Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 78

That’s right, he’s going to take on this Golden Tiger Gang.

With the strength of the two Vice-Gang Leader Sixth Stage, the Gang Lord should not be so strong!

Thinking of this, Qin Yi walked to the next room, told his father to go out, and he went downstairs.

Soon, he came to the gate of a large courtyard on Jinchuan Street.

On the plaque at the entrance of the other courtyard, there are two big gilded characters – golden tiger.

There are four brawny men guarding the door.

“What are you doing? This is the main hall of the Golden Tiger Gang, please get away from me!” The brawny man, who was headed by him, stopped drinking when he saw Qin Yi was about to walk in.

“I want to join the Golden Tiger Gang and inform your Gang Lord.” Qin Yi said indifferently.

“pu~ hahaha! Who do you think you are, do you think our Golden Tiger Gang is a beggar gang? Join if you want, and let us inform Gang Lord, do you have this qualification? Give me Get out!”

“If you don’t report it, then I’ll go in and see you Gang Lord myself.”

A big man headed by Qin Yi saw that Qin Yi was about to break in, and immediately moved towards Qin. Yi kicked over.

Just as he kicked his feet out, the big man felt a pain in his chest, and he flew out backwards.

The other three big men didn’t react, only saw a flash.

peng peng peng!

The remaining three big men also flew out backwards, fell to the ground and rolled shrimp, screaming in agony.

Qin Yi walked into the front yard like this.

“pu~ Someone smashed the field!”

“Who dares to break into our Golden Tiger Gang!”

A dozen people rushed out of the house in the front yard.

When they saw only one person, they were all slightly surprised.

Dare to break into their Golden Tiger Gang singlehanded, I really don’t know how to write the word “dead”!

“I want to join your Golden Tiger Gang and let your Gang Lord come out.” Qin Yi said with a slight smile.

“hmph, the man who beat Lao Tzu now says he wants to join our Golden Tiger Gang, he’s clearly looking for trouble, give it to me, and abolish him!” Hall Master Liu Chongjie, headed by him, said with a malicious smile. He also named the Gang Lord and asked them to come out to see him. Who is he, with such a big face?

oh la la.

A dozen people moved towards Qin Yi and rushed over.

“Is this how your Golden Tiger Gang treats guests? Alas… I really don’t want to do it!” Qin Yi had already disappeared before the words fell.

One silhouette rushed into the crowd in an instant. Wherever they passed, screams rang out, and they fell to the ground one by one.

After a few breaths, not one of a dozen people could stand!

“You…” Liu Chongjie was both shocked and angry, the person in front of him was an expert!

“What’s the matter?”

In the back hall, one silhouette rushed over quickly.

“Gang Lord, this person broke into our Golden Tiger Gang at night, and only asked you to come out to meet him by name, and injured so many of us.” Seeing Gang Lord He Hongjun came out , hurriedly complained.

Looking at the dozens of elite gang members lying on the ground, He Hongjun narrowed his eyes and said with a gloomy expression: “Friend, are you here to smash the scene?”

” No, I just wanted to join your Golden Tiger Gang, but the four guys who were standing outside the door refused to let me out, so I did it.” Qin Yi shook the head.

“Want to join our Golden Tiger Gang?” He Hongjun slightly frowned, the other party can solve these dozen elite gangs, and at least has Fifth Stage strength.


“hehe, you brat is a little crazy. The person who beat me wants to join my Golden Tiger Gang, but I like it!”

“It is not impossible for you to join our Golden Tiger Gang, your strength is good, but if you want to join our Golden Tiger Gang, you need to do three small tasks, as long as the tasks are successful, you can join our Golden Tiger Gang! “Seeing that the youngster in front of him is not weak, He Hongjun also wants to absorb it in his heart!

As for what happened just now, he doesn’t mind at all. The Western District has always been chaotic. It would be a good thing for the gang if he could add a few more powerful subordinates.

“Gang Lord, he just…” Liu Chongjie was taken aback.

“Small misunderstanding, it’s fine.” He Hongjun waved his hand generously.

“Are you going to have three missions to join?” Qin Yi asked.


“This is too much trouble, I thought of a better way!” Qin Yi showed his white teeth.

β€œIn what way?” He Hongjun asked subconsciously.

“That’s right, I’m Gang Lord!”

He Hongjun and all the gang members were furious when they looked at Qin Yi who was harmless to humans and animals!

“Damn it, you are courting death!” Only now did He Hongjun know that this kid is here to find fault!

He stepped out, moved towards Qin Yi and rushed over.

However, Qin Yi is faster!

He Hongjun pupils shrank, the silhouette in front of him suddenly appeared in front of him like a shooting star.

“Broken Tiger!” He Hongjun didn’t hesitate at all, and immediately broke out his secret technique and punched it out.

With such a quick hand in hand, no one reacted to it!


The fist rubs against the air, producing a popping sound.

But in the next moment, He Hongjun discovered in horror that the silhouette in front of him had disappeared!

Just as he was about to make a move.


Severe pain came from his waist, and he was swept away by a kick!

“How is it possible!!!” He Hongjun was already numb! He is the dignified Seventh Stage strength, and he can’t even make a move in the opponent’s hands!

Eighth Stage!

No, maybe Ninth Stage? !


He Hongjun, unable to use his strength in the air, fell fiercely to the cold and hard stone slab on the ground.

This time confrontation, only a short one or two seconds!

Only when He Hongjun fell to the ground, did someone react.

“gu lu…” Liu Chongjie, who was watching a play at the side, swallowed saliva and said, a little like waking up from a dream.


The audience was silent.

Every one of the gang members didn’t dare to take a breath.

Qin Yi walked towards He Hongjun step by step, “I’m the Gang Lord of the Golden Tiger Gang, what do you think?”

The voice was flat, as if to say that you invite me How was the meal?

Lying on the ground, He Hongjun felt that several of his ribs had been broken. Looking at the youngster walking forward step by step, his scalp was numb!

Too strong!

Still so young!


If he doesn’t agree, then there is only one end, and that is – death!

“Yes, of course, you are Gang Lord, you are Gang Lord!”

“Meet the Gang Lord!” He Hongjun endured the pain and got up, kneeling on Qin Yi in front of.

Life is gone, what knees do you need?

If you can’t beat it, join!

Seeing Qin Yi stop, He Hongjun felt relaxed in his heart, and when he saw that the gang members all around were still in a state of consternation, he quickly shouted: “What are you still doing? Click to meet Gang Lord!”


Liu Chongjie reacted the fastest, his knees softened and he knelt down: “pay respects to Gang Lord !”

When the other gang members saw this, they all knelt down and bowed.

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