Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 80

Before departure, everyone hid their weapons in their clothes or wrapped them in cloth strips. When they were about to reach the Iron Fist gang’s site, they encountered a patrol. Originally this patrol team Seeing the grandiose of more than 200 people, it seemed that there was a hidden guy who wanted to interrogate or even shake people, but He Hongjun stepped forward and stuffed some money, and the patrol left very rationally.

In the Western District, it has long been common for gangs to fight each other at night. Anyway, as long as they don’t disturb the people, they will turn a blind eye.

As long as you don’t forget to come over on the second day to send some environmental pollution fees!

The people from the Golden Tiger Gang just stepped into the territory of the Iron Fist gang, and the people from the Iron Fist gang found out.


Iron Fist Gang.

“You said that the entire Golden Tiger Gang came to our site?” Gang Lord Deng Yuan and Vice-Gang Leader Deng Haifeng peeped at each other.

“Damn it, that He Hongjun dared to come to our land to run wild, did he eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder?” Deng Haifeng slapped the table and cursed angrily.

The other party brought the entire Golden Tiger Gang over, and he must have come to find fault.

Because the two gangs are adjacent to each other, there is normally a lot of friction, but He Hongjun has always been in a situation of being suppressed.

Is it going to start a war now?

“Let’s go, take someone out to have a look, if he doesn’t give us an explanation today, I want him to walk around without food!” Deng Yuan said solemnly.

Soon, Iron Fist gang members gathered quickly.

The people on the Golden Tiger Gang’s side have not yet arrived at the main entrance of the Iron Fist Gang, and they were stopped by the Iron Fist Gang members halfway along the way!

The two sides met in the middle of a street, and the whole street was surrounded by water.

“He Hongjun, you are so brave, you are leading so many people here, do you want to start a war?” Deng Haifeng looked at the opponent’s gang members with weapons in their hands, and his face was angry.

But there are some doubts in my heart, does this bastard really want to go to war?

Are you crazy?

He Hongjun ignored Deng Haifeng’s clamor, but pointed to the two and whispered to Qin Yi: “Gang Lord, these two people, they are Gang Lord and Vice- of Iron Fist Gang. Gang Leader!”

“Got it.” Qin Yi looked towards the two people opposite, nodded.

At this time, Deng Haifeng saw He Hongjun opposite a youngster whispering, let him frowned, he looked towards his second uncle Deng Yuan.

Deng Yuan is also called the head, I don’t know what the other party is going to do!

“Hey, He Hongjun, your bastard is deaf? Just swaggering over to Lao Tzu’s territory. If you don’t give Lao Tzu an explanation, Lao Tzu will kill you!” Deng Haifeng said with a sullen face.

“Kill, destroy the Iron Fist gang!” Qin Yi gave an order, and rushed towards the Iron Fist gang first.

“Did you hear that, follow Gang Lord!” He Hongjun shouted and rushed over.

In the back, the Golden Tiger Gang members saw a group of high-level executives rushing over, and they could only rush over with a bronze oneself.

“Gang Lord?”

“Fuck, there’s really going to be a war! Courting death!”

Seeing that the other side didn’t agree, he started a war, Both Deng Yuan’s uncle and nephew were stunned for a moment, and after they reacted, they immediately mobilized.

“Kill me!” Deng Haifeng roared.

Qin Yi took the lead, taking Deng Yuan and Deng Haifeng directly.

“How courageous!” Deng Haifeng saw the youngster in front of him rushing towards him. He stepped forward, and the tiger-headed sword in his hand suddenly turned into a stream of light.


Momentum is big, power is deep The knife was just half handed out when it was hit by a dagger.

A huge force entered his palm from the tiger-headed sword, and a sudden burst in his heart, the huge force forcibly knocked his tiger-headed sword away!

“Not good, expert!” Deng Haifeng hair stands on end, just about to pull away.

“Five Piles Vigor!”

A fist was enlarged in Deng Haifeng’s pupil.

“So fast!”

Deng Haifeng subconsciously wanted to raise his hand to block.

But the sound of ka-cha’s bones shattering came from his chest as soon as his arm was half-raised.

The whole person flew out backwards.

Too fast! He just subconsciously tried to block, but it was still a step too late.

In mid-air, the pain came from his chest, he felt his breathing became weaker and weaker, and his life was passing…

“What! “Deng Yuan just saw that the nephew next to him was hit and flew out, and he directly attacked the one silhouette.

Without the slightest hesitation , the shot is a trick!

“Broken Tiger!”

The same tiger-headed knife in his hand turned into a blade light, covering Qin Yi’s silhouette.


The blade light hasn’t fallen yet, and the one silhouette has disappeared from his sight.


Deng Yuan was shocked.

But still when his this move secret skill has not been used up.

A silver light shot up to his left.

A cold dagger had slit his throat.


When the blade light was exhausted, Deng Yuan covered his blood-spitting neck with one hand, and fell down on the ground with a face full of fear. land.

A short confrontation, less than five seconds!

The gang members on both sides have only just reached the halfway point, and they haven’t fought at close quarters yet, and they are all dumbfounded when they see this scene.

“Hi…” He Hongjun saw this and his mouth opened wide.

Originally, He Hongjun thought that his new Gang Lord would need ten tricks to solve the two Gang Lords of the Iron Fist gang, but he didn’t expect only two tricks!

“Even my Senior Brother from Eighth Stage, I guess it won’t be able to hold up many moves!” He Hongjun was shocked and terrifying at a fast speed!

Why his Seventh Stage strength can take root in the Western District and not be annexed by the other three gangs with Eighth Stage strength, the reason is that he has a Senior Brother that opened in the east of the city A martial arts hall with Eighth Stage power!

If the most powerful gangs in the Western District want to annex him, they have to weigh his Senior Brother with Eighth Stage power. Although his Senior Brother is very opposed to him being in gangs, and he rarely communicates with him, but if he encounters a life-and-death crisis, his Senior Brother will definitely help.

Originally, he wanted his Senior Brother to help him deal with this Qin Feng afterwards, but now it seems that he should be obediently and honestly a henchman for others.

“The Gang Lord of the Iron Fist gang is dead, the surrenderers will not kill!” He Hongjun, who came back to his senses, shouted in a loud voice.

The members of the Iron Fist Gang were still in shock when they saw their Gang Lord Vice-Gang Leader was killed at once.

As soon as they heard that the surrenderers would not be killed, a part of the gang members became active in their hearts.

As a gang, after the Gang Lord dies, it is common practice to join in if you can’t beat him. No one will continue to work hard for a dead Gang Lord!

On the contrary, the gang members of the Golden Tiger Gang are very morale!

“Don’t surrender, break through, break through, surrender will not end well!”

There are a few diehards in the Iron Fist gang leading a group of people to break out.

“Stop them, kill them!” Without Qin Yi’s orders, He Hongjun began to command.

Immediately the scene became chaotic.

Some surrendered, some broke through, some were besieged…

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