Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 89

“I don’t know what medicine the Fortune Gang is selling at this time!” Jiang Ying said solemnly.

“hmph, let’s not talk about what medicine he wants to sell in the bottle gourd of the Fortune Gang, but we have all arrived, but he is arriving slowly. Is this showing us prestige?” Qi Feng foul -mouthed way.

“Everyone, if the Hongyun Gang is uneasy and kind-hearted later, I hope everyone will stay together for the time being, how about that?” Zuo Hanshan suggested.

“Yes.” Qin Yi nodded.

The rest of the people are also nodded.

After waiting for another quarter of an hour, the sound of footsteps finally came from the stairs.

A short while later, a literate man in a brocade robe who appeared to be about forty years old came up.

“It turns out that everyone is here, and I have something to deal with just now, so I am late, please forgive me.” As soon as the man in Jinpao came up, he cupped the hands to everyone with a smile on his face.

“You are the new Gang Lord of the Fortune Gang?”

“It’s me, under Qiao Bin.” Qiao Bin continued with a smile: “Thank you for coming to the banquet, we How about sitting down to eat first?”

Speaking, he clapped his hand and ordered someone to serve it!

“Let’s eat for a while. We don’t know if Lord Qiao Gang asked us to come over. What is there to talk about?” Jiang Ying asked first.

“Yes, tell me if you have something.”

“Okay, since you are so anxious, I will tell you straight to the point.”

“I want to unify the gangs in the Western District. I hope you can see my face and join my Fortune Gang! Don’t worry, I will give each of you an Elder role. Do you think about it?” Qiao Bin said with a smile. smiled.

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s face changed suddenly!

What a smiling tiger!

“Unify the entire Western District gang, I’m the first to say no!” The grumpy Qi Feng stood up and said with a sneer.

“I don’t agree either!”

“Oh, it’s hard to obey!”

Everyone is against it.

Seeing everyone’s opposition, Qiao Bin didn’t have any anger, but still said with a smile: “Okay, it’s hard for me to be strong, but it doesn’t matter, we can still have a meal, Quan. How about making friends?”

Qin Yi and the others all exchanged glances with each other.

Jiang Ying was the first to speak: “I won’t eat, I have something to do, so I’ll go home first and say goodbye!”

Jiang Ying stood up first and left the seat.

When the rest of the people saw this, they all got up and left the table in tacit understanding, ready to go downstairs.

They guessed right, this is feast at hongmen!

“It seems that you all failed to appreciate somebody’s kindness!” The smile on Qiao Bin’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

“It seems that we still have to convince people with strength!”

Everyone was on guard.

“Why, do you want to fight?” Qi Feng showed anger.

“It’s not called fighting, it’s called abuse!” Qiao Bin tone barely fell, and suddenly shot at Qi Feng, who was closest to him.

The distance between the two is less than five meters!

It took only one-tenth of a breath for Qiao Bin to reach the distance of five meters.

Next moment, the shadow of the fist is shrouded in Qi Feng’s body!

So fast, everyone is pupils shrank except Qin Yi!

“You!” Qi Feng hurriedly took action as he was facing a great enemy.

peng peng peng!

I saw a few violent collisions.


With a muffled sound, Qi Feng flew out.

Fortunately, Jiang Ying’s eyes were quick and he caught Qi Feng, who was flying upside down, but he was pushed back five steps by this huge force before he could stop!

The scene was instantly quiet, except for Qi Feng’s screams.

“Gu lu…” Zuo Hanshan swallowed saliva and said, subconsciously exclaimed: “Ninth Stage!”

“How about, acknowledge allegiance, I still choose to die here!” Qiao Bin said with a grim expression.

trifling two Eighth Stages and several Seventh Stages, he totally ignores it!

You know, he’s a Ninth Stage!


Suddenly, screams came from the lobby on the first floor.

The second floor is followed by the third floor.

The screams are getting louder and louder.


It seems to be the sound of some wooden doors being smashed. Anyway, the whole building can clearly feel a slight vibration.


Fourth floor!

Seeing that he was about to reach the fifth floor, Qiao Bin’s face suddenly darkened: “Who is going to disturb the scene?”

dong dong dong!


The entrance to the fifth floor stairs.

One silhouette burst out.


It fell on the floor, flying with a lot of sawdust.

A burly silhouette appeared in front of everyone.

“Who is Qin Feng?” His voice was hoarse, with a strong killing intent!

“Who is Your Excellency? Why did you kill the person downstairs for no reason!” Qiao Bin said with a solemn expression, the person who suddenly came up is very strong!

Next second.

The burly silhouette suddenly disappeared in place, appearing in front of Qiao Bin like a flash.

“I asked Qin Feng, I asked you to speak?”

The false and real palm prints blocked all the escape routes for Qiao Bin!

“You!” Qiao Bin was horrified. He didn’t expect this person to attack him if he didn’t agree with him. He was simply too arrogant!

“Do you think you’re very good if you kill a few of me?”

Qiao Bin also made a sudden move.

palm shadow, fist shadow, both intertwined.

peng peng peng!

In just one second, the two of them have exchanged hands many times!

However, after half a breath, Qiao Bin was taken a step back.

Beep, beep…

Followed by Second Step, Third Step…

When returning to Seventh Step, ka-cha sounded different from The muffled sound of fist and palm collided, but a sound similar to a broken bone.

The palm shadow disappears, the fist shadow dissipates.

I saw Qiao Bin’s body collapsed weakly, the bones of his neck had been broken, and the entire neck and head were in the shape of a ‘7’.

The confrontation between the two sides, in just three or four seconds, ended the battle like this!


The audience was silent.

β€œgu lu…”

Jiang Ying and Zuo Hanshan involuntarily swallowed saliva and said, with fear in their eyes!

Isn’t that the new Gang Lord of the Fortune Gang from Ninth Stage?

How come you were killed after only three or four seconds?

too terrifying!

“Finally quiet.” Wu Yulong twisted his neck and looked towards Qin Yi.

“How are you, do you feel fear?”

Qin Yi slightly frowned, slowly opened the mouth and said: “Who is your Excellency, I don’t seem to have met you before? Right?”

“Of course you haven’t seen me, but did you kill a woman in Jiangning County, that person is my wife!” The murderous aura in Wu Yulong’s eyes became more and more intense .

“It turned out to be for revenge!” Qin Yi’s expression remained unchanged.

The fights and fights in the rivers and lakes are like this. Since there is hatred, there is no right or wrong, so let’s see the truth!

“Just now you didn’t run away, you really have a bit of courage, so accept my fear! I will kill you, and then kill your father, and I will take your head to pay homage to me His wife’s!” Wu Yulong laughed morbidly.

“There’s so much nonsense!” Qin Yi stepped out, the restaurant’s wooden plank suddenly burst, and the whole person jumped out and slammed into Wu Yulong!

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