Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 76


Qin Yi sat at the table, lighting up the lamp and looking at the map in front of him.

“True Spring Dao Temple is located in Lingcheng County, Jiangbei County. Lingcheng County is not very far from Xiangzhou City, about a hundred miles, but it must first reach Xiangzhou City, and then Jiangbei County was in the past.”

Looking at the mark on the map, Qin Yi’s eyes were burning: “Being stronger, it’s right in front of you!”


In the early morning of the second day, Qin Yi and Father Qin hurriedly had breakfast at the Taoist temple, and then moved towards the downhill.

After going down the mountain, I walked on the official road and moved towards the direction of Xiangzhou City.

Out of Huangsha Town, it is getting closer and closer to Jiangning County City.

Because the official road to Xiangzhou City is bypassed from the edge of Jiangning County.

From a distance, Qin Yi was surprised to find that there was thick smoke billowing from many places in Jiangning County in the distance, straight up to Nine Heavens. similar.

“What happened in the city?” Qin Zumin looked at the thick smoke in the city and asked in confusion.

β€œThere was a fire?” Qin Yi touched his chin.

He stepped forward and stopped a hurried uncle.

“This uncle, what happened in County City? Why is the smoke billowing?” Qin Yi asked.

This uncle, who looks to be in his 40s, looked at Qin Yi’s burly figure, and he was a little impatient when he was stopped and said with a bitter face: “I heard that there are rebels in the city, it seems that the whole County The city has been captured!”

“What? Rebels!” Qin Yi and Qin’s father both looked at each other.

This news came as a surprise.

The city of Jiangning County, which was fine yesterday, was captured by the rebels today.

“Come on a small road, don’t follow the official road.” Qin Yi took his father and started to hurry.

No one knows whether the rebels in the city will leave the city, and there is still some danger in taking the official road.

After half a day, Qin Yi father and son had left Jiangning County and entered a county called Zhibei County.

On the official road, there are many pedestrians, and many people bring their families with them. It seems that they all come from the towns near Jiangning County.

They are all fleeing!

A rebel army has appeared in Jiangning County, which has scared many people’s courage. Those who can escape will definitely not stay at home!

“I didn’t expect Jiangning County to be occupied by the rebels. I don’t know when it will be the head.” Father Qin said with emotion.

“Dad, don’t worry, we just need to stay away from the place where the rebels appear.” Qin Yi comforted a few words.


After ten days, there were no dangers along the way, father and son finally came to the front of Xiangzhou city.

Looking at this giant city, which is even more majestic than Jiangning County City, gives people a sense of security.

The city wall alone is fifteen meters high!

This is the first time Qin Yi has seen such a high city wall.

It was noon at this time, and there were still many long queues at the city gate, all of them coming into the city.

“Father, let’s queue up to enter the city.”

“Okay.” Looking at the giant city in front of him, Father Qin seemed to be in a much better mood.

The first row was a queue for over an hour, and finally it was Qin Yi’s turn.

The soldier in bright armor looked at Qin Yi and the two of them, and said indifferently, “Lu Yin.”

Qin Yi took out the road guide of the two and handed it to each other.

The soldier took it over and looked at it and saw that the two were from Jiangning County, with an inexplicable smile on his face: “It costs one hundred cents per person to enter the city!”

” One hundred wen?” Qin Yi frowned, the person in front just paid ten wen to enter the city just now, is he treated differently?

However, Qin Yi still took out 200 coins and handed it to the other party, and the other party happily let them in.

After entering, father and son found an Inn to live in, 200 yuan a day, including room and board!

After moving in, the two had something to eat in the room.

Looking at the tired old man, Qin Yi said, “Father, you go to sleep first, I’ll go out.”

“Okay.” .

Qin Yi changed his clothes and left the Inn.

He came out mainly to take a good look around this state city to see if there are any martial arts halls and Sixth Stage martial arts to learn, and by the way, buy a few sets of clothes or something.

“As expected of a state city, it’s quite prosperous.” Qin Yi looked at the flow of people on the street, the various shops, and the vendors. He didn’t feel like he was in a troubled world at all.

On the street, some armored patrols can be seen from time to time.

It’s almost evening after shopping for one hour.

Qin Yi actually found out that there are five or six martial arts halls, all of which can learn Sixth Stage martial arts.

“There is still no First Rate martial arts above the Seventh Stage to learn.” Qin Yi was slightly disappointed.

It seems that First Rate martial arts is indeed a scarce resource.

Even the Ninth Stage martial arts, in Great Yong has been in the hands of Imperial Court and the state religion Colored Glass Sect.

When Qin Yi was passing by a painting and antique shop, he suddenly stopped.

He thought of the broken dao chart in the iron box in his arms.

“Go in and have a look!” Qin Yi didn’t forget to look for the missing one-fifth of the dao chart in his arms.

This antique shop of calligraphy and painting is very big. After entering, there are a lot of calligraphy and paintings on the walls of the whole hall, and a lot of antique jade stones are also placed on the wooden shelf in the middle.

“This Young Master, what kind of objects do you want to see?” As soon as he came in, an old man at the counter greeted him with a smile.

“I’ll take a look first.” Qin Yi said.

“Okay, Young Master, please.” The old man made a gesture of invitation.

Qin Yi watched slowly in the hall.

The walls are mostly paintings and calligraphy.

Most of them are landscape paintings, or some copybooks and poems.

After looking around, I didn’t see any calligraphy and painting related to Daomen.

“Shopkeeper, do you have any paintings and calligraphy about Taoism here?” Qin Yi asked.

“The calligraphy and painting of Taoism?” The old man was slightly taken aback.

Few people buy such items!

Unless it is a pilgrim who believes in Taoism, or who likes Taoism.

“There are some, but few, I’ll find them for you.” The old man said.

“Okay, thank you, the older the better, it doesn’t matter if it’s incomplete.” Qin Yi added.

About a quarter of an hour later, the old man rummaged through boxes and cabinets, and finally found three paintings and calligraphy.

Two are dao charts, one is calligraphy and painting, and the above is a Taoist scripture.

Qin Yi took it over and looked at it. The two dao charts were both painted by a Taoist priest with some mountains and rivers in the background.

The Taoist priest in the painting is not the old Taoist in Tsing Yi he wanted, and the dao chart looks like an ordinary dao chart.

After reading it, he was slightly disappointed.

“This Young Master, these two dao charts are from the hands of famous masters in this state…” The old man began to introduce incessantly.

After a dry introduction, “Young Master, which one do you want to buy?”

“These dao charts do not meet my requirements for the time being, I will not Buy it, disturbing the shopkeeper, next time there is a new product, I will check it again.” Qin Yi refused.

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