Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 81

After one hour.

The Golden Tiger Gang successfully took down the entire Iron Fist gang!

Except for the Hall Masters of the two Iron Fist gangs who refused to surrender and were killed, some stubborn gang members refused to surrender and were resolved, and the rest of the gang members either fled or surrendered.

β€œHe Hongjun!”

β€œMy subordinates are here!” He Hongjun eagerly ran to Qin Yi.

Before attacking the Iron Fist gang, he felt unlucky, and the unfathomable mystery was visited by people to force Gang Lord to become Vice-Gang Leader.

But now, hehe, the Golden Tiger Gang’s site has expanded by more than half. Although he will still be the Vice-Gang Leader in the future, the income will definitely rise and fall. The bigger the site, the higher the gang’s income!

He felt that he was hit by luck.

My new Gang Lord is definitely an Eighth Stage, no, most likely an expert from Ninth Stage!

As a result, the future Golden Tiger Gang will definitely be able to show great ambitions!

Maybe it can unify the entire Western District and it’s not impossible.

“Receive Iron Fist’s estate first, be quick!”


Soon, Iron Fist’s estate is in He Hongjun Received quickly under the arrangement.

As for the Iron Fist gang who surrendered, they were all escorted to the Iron Fist gang’s main hall.

“Gang Lord, what to do with those who surrender?” Zheng Wei respectfully walked up to Qin Yi, cup one fist in the other hand and asked.

Qin Yi looked at the more than 100 Iron Fist gang members in front of him, and thought for a while: “If you have more than one level of strength, they will all be incorporated, and the rest of the ordinary gang members will be dismissed.”

“Okay!” Zheng Wei eagerly went to deal with it.

After another half an hour, there were only more than 50 Iron Fist gang members who originally had a sneak attack.

The rest of the gang members who did not reach a level of strength were all dismissed.

It was late at night.

He Hongjun, with red light on his face, hurried to Qin Yi’s face, cup one fist in the other hand, and said, “Gang Lord, we have already taken over all the properties of the Iron Fist gang. This is from Iron Fist. The cash found by the Fist gang totaled 8,000 taels of silver. As for whether Deng Yuan and Deng Haifeng hid the money in other places, we can’t find out at the moment.”

Qin Yi received After passing the 8,000 taels, he took the 5,000 taels into his pocket, and handed the 3,000 taels to He Hongjun: “Well done! Take these 3,000 taels to reward the helpers!”

“Yes, Lord Gang.”

This night, the news that the Iron Fist gang in the Western District was wiped out by the Golden Tiger Gang spread like wildfire.

Suddenly, all the gangs in the Western District were shaken.

Among them, the four most powerful gangs were the most shocking.

Everyone is asking what’s going on.


In the middle of the night, Qin Yi has returned to the Inn.

He has asked He Hongjun to find a house for himself, and plans to move there tomorrow, and will stay in the Inn temporarily tonight.

Walking to the door of Dad’s room, Qin Yi returned to his room when he heard the sound of his breathing evenly.

Tonight took down the Golden Tiger Gang and then killed Iron Fist. He didn’t do it casually.

To subdue this force is just to earn some cultivation resources and to find a dao chart for himself in the future. Like the current Golden Tiger Gang, he can throw it away at any time. Going to other places, you can also conquer a black cat gang and a white cat gang at any time.

A black cat and a white cat are good cats.

Qin Yi took out the map again and looked at it.

“This is the matter, I will go to True Spring Dao Temple in Lingcheng County in a few days and learn another Literary Art!” Qin Yi looked at the map.

“Unfortunately, there are no other Taoist branches in the whole Xiangzhou.” Qin Yi looked at the map again and sighed.

There are six other Daomen branches in other states.

Among them, Zhang Daoxuan senior’s Supreme Profound Dao Palace has been extinguished by the Imperial Court. I don’t know if anyone has escaped. If not, maybe this Literary Art will be difficult for him to learn.

That’s right, Qin Yi thinks that if he wants to continue to become stronger, Literary Art is essential, of course, the more the better.

Therefore, there are only five Daomen branches left, one is the Divine Night Dao Temple in the Kunshan Mountain in Qing State next door, and the other four, three of which are in the north, and two in the occupied area of Great Yong. Among the states, these two states are currently occupied by Northern Origin!

The last one is in the Eastern Sea state facing the sea to the east. It is too far away, and there are many places in the middle of the road that are also infested by rebels.

In other words, in a short period of time, in addition to going to True Spring Dao Temple in Lingcheng County to learn Literary Art, he also went to Kunshan Divine Night Dao Temple in Qing State next door to learn Literary Art, and the rest Daomen branch, either occupied in the occupied area of Northern Origin or too far away temporarily difficult to pass.

Seeing this, Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart: “Then go to True Spring Dao Temple in Lingcheng County to learn Literary Art first, and then consider going to Qing State next door.”


“By the way, it seems that the site of the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the main vein of Daomen, is at the top of the Taiji mountain range in Qing State. When the time comes, if you can, you can go up and take a look.” Qin Yi did not forget, he The incomplete dao chart in his arms is most likely spread from the Supreme Clear Dao Palace.

Go to the ruins of Zongmai to find out, maybe there will be a miracle?

Actually, Qin Yi is now thinking about whether he can learn some other Literary Art?

Doesn’t have to be Taoist.

But he had inquired before that, similar Literary Art, not necessarily all sects have it.

For example, Daomen, Buddhism and Literary Art!

For example, the Vajra Temple in the north of Jiangning County, which had Eighth Stage martial arts, did not have Literary Art! This is what Yang Yuanzi told him back then!

It stands to reason that the strength of Vajra Temple is stronger than that of Daomen Nine Vessels. After all, they have the First Rate martial arts of Sect Protecting Treasureβ€”Eighth Stage martial arts Vajra.

On the other hand, there is not a copy of First Rate martial arts above the Seventh Stage.

This makes Qin Yi strange.

“I don’t know if there will be conflicts between Literary Art’s systems? It seems that I have to find some time to find out more about this!”

After planning, Qin Yi fell asleep peacefully.

On the second day, Qin Yi asked his father to stay at the Inn, and he came to the Golden Tiger Gang alone.

Main hall entrance.

When everyone saw Qin Yi’s arrival, they all saluted respectfully.

“Good Lord Gang!”

“Well, all sit down.” Qin Yi sat on the main seat, motioning for all the senior members of the Golden Tiger Gang to sit down.

β€œHe Hongjun.”

β€œYes, Gang Lord.” He Hongjun stood up.

“Sit back, I’m just asking something, don’t be so restrained.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

He blushed and sat back embarrassedly.

“We took over the properties of the Iron Fist gang last night, you can be more specific.”

“Yes, the Iron Fist gang occupies a total of nine blocks, and the property has two restaurants. Home, three Inns, three casinos, two Goulan, one theater, forty-five shops, a brewing workshop, and a weaving workshop.” He Hongjun said.

“Yes, take care of these places.”

“Yes yes!”

“Now, I have something for you Do it.” Qin Yi stretched out two fingers.

“Gang Lord please order.” He Hongjun said.

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