Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 86

A cool breeze hit Qin Yi, and Qin Yi felt that his entire head was comfortable, a wonderful feeling.

He could clearly feel this time that he seemed to have another strand of ‘Qi’ in his body, and it was in the dantian, living peacefully with the other two strands.

Qin Yi’s first feeling was that his spirit was more vigorous than before, and there was a feeling that he could not sleep for three days and three nights.

“Finally, I have another Literary Art, so I can improve my new martial arts.” Qin Yi was determined.

Looking at so many energy points in the system, “The Giant Elephant Power” has long since started in Jiangning County.

“Elevate the “Giant Elephant Strength” to Perfection!”

A burst of heat emerged in the body, flowing to the limbs and bones!


The whole body seems to be being hammered, hundreds of refinements.

From muscles, fascia, to bones and organs.

In my mind, one silhouette is rehearsing “The Giant Elephant Power” crazily, as if tirelessly.

Ten years of hard work.

Twenty years of hard work.

Thirty years of hard work.


When this one silhouette cultivated “The Giant Elephant Power” to nowhere, suddenly a certain shackle was broken, and a secret skill was comprehended.

One move.


The screen is broken.

Qin Yi opened his eyes and looked at his stinky sweat, feeling helpless.

However, he found that his muscles were fuller and more tenacious than before!

Now his figure is definitely the kind that can become a bodybuilding champion!

The muscles are full of bodybuilding!

After taking a quick shower, changing clothes, we left the True Spring Dao Temple.

Came to a forest.

Qin Yi rehearsed “The Giant Elephant Power”, shoulder bump, elbow strike, lift, wrap hand, top, hug, lift…

After rehearsing, all Many trees around have suffered.

“Sky-shattering!” Qin Yi suddenly took a deep breath, and the whole body’s strength was coordinated into his palm.

One shot!

A tree with thick thighs was directly snapped off by Qin Yi’s palm!

This power is truly unparalleled!

Qin Yi stopped, and said happily on his face: “Under the condition that I didn’t use the secret technique, my strength increased by 30% compared to before, and now my strength is already Ninth Stage. Strength, even in the Ninth Stage is not weak!”

“If I were to meet the previous Red Sect’s Ninth Stage expert now, my speed would have been faster than his line, plus I am not weaker than him now, I should be able to defeat him!” Qin Yi secretly judged in his heart.

Even, under the circumstance of using secret skills, maybe his power will surpass him!

However, everything needs to be really played to know.

Next, Qin Yi began to perform various secret techniques frequently, and after performing different secret techniques about a dozen times, Qin Yi was determined.

“There is no stinging pain. It seems that I have no physical problems for the time being.”

“I need to speed up my martial arts!”

Wait for the Golden After getting started with Swallow Art, I went back to Xiangzhou City to learn the martial arts of the Sixth Stage martial arts martial arts hall in six or seven schools there, and I went to find a new Literary Art as soon as possible.

Now that the rebels in Xiangzhou are getting stronger and stronger, it is not a place to stay for a long time!


second day.

In a courtyard, Qin Yi is practicing Golden Swallow Art, next to Ma Zhiyang drinking tea leisurely.

After another exercise, Qin Yi also stopped.

I walked over and took a sip of tea.

“Ma Martial Uncle, Ninth Stage Martial Artist, is it the most peak of Martial Artist?” Qin Yi asked.

The reason why he asked this is that he now has the strength of the Ninth Stage. If he learns more Literary Art, and then learns more Martial Arts, wouldn’t he want to surpass the Ninth Stage?

So he asked curiously!

β€œNinth Stage?”

β€œFor most Martial Artists, Ninth Stage is definitely their Peak!” Ma Zhiyang took a sip of tea and said slowly .

“You mean there is a stronger Martial Artist on the Ninth Stage?” Qin Yi’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, when I was young, I traveled around the mountains and once saw an expert who easily killed five or six Ninth Stage experts! Later I heard that this kind of expert was called Innate! “Ma Zhiyang is full of memories and yearnings.

β€œInnate?” Qin Yi murmured.

“Yes, above the Ninth Stage is Innate, but our Great Yong does not have Innate’s martial arts level assessment.”

“You must know that most Martial Arts Artists can only cultivate one or two martial arts to the proven place in their entire life. Even those with good innate talent can cultivate three or four martial arts to the proven place. If there is no First Rate martial arts, the Seventh Stage is the pinnacle of their life. .Only a few innate talents who can cultivate four or five or even more Second Rate martial arts can have the strength of Ninth Stage.”

“So, for most people, I don’t even know Innate Martial Artist! It’s hard to reach.”

Qin Yi heard Ma Zhiyang’s words, nodded.

Especially the First Rate martial arts are only in the hands of a few sects, especially the Ninth Stage, the First Rate martial arts, are only in the hands of the Imperial Court and the Colored Glass Sect.

If Innate Martial Artist has the most, it is definitely Imperial Court and Colored Glass Sect!

“Imperial Court has almost monopolized First Rate martial arts!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

Combining with the secrets he heard from an Azure Dao Palace Senior Brother before, it is said that the Red Sect five hundred years ago was wiped out by Great Yong, maybe because Great Yong used to be a horse back then. The thing about stepping on the rivers and lakes?

“Martial Uncle, what’s the difference between Innate and Ninth Stage?” Qin Yi curiously asked.

“How do I know, it’s better than Ninth Stage anyway, I really don’t know about the rest.” Ma Zhiyang sighed.

Qin Yi knew that the other party did not lie, and there was no need to lie.

“Innate?” Qin Yi felt alive.

Although I don’t know how strong Innate is, if he learns another ten Eight Sects new martial arts, I wonder if he can compete with Innate expert?

Two days have passed.

Qin Yi opened the system panel again, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Golden Swallow Art finally got started!

Golden Swallow Art: Getting Started+

“Ascension to Perfection!” Qin Yi chose to raise it to Perfection in one go.


A violent force exploded in his legs, and then this energy spread slowly from his legs towards his upper body.

My legs were sore and numb as if they were being rebuilt.

In my mind, one silhouette appeared again, practicing Golden Swallow Art day after day.

Ten years of hard work.

Twenty years of hard work

Thirty years of hard work…

I once broke the shackles and realized the secret skill – volley!

End promotion.

Qin Yi found that the bones and muscles of his legs were strengthened again, and the stronger muscles, bones and muscles could support him to exert more force to increase the speed!

There are also tricks to use!

Looking for a place, he tried again.

After trying it out, Qin Yi found that his speed was 20% faster than before!

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