Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 88


It was pitch black as ink.

At home, Qin Yi lay in bed thinking about things.

“Assuming that I will learn a Literary Art soon, which field should I learn in the new martial arts?” Qin Yi began to think.

The disadvantage of Second Rate Third Rate martial arts is that the upper limit is low, and it also causes huge hidden dangers to the body.

In the end that’s the inability to build a good foundation, which has a huge impact on the ceiling and body load.

“Most of my current martial arts are those focusing on the upper and lower limbs. In fact, the load on my body has reached a terrifying point, if not for the three Literary Art guarantee and protect , I guess I don’t dare to use a secret skill now!”

Among his nine martial arts, Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist and Giant Elephant Jin do not focus on the upper and lower limbs. Although Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist is a boxing method, it is characterized by the use of the power of the heart, with sufficient endurance and strong penetration.

Giant Elephant Strength, mainly to improve the strength and strength of the body. Some are similar to the heavyweight boxers of later generations. The body strength is great, and the attack method is also simple and rude.

“So next, I should learn some martial arts that can strengthen the body and even the neck and head. Although even learning these martial arts can’t completely solve the hidden dangers of the body, it can at least reduce Some load!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

Second Rate Third Rate martial arts cannot strengthen the whole body physique, but after learning it comprehensively, at least the hidden dangers of the body can be greatly reduced! Even with the blessing of Literary Art, maybe like Ninth Stage martial arts, the body can be enough to support the output of secret skills, and the problem of hidden dangers of the body can be almost completely solved.

Qin Yi got up from the bed and took out a piece of paper.

The above is a record of the seven martial arts halls in Xiangzhou City that have Sixth Stage martial arts.

Soon there were two Sixth Stage martial arts he had his eye on.

One of them is called Giant Spirit Art, which is the Sixth Stage martial arts of the giant spiritual arts hall. The main characteristics of this martial arts are the strength of qi and blood, strong muscles, and great strength. Jin has a similar meaning.

It is not limited to the upper and lower body punches, palms, Claw Art, etc., but to improve the overall strength, and the attack methods are also various.

There is also a course called Return To Sea Art, which is a bit similar to Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist and has a lot of stamina. This martial arts is a martial arts called Zhenhai martial arts hall. There are actually two Sixth Stage martial arts and another Sixth Stage martial arts called Layered Wave Palm. This technique is very powerful. It is said that most apprentices It’s all about learning this martial arts! On the contrary, Return To Sea Art is less popular.

As for other martial arts halls, most of them are palm techniques, boxing techniques, Claw Art, Sword Art, Blade Technique, movement method and so on.

“It seems that I should learn this “Giant Spirit Art” and “Return To Sea Art” first! After learning these two subjects, I will go to other martial arts halls.”


In a flash, five days passed.

This morning, Qin Yi was eating breakfast at a good breakfast stall.

Three long steamed buns, a large bowl of beef noodles, and a large bowl of haggis.

“It is said that Nanyang County has been completely occupied, is this news true or false?”

“Hey~ is this news still false? Most of it was occupied a few months ago, and now the whole territory is occupied What’s so surprising?”

“I heard that most of Jiangning County has fallen. What do our state army and those county army eat?”

“It’s just…”

Qin Yi next to him listened to the conversation of these diners and shook his head slightly.

He knew the news a few days ago.

β€œAfter learning these Sixth Stage martial arts, stay away from Xiangzhou.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

Although the city of Xiangzhou looks very strong, especially the fifteen-meter-high city wall, it is difficult to attack it, but when the time comes the rebels are besieged and not attacked, it will also let you Thief suffers.

After hurriedly eating breakfast, Qin Yi went to the genie martial arts hall.

The past few days, he learned Giant Spirit Art in the morning at the Martial arts hall, and returned to Sea Art in the afternoon at the Zhenhai martial arts hall!

On the Martial Training Stage, Qin Yi was seriously practicing the first set of moves in “Giant Spirit Art”.

This “Giant Spirit Art” is divided into nine groups of moves, each group has a total of three moves, a total of twenty-seven moves.

After the rehearsal, Qin Yi looked at the scorching sun above his head and stopped.

He plans to find a place to eat, and then go to the martial arts hall in Zhenhai.

Just as he was about to go out, he suddenly saw He Hongjun hurriedly approaching him.

“Gang Lord!”

Qin Yi looked at He Hongjun’s solemn face, there must be some major event, and walked over: “Go out and talk!”

“Gang Lord!”



Out of the martial arts hall.

“Gang Lord, this is an invitation from the Gang Lord of the Hongyun Gang, asking you to go to the Eight Directions Building for dinner tonight.” He Hongjun lowered a hot golden invitation to Qin Yi.

“The Fortune Gang?” Qin Yi frowned. This appears to be one of the three most powerful gangs in the Western District, with an Eighth Stage expert in charge.

“Yes, in fact, I just received the news. Last night, the Fortune Gang changed a Gang Lord! The original Gang Lord was Zeng Pengren, who was killed by this new Gang Lord last night! At this time, the other party even invited us to a banquet, I think it is probably a feast at hongmen.” He Hongjun said solemnly.

“Also, I also heard other news just now. The Shadow Blade Club, the Blood Demon Gang and the rest of the Azure Snake Gang have all received invitations. It seems that the new Gang Lord of the Fortune Gang has received invitations. What a big thing you want! Gang Lord, do we want to go?”

The gangs he mentioned are the strongest gangs in the Western District.

Among them, the Shadow Knife Club and the Xuesha Gang have Eighth Stage experts. Although the Azure Snake Gang does not have an Eighth Stage, there are two Seventh Stages, which are similar to the previous Iron Fist Gang.

“Can kill Zeng Pengren who has the strength of Eighth Stage, it seems that this new Gang Lord is not simple, don’t be afraid, let’s go and see.” Qin Yi laughed.


In the afternoon, Qin Yi still went to Zhenhai martial arts hall to learn martial arts.

In the evening, I went home to take a shower and changed my clothes before heading to the Eight Directions Building accompanied by He Hongjun.

Eight Directions Building, the most luxurious restaurant in the Western District!

Tonight, the entire Eight Directions Building was wrapped up by the Fortune Gang.

The top floor.

As soon as Qin Yi and He Hongjun got here, they saw that there were already six people there.

“Gang Lord, those six people are the Vice-Gang Leaders of the Shadow Blade Club, the Blood Demon Gang and the Azure Snake Gang.” He Hongjun lowered his voice.

“Oh…” Qin Yi nodded and walked over.

“This must be the new Gang Lord Qin Feng Gang Lord Qin of the Golden Tiger Gang, right?” Jiang Ying, the Gang Lord of the Shadow Blade Club, greeted him, “I am the Gang Lord Jiang Ying of the Shadow Blade Club.”

“It turned out to be Lord Jiang Gang, disrespectful.” Qin Yi smiled slightly, cupped the hands.

Everyone dared not despise Qin Yi when he saw that he was so young.

Soon, Jiang Ying, who looks like a good man, introduced the Gang Lord Qi Feng of the Blood Demon Gang, and the Gang Lord Zuo Hanshan of the Azure Snake Gang.

Although everyone was more or less hostile before, but now they are asked to come to the banquet together, they are most vigilant of the new Gang Lord of the Fortune Gang, so the entire group is temporarily standing in the same line superior!

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