Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 72

Qin Yi, who followed along the way, soon found out that this team was heading to the Northern Part of City!

After following him all the way for another quarter of an hour, Qin Yi found that the entire group had spared him several times before entering a slaughterhouse.

This slaughterhouse is very large and is the largest slaughterhouse in the city.

“Hidden in the slaughterhouse?” Qin Yi tapped his toes and entered over the wall.

After entering, Qin Yi saw that most of the house lights were on!

“There are a lot of people hiding!”

While fumbling for fireworks and fireworks in his arms, he planned to sneak in some to find out the situation before deciding whether to shake people or not.

But just after he got closer to the house.


From the room in the middle, a loudly shouted came.

The voice has not yet fallen.

one silhouette is breaking out!

Just as Zhou Wuzhi rushed out, he immediately found the one silhouette in the yard.

But what made him both shocked and angry was that the black clothed person held a bunch of fireworks in his left hand and a firework in his right hand!


“Stop!” Zhou Wuzhi’s eyes were splitting.

Twenty meters away, he was there in a blink of an eye.


However, Huozhezi has already lit fireworks.

“I’ll bring it!” Zhou Wuzhi grabbed the fireworks with one hand.

If the fireworks really go out, it will be revealed in an instant!

“Soaring Shift!” Qin Yi dodged quickly, but Zhou Wuzhi missed his catch.

“Ah, die for me!” Zhou Wuzhi was also very fast, and quickly posted it again.

However, the fireworks in Qin Yi’s hands had already slammed, moving towards the sky and shooting out!

β€œRed Waves!” Zhou Wuzhi who flew into a rage out of humiliation frantically shot Qin Yi.

And Qin Yi obviously didn’t want to die with this person.

The other party is obviously Ninth Stage!

“Soaring Shift Β· Moontread Β· flash step!” Qin Yi frequently used the movement method to evade, and quickly opened up the distance.

However, Zhou Wuzhi was still chasing after him, and the distance between the two was no more than one meter!

However, the distance of this one meter seems to be like the Heaven and Earth gap, which makes all of Zhou Wuzhi’s offensive vanishes, because his arm is not one meter long!


Just as the two were chasing and fleeing, the fireworks finally exploded in the air.

“Damn it!” Zhou Wuzhi found that he couldn’t hold the black clothed person in front of him in a short time, which made him very painful.

The opponent’s speed is faster than him, making his attack difficult to work in a short period of time!

Soon, the two were out of the slaughterhouse.

After chasing a distance, Zhou Wuzhi suddenly stopped and walked back without the slightest hesitation.

He knew that the opponent’s speed was Ninth Stage, even in the Ninth Stage, and he couldn’t get hold of the opponent in a short time.

Now that the stronghold has been exposed, he has to move quickly. If he continues to chase, he may be encountered by other experts in the county government. When the time comes, it is not good to be surrounded and killed.

Zhou Wuzhi returned to the slaughterhouse with a dark face.

“It’s exposed here, hurry up and move to other strongholds!” Zhou Wuzhi said with a gloomy face to the dozens of subordinates in the slaughterhouse.

“Branch Lord, but we have a large number of weapons hidden in the slaughterhouse, and we can’t transfer them all in a short time!” Dong Haobo said in pain.

This batch of weapons cannot be transferred, it will definitely be seized by the City Guard.

These weapons will be of great use in the near future!

“I can’t handle that much anymore, let’s get out first!” Zhou Wuzhi was shaking all over, doesn’t he feel distressed?

Damn it!

trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off


“Didn’t catch up?” Qin Yi saw that the other party didn’t catch up, and immediately relaxed.

He had been using the movement method trick frequently and frequently to evade the opponent’s attack just now.

“This person is very fast, and he should not be weak in the Ninth Stage.”

Fortunately, he at first found that there were many people hiding in the slaughterhouse, and there were I plan to shake people’s ideas, otherwise this time may suffer!

That leader turned out to be Ninth Stage! If he goes alone, he will only end up running away.


In a basement room in a new stronghold.

Zhou Wuzhi has already dropped something on the ground.

“Damn it, piss me off! That black clothed person is probably that Qin Feng!” Zhou Wuzhi foul-mouthed up.

They just went to camp near Qin Feng’s house, and they were followed as soon as they came back. If he hadn’t heard the movement outside and found the other party’s trace, the consequences would have been even more serious.

This time, their personnel evacuated from the slaughterhouse before the City Guard arrived, and only a small number of them escaped and were caught by the City Guard on the street.

This is not the point, the point is that the hundreds of weapons inside were just abandoned, and my heart is bleeding.

These weapons will be of great use in the past few days.

The reason why he judged that the other party is 80% Qin Feng, there is another basis, that is, the fireworks released by the other party are the special fireworks of the Yamen!

“Branch Lord, what should we do now?” Dong Haobo asked.

“Now that our stronghold has been discovered, the city will definitely be strictly investigated. In order to avoid further incidents, we will dormant for some time in the future, do not go out! Wait until the heavy armor arrives, and then act.” Zhou Wuzhi calmly face.

“That Qin Feng…”

“He is extremely fast, except for me, you can’t deal with him temporarily.” Zhou Wuzhi sighed.

He couldn’t understand, at such an age and with such strength, could he be a direct disciple of a certain Great Sect?

Why deal with and hide in Jiangning County as a little bailiff Captain?

Can’t figure it out!


On the second day, Qin Yi came to the yamen.

Just as he clicked Mao, a bailiff hurried in.

“Who is the Captain of Team Twelfth?”

“I am.” Qin Yi stood up.

“The chief arrester has an order. Today, we will conduct a city-wide search to search for the remnants of the Red Sect. Anyone with a questionable identity will be arrested.”

“A city-wide search?” Qin Yi was surprised.

“What happened to this brother, and the whole process of manhunting?”

“I don’t know who sent the signal at the Northern Part of City slaughterhouse last night. The City Guard and a few bailiffs from the night watch were brought in, guess what?”

“Not only did they catch a group of Red Sect remnants on the street near the slaughterhouse, but they were also inside the slaughterhouse. Hundreds of weapons happened, so today’s big search!” said bailiff little brother.

“Red Sect remnants?” Qin Yi was slightly taken aback.

It wasn’t the people from Golden Alliance who came to my house to trouble me last night, but the remnants of Red Sect?

This was a bit unexpected.

“Yes, well, I won’t tell you, I have to go to other teams to give orders.” Bailiff little brother hurried off after saying that.

“Is myself being targeted by the Red Sect remnants again?” Qin Yi felt a little heavy in his heart.

However, with my current strength, as long as I’m careful, there shouldn’t be any major events.

Fortunately, he acted decisively and sent Dad out, otherwise it would have been a real trouble.

Thinking of this, he looked at a group of bailiffs, “Operation, start to cooperate with the large troops to search!”

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