Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 79

β€œpay respects to Gang Lord!”

Seeing that this group of people are so sensible, Qin Yi is nodded with satisfaction.

“Come in and talk!” Qin Yi moved towards the house first.

“Yes yes yes!”

When Liu Chongjie saw Qin Yi walk in, he hurried over to help He Hongjun up.

Inside the house.

Qin Yi sat unceremoniously in the first place, and below, He Hongjun and the others were standing cautiously.

“What’s your name?”

“Gang Lord, the youngest is He Hongjun.”

“The youngest is Liu Chongjie.”

“How many high-ranking people are there in the gang?” Qin Yi asked.

“Back to Gang Lord, there are two Vice-Gang Leaders and four Hall Masters in the gang. Liu Chongjie next to me is one of the Hall Masters. The other three Hall Masters are in the guard gang. There are also two Vice-Gang Leaders who should be at their homes at the moment,” He Hongjun said hurriedly.

“Well, send someone to call them over.” Qin Yi said.

“Yes, the little guy immediately sent someone over to call them over.” He Hongjun didn’t dare to come up with any other ideas, the other party’s skills, even if he called all the gang members, he couldn’t stay. people.

But in the future, they will die.

Soon, he sent a few gang members to call people.

“Gang Lord, I, we don’t know your name yet.” He Hongjun brace oneself asked.

β€œQin Feng!”

β€œHe Hongjun, give me a detailed introduction to the Golden Tiger Gang.”

β€œOkay, Gang Lord Qin. We The Golden Tiger Gang site has a total of seven blocks, helping more than 200 people. In terms of properties, there are three casinos, five restaurants, a hook bar, a rice shop, a pawn shop. There are also 30 shops, all of which are leased to When others do business, we charge some rent. In addition, we cover these seven blocks, and we usually charge some protection fees for the shops on these streets.” He Hongjun introduced.

β€œWhat kind of strength is the Golden Tiger Gang in the Western District?” Qin Yi asked again.

“Gang Lord, it’s not my fault, our Golden Tiger Gang is also good in the Western District. It is one of the six powerful gangs, but it ranks at the bottom. As for the rest of the Western District. Most of the more than 20 small gangs are not on the stage.” He Hongjun explained.

“en.” Qin Yi nods.

This guy has the strength of Seventh Stage, two hundred gangs, seven blocks of land, Golden Tiger Gang is indeed not a small gang.

“What are the Gang Lords of the other five powerful gangs in the Western District?”

“The Gang Lords of the three most powerful gangs in the Western District are all Eighth. Stage strength is also the three gangs that occupy the three most prosperous places in the Western District. Gang Lord of the other two gangs, like me, are all Seventh Stage strengths, but these two gangs have two Seventh Stages, and Our Golden Tiger Gang has only me on the Seventh Stage, so I’m at the bottom…” He Hongjun said embarrassedly.

“However, you are Gang Lord now, and we can definitely surpass the five of them!”

Qin Yi understood after listening to it. There are a lot of gangs, but only six are stronger, and the rest are small and medium-sized gangs, and they can’t make it to the table.

“What is the strength of the Gang Lord of the three strongest gangs in the city?” Qin Yi asked again.

What he was asking was the Hawk Gang that occupied the entire east of the city, the Azure Wolf gang that occupied the entire south of the city, and the brother gang that occupied the entire Northern Part of City!

“These three gangs, their Gang Lords are all Ninth Stage strengths!” He Hongjun said solemnly.

“Ninth Stage?” Qin Yi nodded.

But think about it right, without this strength, it is impossible to occupy such a large territory.


After a quarter of an hour.

There are footsteps outside.

I saw five big men walking in!

Two of them were in their forties, and the other three were in their thirties.

Seeing this group of people coming, He Hongjun quickly winked and said, “Why don’t you meet Qin Feng Gang Lord Qin soon!”

The five people looked at the blood on He Hongjun’s neckline If they didn’t do it, they all hurriedly knelt down and salute: “pay respects to Gang Lord Qin!”

They had already learned about the situation on the way here, and the gang members who went to invite them over said, come With a young expert, he killed Gang Lord in one move.

Of course they were very shocked to hear the news!

So when I came in, no one dared to question it, they all obeyed obediently, and no one wanted to make fun of their own lives.

“Get up.” Qin Yi waved his hand.

“Gang Lord, let me introduce to you. These two are Vice-Gang Leaders and biological brothers. They are called Zheng Wei and Zheng Wu. The last three are Hall Masters, called…” He Hongjun one after another was introduced.

“Okay, from today onwards, I’m the Gang Lord of Golden Tiger Gang, He Hongjun, you are Vice-Gang Leader, Zheng Wei, Zheng Wu, you two can be Elder, Power Hall Master Yu, who is smaller than Vice-Gang Leader, the former Hall Master, has the same status.” Qin Yi thought for a while.

Everyone was overjoyed.

“Thank you, Gang Lord!”

Except for He Hongjun who lost the position of Gang Lord, the status of the others has not changed!

In fact, although He Hongjun felt a little sad in his heart, there was nothing he could do. He would never know when he would be done away with in this industry. The law of the jungle, powerhouse is respected.

β€œHe Hongjun, is there a bigger gang near our Golden Tiger Gang?”

β€œNear us?”

β€œYes, with us Golden Tiger The Gang is bordered by the Iron Fist Gang, one of the six powerful gangs in the Western District. Their Gang Lord and Vice-Gang Leader are a pair of uncles and nephews called Deng Yuan and Deng Haifeng, both of whom are Seventh Stage strengths! Our Golden Tiger Gang is also a deadly enemy, if Deng Yuan is in his 60s and has a secret injury, his strength would already be not in Peak, otherwise our Golden Tiger Gang would be really hard to resist.” He Hongjun said solemnly.

“Well, you sent someone to gather all the gang members here, and after one hour, attack the Iron Fist gang!” Qin Yi opened the mouth and said.

“Yes! Karma?” This time He Hongjun was dumbfounded.

He thought that Gang Lord gathered all the gang members to let everyone know that Gang Lord was replaced, but he didn’t expect to attack the Iron Fist gang?

I’m a good boy!

Others were also dumbfounded.

“Help, Gang Lord, are you kidding me?” He Hongjun said uncertainly.

“Yeah, Gang Lord, even if we are going to attack, are we going to plan some arrangements?” Zheng Wei suggested in a low voice.

“No, it’s just killing an Iron Fist gang, why plan? Hurry up and gather people over, remember to bring good guys! Don’t you want to make our Golden Tiger Gang bigger?” Qin Yi indifferently said .

gu lu…

Everyone is swallowed saliva and said.

“Gang Lord is mighty!” He Hongjun suddenly remembered that he was beaten by the Gang Lord. The Iron Fist gang is just two Seventh Stages, so the Gang Lord should be able to solve it, right?

More than half an hour later.

More than 200 grandiose people moved towards the Iron Fist gang’s territory.

There is no curfew until ten o’clock in the evening in Xiangzhou City, and no curfew until after ten o’clock.

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