Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 75

The voice was clearly 30 meters away just now!

In a blink of an eye, he was behind him…

If the other party wanted to attack him just now…

“I have seen Elder Shi!” Zhou Wuzhi saw the teacher he was teaching. An Elder appeared, and immediately knelt down in overjoyed salute.

He didn’t expect that at this time, an Elder would be dispatched from the church!

This proves that the church attaches great importance to the actions of this time.

“Get up.”

“Yes.” Zhou Wuming got up obediently.

“This kid from Golden Alliance, what do you think about what I said just now?” Elder Shi looked towards Wu Yulong with a smile.

“Junior naturally willing!” Wu Yulong hurriedly nodded, but his heart was shocked. The person in front of him is definitely Innate!

People have to bow their heads under the eaves!

That Qin Feng, it is estimated that he is alone to find it, and the chance of encountering it is very small.

It seems that it can only be liquidated in the future!

The most frustrating thing for him is that his wife is not alive or dead, which makes him crazy.

“Very good, then, little friend, you can rest here for a while and wait for the action tonight.” Elder Shi said, and then said to Zhou Wuming: “Xiao Zhou, come in. “



Inside the house.

“Xiao Zhou, how’s your action tonight?”

“Report to Elder Zhou, my action tonight…” Zhou Wuzhi explained his details The plan was told again.

“Well, yes, with these five hundred heavy armors, you can form a heavy armored Legion, trifling City Guard, no problem. Tonight you are in charge of sneak attack City Guard, me and the other three Elder is responsible for solving those high-level officials in the county government.” Elder Shi indifferently said.

“Hey…you, you mean, there are three more Elders coming?” Zhou Wuzhi’s heart was thumping.

That is a total of four Innate!

In Red Sect, only Innate’s strength is qualified to hold the position of Elder Ren!

Looking at Zhou Wuzhi’s stunned expression, Elder Shi said with a smile: “This time, we are determined to win Jiangning County, and Nanyang County next door has already been captured by Yellow Turban Sect. We Red Sect can’t lag behind it! In the future, we will not stop at one county.”

“Elder Shi has great ambitions, and his subordinates admire it!” Zhou Wuzhi took a small flattery.


Outside the city.

Qin Yi didn’t have much luggage, that is, a stack of banknotes in his pocket, and a few sets of clothes in his bag.

Looking at the majestic Jiangning County city, Qin Yi sighed a little: “Under the troubled times, this Jiangning County city is not a place to live and live.”

After sighing, he was bored. Head in the direction of moved towards Myriad Immortals Dao Sect.

In the afternoon, Qin Yi finally arrived at Myriad Immortals Dao Sect, and also met Father Qin.

“Fourth Child, I thought you had an accident. You agreed to half a month for ten days. It’s been more than half a month.” Qin Zumin finally relaxed when he saw Qin Yi’s arrival.

“Father, I’ve made you worry.”

“It’s nothing, as long as you’re fine, by the way, now that your troubles are resolved, we can go back to County Not in the city?” Qin Zumin asked again.

“The trouble is solved, but I don’t plan to stay in Jiangning County. No one knows when the rebels in those seven counties will get stronger, so I plan to go to Xiangzhou. Residence!” Qin Yi explained.

“Let’s go again?”

Looking at Dad’s expression, Qin Yi knew that Dad probably didn’t want to leave. .

But this world…

Seeing that his son was silent, Qin Zumin sighed slightly: “It’s good to go to Xiangzhou, at least there are no rebels in the state capital. At least it’s safe.”

Seeing that Dad was willing to go, Qin Yi laughed.

In fact, there is a reason for him to go to the state capital of Xiangzhou. Now that his martial arts is not guaranteed and protected by Literary Art, he does not dare to rashly continue to improve new martial arts.

So he plans to look for new Literary Art!

In the whole Xiangzhou, there are a total of three Daomen branches, namely Azure Dao Palace in Jinyuan County, Myriad Immortals Dao Sect near Jiangning County City, and True in Jiangbei County. Spring Dao Temple.

Nanyang County is in the east of Xiangzhou, Jiangning County is in the south of Xiangzhou, and Jiangbei County is just in the north of Xiangzhou, so if you want to go to Jiangbei County, you must pass through Xiangzhou Prefecture.

Xiangzhou Fucheng is also in the middle of the intersection of the three counties!

“en. “Qin Yi looked at the sky, it was past four in the afternoon.

β€œLet’s go tomorrow morning!”

Just stay at Myriad Immortals Dao Sect tonight.


In Jiangning County.

It just fell into the night.

More than a thousand people poured out in several neighborhoods of the Northern Part of City.

Headed it was a heavy armored corps of 500 people!

Wearing heavy armor, each of them has at least one stage of strength.

A line, the grandiose’s moved towards where the City Guard is.

Just one block out, a twenty-man City Guard patrol.


Hearing the movement in front, this patrol hurried over to check. Just as they reached the street corner, they saw the side of the street corner, where it was pitch black. The heavy armor, densely packed, makes their scalp tingle!

β€œHeavy Armored Legion?”

β€œHow come there is a Heavy Armored Legion in the city?”


dong dong dong…

“It’s the rebels, it’s the rebels, signal!”


The fireworks exploded in the air.

A battle begins.


Elder Shi and three other Elders, along with dozens of good hands, came outside the county house.

“Go in!” Elder Shi rushed in first.

“Find that sheriff first and kill it!”

The entire group filed in.

“Bold, dare to trespass the county house!”


A big head flew into the sky.

Then the massacre began.

In chaos, the entire Jiangning County is in chaos.

The screams of killing continued, blade light and sword shadows, thick smoke billowing…

In the county house.

a long whistle.

“You red Sect remnants are really going to attack Jiangning County City, see I will not destroy you today!”

“Hehe, it’s the bastard of Colored Glass Sect! hehe , the battle in the north is tight, and you can still send people to Xiangzhou, which is really a surprise.” Elder Shi sneered.

“hmph, a group of mobs, five hundred years ago, my Colored Glass Sect could drive you away, and I can do it now!”

“You only rely on your Innate? Haha! We There are four, come out, Elder Wu, Elder Zhao, Elder Li!”

“hehehe, surround him!”

In an instant, the two sides are fighting together!

In the city, the City Guard has already engaged with the Red Sect’s army.

With 500 heavily armoured soldiers at the vanguard of the attack, the City Guard side is losing ground!

“Fire attack, fire attack!”

At this moment.

a long whistle.

“Your Sir County Guard has been killed by us, you surrender!”

“Your county chief has been killed by us, the surrenderer will not kill!”


“What? The Sir County Guard is dead?”

“How is that possible!”

“Don’t surrender, they’ll kill us if we surrender, resist desperately !”

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