch Lord, the house over there, did not see that Qin Feng at home!”


As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned.

“He’s not at home? Isn’t he a bailiff? Now bailiff is also on night patrol. Will he perform a night patrol mission, so he didn’t go home?” Zhou Wuzhi frowned.

“Branch Lord, I have sent someone to check. He has not had night patrols in the past few days, and he has sent it to his subordinates to do it.” Dong Haobo explained.

“There’s only one possibility. He hasn’t come back since he went out. Maybe he’ll come back later. Let’s lurk here first, wait for him to come back, and then try it out!” Zhou Wuzhi said.

“That’s the only way.”


In a shadow dozens of meters away from Zhou Wuzhi’s group.

Qin Yi muttered in his heart: “Seven or eight people came to trouble me, it’s interesting! It seems that they came prepared.”

In a flash, another hour passed.

“What’s the matter, they haven’t left yet, are they going to wait for me to come back?” Qin Yi frowned.

The other party sneaked in just now and didn’t find him and didn’t leave. It seems that the other party thought he was out and was patiently waiting for him to come back.

“Wait first!” Qin Yi quietly returned to the courtyard room diagonally across from his house.

More than an hour later.

“Damn it, that kid won’t come back yet? What if he spends the night in Goulan?” Dong Haobo scolded in a low voice.

“Continue to wait, no hurry.” Zhou Wuzhi closed his eyes and rested.

In a flash, it was midnight.

Qin Yi watched the situation over there from the window.

He thought that the other party would not be able to resist leaving after waiting for more than an hour. He wanted to follow to see where the other party’s old nest was, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so patient!

It’s almost midnight!

It really works!

Fortunately, he has studied two Literary Art, which is still in great spirits.


“It’s late at night, he It shouldn’t be back, let’s withdraw first, send someone to watch it carefully tomorrow, and come back to test it tomorrow night!” Zhou Wu Zhi said with a calm face.

Damn, I’ve been waiting in the middle of the night tonight, and that kid doesn’t know where to go.

80% of the time it’s either to tick the bar or to gamble.

After all, in addition to these two kinds of entertainment programs in the big night, there is no entertainment program that can last all night.


The entire group started moving towards the Northern Part of City before and after retreating.

“Hey, have you finally withdrawn?” Qin Yi hurriedly went out to keep up.

However, he always hangs very far, and maintains a distance of about 100 meters. If he tracks too close, he will be easily discovered!

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