Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 92

As soon as the city gate opened, Qin Yi took his father in.

Arriving outside the True Spring Dao Temple, Qin Yi took his father in and soon saw Palace Lord Qing Chengzi.

Qing Chengzi was very pleasantly surprised when he saw Qin Yi, the big benefactor: “Qin Feng, are you here? Who is this next to you?”

“This is my family’s An elder, he likes Daozang, and plans to live here for a period of closed-door cultivation, shouldn’t it be a problem?” Qin Yi said, taking out five hundred taels of silver and handing it to Qing Chengzi.

“Donate some sesame oil money, I hope you, Palace Lord, will take care of my elders during these days.”

Qing Chengzi took the silver note and said with a smile: “Aiya, Of course there is no problem, you donate so much sesame oil money, it makes me very sorry, but don’t worry, I will definitely take care of your elders for you.”

“many thanks ~”

After a few more chats, Qing Chengzi arranged accommodation.

In the room.

“Dad, here’s the five hundred tael silver bill, you take it.” Qin Yi took out another five hundred tael bill and handed it to Dad.

“I want a hundred taels, not so much.”

“I still have a few thousand taels in my pocket.” Qin Yi stuffed it directly into his father’s pocket.

“Fourth Child, since you have so much money, why don’t we run away, stay away from Xiangzhou, and go to another state to find a place to live in seclusion.” Father Qin thought for a while, but still put himself thought out.

“I’ll leave Xiangzhou when I’m done with what I’m doing!” Qin Yi reassured. The new Literary Art that he is about to get can’t be missed, so he can’t leave Xiangzhou immediately!


After reminding Dad again, Qin Yi left in a hurry after he took care of his own safety.


In Xiangzhou City.

In an ordinary rice shop.

This is just a stronghold of the Golden Alliance in the city.

An underground chamber.

“Reporting to deacon, my subordinates have inquired about the news, that Hall Master Wu is dead!”

Listening to the subordinate’s report, Lu Zuwei was so frightened that the teacup in his hand dropped. On the ground, bang, all split up and in pieces!

“Impossible! Hall Master Wu is the most powerful group of Hall Masters in our Golden Alliance. He once killed one of three Ninth Stages and seriously injured two. He was just dealing with one. Little bailiff, how could he be dead!” Lu Zuwei said in disbelief.

You must know that this Hall Master Wu is very likely to impact the existence of Innate in the future. His strength is unquestionable!

“Who killed it?”

“That’s right, that Qin Feng!”

“What?” Lu Zuwei was startled again.

He originally thought that there might be someone behind Qin Feng, or some other reason, but absolutely did not expect that it was Qin Feng who killed Wu Yulong!

That little bailiff!

“Hall Master, what should we do now?”

“Since Qin Feng can kill Hall Master Wu, his strength must be the existence of Peak in the Ninth Stage, It’s not something we can deal with at the moment, we can only report this news to the headquarters. Even if we report it to Hall Master Huang, Hall Master Huang It shouldn’t be shot against Qin Feng.” Lu Zuwei said solemnly, he The Hall Master Huang in the mouth is the only Hall Master sitting in the Xiangzhou area, and also his boss.

The reason why he judged this is because:

First, Qin Feng can kill Wu Yulong, his strength is definitely not bad, that Xiangzhou talker Hall Master Huang certainly wouldn’t risk himself.

Second, why did Hall Master Huang want to help Wu Yulong with revenge? The Golden Alliance is not monolithic either. Then Wu Yulong was in charge of the neighboring state, and the relationship with their Golden Alliance branch in Xiangzhou was just average.

He reported this news to the headquarters, and he just acted according to the rules of the Golden Alliance.


Western District, in the attic on the roof of a newly opened restaurant.

A slender woman in an azure dress is standing by the window, watching the crowd of people coming, people going on the street.

She has an Azure Lotus tattoo between her eyebrows, and her beautiful face has no fireworks.


A voice came from outside the door.

“Come in.”

“Yes.” Soon, a maid with a delicate face walked in.

“Miss, this is the news you want.” Said the maid handed a note to the girl in the green skirt.

The woman took the note and opened it.

“Qin Feng, from Huangsha Town, Jiangning County, was a bailiff Captain in Jiangning County City before?” Li Yayuan looked at the information on the note and was a little surprised.

The night before yesterday, she asked Qiao Bin to subdue the entire Western District gang, but she did not expect Qiao Bin to die last night! Qiao Bin’s strength is very clear to her. She has cultivated two Seventh Stage martial arts to profound, and has a comprehensive strength of Ninth Stage. She is still the deputy flag owner, and she is the right arm of the flag owner.

at first she thought it was those gangs who were not weaker than Ninth Stage, and Qiao Bin was besieged and killed by several gangs, but she did not expect that with the in-depth investigation, Qiao Bin It was actually killed by Wu Yulong of Golden Alliance.

And that Wu Yulong was killed by someone named Qin Feng.

Hence this time survey.

“At such a young age, he was able to kill Wu Yulong. His strength is not weaker than mine. I don’t know where his teacher is? The above information must be false.” Li Yayuan said indifferently.

“Miss, according to our investigation, this Qin Feng is not actually a native of Huangsha Town, he is from Jinyuan County, but now it is occupied by the Red Sect Army, if you want to investigate, maybe It takes a lot of effort.” The maid said.

“Well, you can go down.”


After the maid left, Li Yayuan still looked out the window: “This person, But I can get in touch, if I can get him to teach, it would be a good seedling, maybe the Master will like it!”

You have this ability at the age of 24, and there is a great possibility of impacting Innate in the future. success!


In the afternoon.

Qin Yi appeared outside the city of Xiangzhou.

After entering the city, he did not choose to go home, but quietly came to He Hongjun’s house to wait for the other party’s return.

Evening hours.

“Gang Lord, why did you come to my house?” He Hongjun looked at Qin Yi who came out of a wing, and was taken aback.

β€œThere may be people watching me at home, so I’m here to meet you for now,” Qin Yi explained.

He Hongjun understands that the strongman who killed him last night should be the enemy of Gang Lord?

“What happened in the gang today?”

“No, today I’m taking over the properties of those gangs all day, and Jiang Ying and the others are very cooperative. “He Hongjun reported.

“Very good.”

“I asked you to investigate the details of that Qiao Bin. How was the investigation?” Qin Yi asked again.

“It’s still under investigation, and I haven’t found any useful information so far. According to the people from the Fortune Gang, that Qiao Bin suddenly came out, killed their Gang Lord, and then took it. Fortune Gang. By the way, Gang Lord, the Golden Alliance you asked to investigate, there is no news for the time being.” He Hongjun said.

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