Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 82

“I prefer Daoist Tibetans, so I usually like to collect some things related to Daomen, especially dao charts! It doesn’t matter if they are incomplete, the longer the year, the better. There may be some Taoist scriptures recorded by Taoist sects on it. These are things I like to study. So you send someone to help me collect some, not only in the state, but also some from other states.” Qin Yi said.

“Okay Gang Lord.” He Hongjun said sensible, without asking any more questions.

“By the way, how is the house I asked you to look for?” Qin Yi asked.

“Help, I hurriedly helped you find a house last night. Right on the grounds of our Golden Tiger Gang, it’s a big house with three entrances and three exits. It turned out to be a wealthy businessman.” He Hongjun Road.

“Well, show me.”

“Okay Gang Lord.”

Soon, He Hongjun arranged for the entire group to bring Qin Yi went to the house and looked at it.

According to He Hongjun’s introduction, this house is a wealthy businessman who just moved out last month. Originally, He Hongjun planned to buy it and live in it himself, but now Qin Yi needs it, so he gave it to Qin Yi .

Qin Yi read it over and was very satisfied.

Three entrances and three exits, with a small garden at the back and a large courtyard at the front.

“Send someone to clean it up, and add some furniture and daily necessities. I want to live in tonight.” Qin Yi instructed.

“Ok Gang Lord, I’ll send someone to do it now.”

At noon.

In a box of a restaurant.

Qin Yi and He Hongjun, the Vice-Gang Leader, Zheng Wei, Zheng Wu, and four other Hall Masters had a meal together.

β€œOld He, we took down the Iron Fist gang last night, how did the rest of the gangs in the Western District react today?” Qin Yi asked.

After taking down the Iron Fist gang, the Golden Tiger Gang’s territory has been expanded. He doesn’t believe that the rest of the powerful gangs in the Western District have no other intentions!

“I haven’t seen any drastic reactions from them for the time being. After all, you killed Deng Yuan and Deng Haifeng. I believe those gangs in the Western District will not know what it takes to kill these two people. Strength! At least Eighth Stage!” He Hongjun said solemnly.

Qin Yi knew that He Hongjun was talking about the three Gang Lord gangs in the Western District with Eighth Stage power.

In fact, Deng Yuan and Deng Haifeng’s trifling two Seventh Stages can also take root in the Western District, because the two uncles and nephews will also have a set of Blade Technique that can fight Eighth Stage. It’s a pity that the two of them didn’t expect Qin Yi’s speed to be so terrifying at that time, and they didn’t give them a chance to perform!

Although the experts of Eighth Stage can take down the two even if they are seriously injured, no one is stupid enough to take the Iron Fist Gang with their own heavy damage, and the Iron Fist Gang’s site location is average. , the site is not very large, and the income is also average, which is tasteless for the three strongest gangs in the Western District!

In other words, the three most powerful gangs in the Western District are not foolish enough to think that the new Gang Lord of the Golden Tiger Gang is so easy to mess with.

As long as everyone minds their own business, they will be fine for the time being.

Actually, He Hongjun at this moment would like to ask, what is your strength, Lord Gang? How old are you?

But he knew very well that this should not be asked.

“Okay, they don’t have much reaction.” Qin Yi nodded.

For the time being, he doesn’t plan to continue to expand the Golden Tiger Gang. If he wins the strongest gangs in the Western District in a row, or even unifies the entire Western District’s gangs, he believes that it will definitely cause the three in the state city. There is Ninth Stage sitting on the gang’s attention and even targeting.

Now, his overall strength is still worse than Ninth Stage, so don’t worry.

In the afternoon, Qin Yi bought all kinds of furniture and daily necessities in Qin Yi’s house, and Qin Yi picked up his father.

He also instructed a few gang members and gave them five hundred taels of silver to go to the pharmacy to buy a batch of tonic.

When these gang members saw that their new Gang Lord was going to buy five hundred taels of tonic, they were all dumbfounded.

I didn’t dare to say, I didn’t dare to ask, I respectfully took the money and went to work.


In this new home.

Father Qin clicked one’s tongue in wonder: “Fourth Child, where did you get so much money to buy this house? Why are there seven or eight people outside guarding the door?”

“Father, these are the nursing homes I bought. You can live here with peace of mind. As for the money, it was collected from Jiangning County before, so don’t ask more.” Qin Yi didn’t plan to talk to himself. Dad said about the Golden Tiger Gang.

“Ok, don’t ask, don’t ask.” Father Qin also found that his son had grown up and had his own secrets, so he didn’t bother to ask.

In the evening.

The tonic for large and small bags fills half the room!

“All recharge!”

Swipe! One by one, he touched them with his hands and disappeared into the room.

In a quarter of an hour.

Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm: Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method : Perfection (Soaring Shift )

Azure Void Art : Fetal Breath

Heavenly Jade Steps : Perfection (flash step )

Heavenly Power Claw : Perfection (Wood Penetration)

Heart Nurturing Art: Rebirth

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Meteor Chasing Moon Step: Perfection (Moontread)

Meteor Chasing Moon Step: Perfection (Moontread)


Giant Elephant Strength: Getting Started+

Energy: 589

Looking at the system panel, Qin Yi frowned: “The + sign still doesn’t appear in the two Literary Art doors, it still does. I can’t improve!”

Originally, Qin Yi thought that Literary Art’s inability to improve might be due to lack of energy, but now the energy points have broken through 500 points in one breath, and there is still no movement. It seems that it is not The problem of insufficient system energy!

“Now that the energy points are there, Literary Art is only needed.” Qin Yi was full of hope.

In this city of Xiangzhou, according to He Hongjun, there are seven martial arts halls with Sixth Stage martial arts. One of them was opened by one of his Senior Brothers.

“I have the opportunity to learn the Sixth Stage martial arts in the seven martial arts halls.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart. At most when the time comes is the same as the Giant Elephant Energy above, you can learn it first and not improve it. When the time comes, you can find other Literary Art, tsk tsk.

“The Golden Tiger Gang’s business is almost done, let’s go to Lingcheng County, which is more than 100 kilometers away tomorrow!”

He plans to leave his father in Xiangzhou first. In the city, just go to Lingcheng County by yourself.

However, before departure, your father’s safety must be guaranteed, and people’s hearts are separated!

second day afternoon.

Qin Yi got into a carriage with a bucket hat and drove the carriage slowly out of the city. Inside the carriage sat a 12- or 13-year-old boy with a somewhat restrained expression.

This teenager is He Hongjun’s only son, He Xiaoming.

Since I was going to Lingcheng County, I let He Hongjun’s son accompany me there without worrying about my father’s situation. In this way, he believed that He Hongjun would do his best to protect his father’s safety.

Behind, He Hongjun watched the carriage go away with a wry smile, but he also understood that if it were him, he would do the same.

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