Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 91

“Qin, Gang Lord Qin, mighty!” Jiang Ying wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and forced a smile.

“Ah yes, mighty!” Zuo Hanshan subconsciously raised his hand and shouted.

“You guys, join my Golden Tiger Gang, what do you think?” Qin Yi said indifferently.



“Of course!” Jiang Ying was the first to raise his hand in agreement.

Just kidding, if you don’t agree, can you get out of this restaurant?

Don’t you see people being so perverted?

The rest of the people also reacted when they saw this.

“Of course I do!” Zuo Hanshan hurriedly followed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” The injured Qi Feng was also fiercely nodded.

“That’s good, remember, don’t say anything that shouldn’t be said tonight, understand?”

“It must be.” Everyone nodded again and again.

Qin Yi nodded with satisfaction, then looked towards He Hongjun, who was still stunned hiding behind a table in the corner and said, “Old He, you can hand over to a few of them later, By the way, send someone to clean up here, remember, clean up, I don’t want these corpses to see the light of day again.”

“Uh, yes yes yes!” He Hongjun came back to his senses at this moment.

I have a concubine, why is my Gang Lord so fierce?


Under night.

Qin Yi quickly moved towards the house.

“People from Golden Alliance!”

He didn’t think that he killed the woman from Golden Alliance last time in Jiangning County, and now in Xiangzhou, her husband found her. come over.

“It seems that my identity is still exposed! Since the Golden Alliance can find me, maybe the Red Sect can also find me.”

speaking of which he was shady last time A wave of Red Sect, if the other party takes revenge, maybe they will really take revenge.

Soon, at home.

Seeing that his father had fallen asleep, Qin Yi couldn’t help but relax, assuming that guy just came to kill his father before going to him, maybe his father is really bode ill rather than well. .

At this moment, a helper from outside the yard trotted in and reported: “Gang Lord, Master Liu Hall, please see me!”

“Let him in!”


Soon, Liu Chongjie eagerly ran in: “Gang Lord, Vice-Gang Leader just asked me to come and report something to you and see how to deal with it.”

“What’s the matter?”

“One hour ago, an uninvited guest suddenly broke into our Golden Tiger Gang, killed our two elders, Zheng Wei, Zheng Wu, and forced you to find out where you are in the Eight Directions Building. The news, let’s go… Now that the two elders are dead, Vice-Gang Leader, what would you do?”

“The two elders, Zheng Wei and Zheng Wu, are dead?” Qin Yi was slightly taken aback.

It seems that the person who came to kill him first went to the Golden Tiger Gang, and he killed the two without seeing him to ask for information about his whereabouts, and then went to the Eight Directions Building to kill himself, but the other party didn’t expect it Killed by him!

“The two elders were implicated by me, and I gave them a rich burial, and then gave their families 2,000 silver tael for each family! In the future, I will take more care of their families.” Qin Yi sighed said.


“By the way, investigate whether there is any news about the Golden Alliance in some cities. If so, report it to me as soon as possible.” Qin Yi thought for a while and then said.

“Golden Alliance?” Liu Chongjie scratched his head, as if he had never heard of it.

“Well, it’s normal if you haven’t heard of it. Find a channel to find out.”


“Also, look into that The details of the Fortune Gang Qiao Bin.” Qin Yi said, this Qiao Bin is the strength of Ninth Stage, why didn’t Ninth Stage come to integrate the Western District gang before?

The reason is that the Western District is the most chaotic and poorest place in the entire Xiangzhou City. There are no bustling streets, and the slums are also concentrated here.

This also allows 60-70% of the gangs in the city to survive here and not be annexed by the three strongest gangs in the city, because they don’t look down on the Western District.


“Gang Lord, there is one more thing I need to report to you. I only received this news this evening.” Liu Chongjie said.

“What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you ask us to find Literary Art about Daomen? This evening our gang members heard news that there is a The father of the shopkeeper of the calligraphy and painting shop used to be a Disciple called Limitless Dao Sect, and he became a vulgar after middle age. It seems that his father has learned Literary Art of the Limitless Dao Sect, although the shopkeeper’s father’s room still has a matching dao chart, But the content of the Literary Art is only remembered by his father, so he has to wait for his father to come back.”

“But his father and his son went back to the country some time ago to save their relatives, and he said it should be On the way back, I will return to Xiangzhou City in about two or three days.” Liu Chongjie said.

“Okay, when the shopkeeper’s dad comes back, he will come and let me know.” Qin Yi said.

“Yes, Gang Lord!”

“Let everyone withdraw!”



In return to house, Qin Yi fell into silence while looking at the dark night outside.

“Literary Art of Limitless Dao Sect, it really is travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily.” Qin Yi knows that the mountain gate of this Limitless Dao Sect is located in the north one Among the states, the state is currently in the hands of the Northern Origin.

So, this Literary Art, he must learn it!

If he misses this opportunity, he may have to go deep into the enemy army to find it. In fact, he doesn’t know that the Limitless Dao Sect is now deep in the enemy army and has been destroyed.

“Although I am very likely to continue to be targeted by the Golden Alliance, and even Red Sect, but as long as the other party does not have an Innate expert, I am not afraid.”

With the new Literary Art, he can learn two more martial arts. When the time comes, his strength will skyrocket again!

“But Dad’s safety is still very important, so let’s send him out first!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

It’s not very safe to keep him in the city.

Thinking of this, he planned to send his father away overnight, first to Lingcheng County, and let him hibernate for a while at True Spring Dao Temple.

He will pick him up when this is over.


In the room.

“Father!” Qin Yi woke up Father Qin.

“en? Fourth Child, what’s wrong?” Father Qin opened his eyes in a daze.

“Father, it’s not safe in the city, I’ll take you to a place to live first, and I’ll pick you up when I’m done with the business at hand,” Qin Yi said.

“Send me away again?” Father Qin was taken aback.

“Father, there is no way.”

“Ai, well, as long as it doesn’t affect you.” Father Qin said.


In the middle of the night, Qin Yi went out of the city with Father Qin on his back again.

Although the city wall of Xiangzhou is as high as 15 meters, with Qin Yi’s current movement method, it is not a problem to climb out.

There was no danger of leaving the city, Qin Yi did not delay, and carried his father moved towards Lingcheng, which was more than a hundred miles away.

Along the way, Qin Yi used the movement method to hurry and stop and go.

At dawn, I finally arrived outside the city gate of Lingcheng County.

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