Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 73


A casino called Changle Casino was violently kicked open by Qin Yi.

“Surround me, inside and out, don’t let anyone go!” After speaking, he led his team in.

At this time, the gamblers at the more than a dozen gaming tables in the hall, including those on the second floor, all stopped one after another, and everyone watched this team break in. bailiff.

“Everyone come down and gather here for me, we’re going to conduct an identity search and a house search to see if there are any Red Sect remnants!” Qin Yi coldly said.

When the Boss of Changle Casino saw that there was going to be a big search, his expression changed, and he walked up with a smile on his face: “Master, how can we hide the remnants of Red Sect here? What? So there’s no need to search, right?”

While speaking, he handed a five-tael silver note to Qin Yi’s hand.

Qin Yi took it and stuffed it into his pocket, and said with a stern face: “The commander-in-chief’s order must be searched, this is the procedure, no one can be exempted, search for me!”

The face of the cabinet owner suddenly turned gloomy, and he said sullenly: “I don’t know what the official’s name is, which team is he from?”

“Qin Feng, Captain of the Twelfth team, what’s up? , want to settle accounts after the fact? I am very welcome!” Qin Yi smiled.

But this smile makes people have one’s hair stand on end no matter what.

“Good good, good Captain Qin!” The cabinet owner smirked with an extremely angry face.

Since the words are all for this sake, there is no need to talk about it. I hope this Qin Feng will not kneel at the feet of the great character behind him and beg for mercy in the future!


oh la la.

The bailiffs began to drive everyone over and gather them together.

After a thorough investigation, he let a few people watch over these people and began to search the inside and outside of this casino!

Qin Yi went to a gambling table and stuffed all the copper and silver bills into his pockets, as did the other bailiffs.

“A little less.” He looked at a gaming table, which was a few silver taels at most.

He went directly to the counter of the casino.

Open the drawer.

“Captain Qin, what are you trying to do? Are you robbery in person?” The owner of the counter saw that Qin Yi was actually touching their money cabinet, and he ran over in a fury.

“Which eye did you see me robbing? I just opened the counter to see if there were any Tibetans!” Qin Yi said while stuffing the cash inside his pocket.

“You! Call me!” The owner of the counter couldn’t bear it anymore, fuck, how could there be a servant hidden in this counter? This is clearly a rhetoric!

He let the thugs in the casino do it.

Humph, something happened, naturally there are shareholders behind the scenes!

Suddenly, more than a dozen big men moved towards Qin Yi and rushed over.

β€œhmph!” Qin Yi jumped up from the counter.

Soaring into the sky, one punch knocked down a thug.

The leader of these thugs is only Second Stage, and this group of people simply can’t hold the scene in his hands.

In a short while, he brought everything down.

“Go, go to the next house!”

Since Qin Yi is about to leave, is he afraid of the threat of a hammer?

I’m sorry if I don’t get some money at this time.

Anyway, he has nothing against his conscience when he takes the money from the casino.

It’s time to help these gamblers get their gambling money back in disguise.

In a flash, all the City Guards and all the bailiffs conducted a three-day citywide search, and really found a batch of Red Sect remnants, but not many.

We even found dozens of wanted criminals!

In addition to the city-wide search in the past three days, Qin Yi also heard news that yesterday, a thousand-strong state army came to Jiangning County to rest and recuperate. This morning, they moved directly again. towards the front line set off.

“Only a thousand prefectural troops?” Qin Yi shook his head slightly, this was too few, and it would not play a decisive role if it was sent to the front line.

But it’s better than nothing.

“It seems that there are not many available troops in the state capital!”

In the past three days, Qin Yi has encountered many times on his way home or at home. The little trouble is that those casinos sent people to prepare to take back those gambling funds.

But they were all dismissed easily by Qin Yi.

During the three-day search, Qin Yi has more than a thousand silver taels in his pocket!

Get rich!

But the city-wide search was over after three days.

“Those shareholders behind the casino can’t kill me in secret, they should attack me on the surface.” Qin Yi touched the chin. on the surface, which is to make him lose the position of bailiff and other conspiracies.

However, he plans to quit his job!

Because of the Giant Elephant Jin this morning, he got started.

Learning other martial arts days faster than ever.


Kaoxunsi, that is, the personnel department.

After going through the resignation procedures, Qin Yi then went to the yamen to handle the department over there.

He stuffed some money and asked that side to help him and his father handle a road guide.

The next step is to wait for the news. Lu Yin said that it can be done in the second day.

However, it is estimated that you will have to wait a few days for the resignation.

The news of Qin Yi’s resignation quickly spread through the team.

The two Vice Captains were also taken aback when they heard the news.

Qin Feng resigned, didn’t they have an opportunity?

This day is worth the time.

Liu Chengzhi next door ran over.

“Brother Qin, I heard that you are working?” Liu Chengzhi asked in disbelief.

What’s so special, he told Qin Feng some time ago that he would be working (resigning) next month.

This guy is better, silent, faster than him!

“Well, I just submitted the application today.” Qin Yi nodded.

“Why do you suddenly want to go to work?”

“It’s a long story, find a place to eat and chat?” Qin Yi said with a smile.



In a flash, six or seven days have passed.

Finally, Qin Yi’s appointment was approved.

After all, he is the Captain of a small Twelfth team bailiff, and his strength is only the Third Stage. Naturally, no one on the top will retain him, and he has been successfully appointed to the post.

If he has five Sixth Stage, maybe the Constable above will keep him or even let him go.

Third Stage, the strength can indeed make the above Constables ignore it directly.

Back home.

Qin Yi looked at the Lu Yin in his hand, and then looked at his official resignation.

“Then, let’s leave Jiangning County now!” Qin Yi started to pack up, planning to leave later!


Wu Yulong was walking on the streets of Jiangning County, he was on his way to the Red Sect stronghold in the city, he received a message before he entered the city, Red Sect’s weekly Wu Zhi, the Branch Lord, seems to know more about the disappearance of his wife Zhu Fengyin!

A few days ago, he received a nighthawk biography from his wife, Zhu Fengyin, saying that he should come to Jiangning County and kill a Ninth Stage Constable for her! Because this Constable killed her younger brother, that is, killed his little brother-in-law.

When he received this news, as the Master of the Golden Alliance Hall, even though he was busy, he still came from the next state without stopping. He didn’t expect to receive news on the way that his wife was missing. !

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