Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 93

“Well, keep checking!”


At night, Qin Yi lurked in a house in a house opposite his house. Above the roof, the whole person shrank in the shadows.

He wanted to see if there was any successor from the Golden Alliance!

In the first half of the night, no one was found sneaking into his house.

In the second half of the night, no one was found sneaking in, and even all around the yard, no strangers were found approaching.

“I wonder if the people from Golden Alliance are afraid or want to hold back their big moves?” Qin Yi said secretly in one’s heart as the day dawned.

Falled off the roof and didn’t go home, but went to find a place to rest.

In a flash, three days have passed.

In the past three days, Qin Yi did not find anyone looking for trouble whether he was squatting near his home, He Hongjun’s house, or the Golden Tiger Gang main hall.

“It seems that the people from Golden Alliance don’t dare to come and ask for trouble for the time being.” Qin Yi intends to show up

But think about it, he killed that Wu Yulong, unless Golden Alliance Here is the Innate powerhouse sent out!

But Qin Yi doesn’t believe that Innate is a bad street. If Golden Alliance really has an Innate expert in Xiangzhou City, it is estimated that he would have come to trouble him long ago.

So it shouldn’t be a problem for him to stay in Xiangzhou for a short time in the next few days.

“Giant Spirit Art” and “Return To Sea Art” he estimated that he should be able to get started in a few days.

“After learning that Literary Art, I’ll leave right away!” Qin Yi thought to himself.

He Hongjun’s home.

At this time, Liu Chongjie was also there.

“Master Liu Hall, has the father of the shopkeeper of the calligraphy and painting shop you mentioned come back?” Qin Yi asked Liu Chongjie.

“Reporting back to Gang Lord, he’s back, he just entered the city at noon today, do you want to invite him here or go?” Liu Chongjie asked respectfully.

“Invite the shopkeeper’s father over, and say I want to learn his Literary Art, remember, be polite, this is five hundred taels of silver, when the time comes you pay Give it to him as tuition.” Qin Yi said.

Currently Golden Tiger Gang is the boss in the Western District, and the other party It shouldn’t be rejected.

Liu Chongjie took Qin Yi’s silver note, cup one fist in the other hand and said, “Don’t worry, Lord Gang, I will politely invite this old man here.”

“Well, let’s go.”

After one hour, Liu Chongjie brought in a gray-haired old man who was about 80 years old. His mental state was still very good. elder.

In the backyard, in a gazebo.

“Kang Bo, this is our Gang Lord Qin.”

“Gang Lord, this Kang Bo used to be the Disciple of Limitless Dao Sect.” Liu Chongjie introduced.

β€œThe old man has seen Gang Lord Qin.” Kang Bo wanted to salute, but Qin Yi helped him up.

“Kang Bo doesn’t need to be polite, sit down first.” Qin Yi pulled the other party to a stool and sat down.

“Kang Bo, I heard you used to be the Disciple of Limitless Dao Sect?”

“Yes, that was also more than 20 years ago, and then I became secular, Just came back to my hometown.” Kang Bo sighed.

He also worked hard to learn martial arts, but his innate talent was mediocre.

“Then you have studied the Literary Art of the Limitless Dao Sect, right? Don’t know the name of this Literary Art? What level have you learned?” Qin Yi asked.

“I have learned it, and I have been learning it now. The Literary Art of our Limitless Dao Sect is called “Lightwatch Art”, and I am now Second Layer.” Kang Bo said. To be honest, he wondered how the Gang Lord Qin in front of him was so interested in Literary Art.

After all, even in his eyes, the effect of Literary Art was far less than that of Martial Arts, but he didn’t dare to ask more.

Qin Yi was overjoyed after hearing this, another new Literary Art!

“Also ask Kang Bo to teach me!” Qin Yi cup one fist in the other hand said.

“Gang Lord Qin is very polite, I took your money, and it is only right for me to teach you.” Kang Bo was a little flattered. To be honest, he felt that the young Gang Lord Qin in front of him was not bad. If it is replaced by Gang Lord of another gang, it is estimated that it is intimidation, rather than giving money like this and being so polite.

“Then ask Kang Bo to start.”

“Okay, our “Lightwatch Art” needs a matching dao chart for cultivation with meditation, I’ll put it first dao chart.” Kang Bo took out a folded dao chart from his arms.

This dao chart looks a few years old, it’s not a paper dao chart, but a canvas.

Qin Yi took a look and found that there was still an old road in Tsing Yi, and the background was a view of a school at the top of a Snow Mountain.

“Can you show me?” Qin Yi thought.

“Of course!”

Qin Yi took it over, touched it and looked at it, and found that it was still an ordinary dao chart, but it was a little old.

It’s not the same kind of broken dao chart in my arms!

“Gang Lord Qin, let me explain to you the content of the First Layer first.”


“Only God is the guardian, and the view is It’s wonderful, inaction is pure…” Kang Bo began to explain it earnestly, and Qin Yi also listened earnestly.

In a flash, it was afternoon.

After an afternoon of practice, Qin Yi has benefited a lot.

However, if you want to get started, it is estimated that it will take five or seven days.

“Kang Bo, don’t do this, come over in the morning, how about I learn this “Lightwatch Art” with you? I have other things in the afternoon.” Qin Yi plans to study Literary Art in the morning, and study in the afternoon and evening. “Giant Spirit Art” and “Return To Sea Art”, when the time comes, just let the people in the martial arts hall come over to teach, and you can pay more for the hard work at worst.

β€œNothing is impossible.” Kang Bo nods.

9 p.m.

The Martial Master of Zhenhai martial arts hall just left, Qin Yi also went to take a bath, just about to sit down and drink some tea, he suddenly moved towards the door and rushed out.

When I came out of the yard, I saw a woman in an azure dress and a veil standing on the wall of the yard.

Uninvited guests!

Qin Yi stepped out, the slate on the ground in the yard shattered, and the whole person moved towards the woman like a sharp arrow and rushed over.


Halfway through, he jumped up.


Two silhouettes crossed the wall, making a muffled sound of pΔ“ng pΔ“ng pΔ“ng.

The two have fought, and more than once!

Just as Qin Yi was about to move on, the woman spoke up.

The voice is gentle and pleasant.

“I’m not your enemy, I’m here to talk to you about something.”

Qin Yi frowned, he really didn’t feel the murderous aura from the other side, nor did he. malicious.

The most important thing is that he just wanted to strike a certain kill, but he didn’t expect this woman’s strength to be no weaker than him!

“Change place, keep up!” Qin Yi tapped his toes and disappeared into the yard.

Li Yayuan saw that the other party was so cautious, frowned, but still quickly followed.

After a while, Qin Yi left the city and stopped outside a small forest outside the city.

He stopped just now, and the woman who was chasing him also stopped. The two came out one after the other just now, and the distance was less than thirty meters away!

In other words, this woman’s speed is really fast!

Faster than that Wu Yulong!

In fact, Li Yayuan was even more shocked than Qin Yi!

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