Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 95

“Now that you have cultivated so many Second Rate martial arts, let’s not talk about your impact on Innate, I’m afraid that you will not have much lifespan left. Your body must have been injured countless times!” Li Yayuan shook his head.

Originally, she wanted to recommend the other party’s innate talent to her Master, but since the other party’s cultivation is Second Rate martial arts, and her body has already been practiced, it is of little significance to recommend it to her Master.

However, the strength of the other party is not bad, if you can let the other party join the Azure Lotus Sect, it is not useless!

The woman’s words caused Qin Yi’s heart to stir.

Is this the preciousness of First Rate martial arts?

Is this the fatal flaw of Second Rate Third Rate martial arts?

Can’t hit Innate?

No, he is now practising three Literary Art, and the fourth Literary Art is also practising, his health is not bad, maybe he is not desperate!

“As for the First Rate martial arts, it will be taught to you unless you take my Master as your teacher. But in your case, my Master probably won’t accept you as a disciple. Moreover, even if you get a For the Ninth Stage martial arts, even if you cultivate it, it can’t change your dark injury! Instead, it will make the dark injury worse! The mistake is, you cultivated so many Second Rate martial arts at the first, and also reached the strength of the Ninth Stage, otherwise, I can also make up for it.”

Qin Yi’s heart suddenly jumped after hearing this, but he still cup one fist in the other hand and asked for advice: “many thanks! But I would like to ask you how to “Breakthrough Innate?”

“This is easy and simple, and difficult to say. When your cultivation is too low, you can try to hit Innate. To hit Innate is to constantly use secret skills. Break the limits of your body little by little!” Li Yayuan said.

“But if you dare to do this, you will undoubtedly have a long life.”

“so that’s how it is, you have been taught!” Qin Yi bowed his hands again.

The original use of the secret technique is to overload the body’s output, the original body’s 100 strength, forcibly output 120 strength.

Generally, low-level Martial Artists use secret skills, at first, because their physical fitness is not strong enough, they will be completely weak after using the secret skills for a few times, and they cannot continue to use them for a short time.

But now in the high section Martial Artist, the physical fitness far exceeds the previous Lower Section Martial Artist, and the number of times of using secret skills can be doubled.

For example, the current Qin Yi, he feels that his stamina and physique can use more than 40 secret skills in a day!

However, due to the heavy load on the body of using the secret technique, he can only use it twenty or thirty times at most before stopping, and if he continues to use it, his body may cause huge dark injuries or even collapse, and even When you use it, it will crash and die!

According to this woman, breaking the Innate is to use secret techniques to continuously overload the body.

By constantly using secret techniques to continuously overwork the body, destroying the body in this way, breaking the limit by quantitative change causing qualitative change, and reorganizing a new body?

But this method is undoubtedly a ‘suicide’ method!

Breaking the limits of the body and casting the Innate matrix is not as easy as it seems.

“I still count what I said before, this is my wast token, if you want to join our Azure Lotus Sect in the future, you can take this token to Yuelai Inn and give it to the shopkeeper, when the time comes The shopkeeper will naturally bring you to see me.” Li Yayuan threw a wast token to Qin Yi.

Although this person in front of her has disappointed her a lot, and the gap is too big from the previous guess, but she is very strong in Ninth Stage. If she can be her left arm and right arm, it is better than nothing.

Qin Yi took it and started smelling the fragrance, which was still a little warm.

β€œmany thanks!” Qin Yi cupped the hands. Whether he joins Azure Lotus Sect or not, the information about Innate just said by the other party is very precious information in his eyes.

Perhaps this information is not very important in the eyes of these Great Sect Disciples, but for him, this unorthodox, it is indeed precious.

However, he could also feel that in the tone of the woman in front of him, there was no such emphasis as before, but a hint of disappointment and indifference.

Li Yayuan didn’t speak any more, just stepped on a pair of lotus feet, and the silhouette disappeared in place.

Looking at the direction in which the woman disappeared, Qin Yi’s face fell silent.



If the most important thing to impact Innate is the secret medicine, for Qin Yi, it is indeed a very important thing.

But according to this woman, even if he got the secret medicine, with so many Second Rate martial arts he cultivated, the chance of failure of the secret medicine to impact Innate is absolutely overwhelming.

It seems that the elixir is not that important anymore.

First Rate martial arts doesn’t seem to be that important anymore. After learning so many Second Rate martial arts, I’ve been hurt all over my body, and the foundation has been rotten. Even if there are Ninth Stage martial arts that can be learned, in fact, the nature is already different from Second Rate martial arts. Rate martial arts makes no difference.

In his opinion, Literary Art is more important than everything.

It can not only save his life, but also suppress the dark wounds that appear in his body at any time. When he is injured, the speed of recovering completely is several times faster than before.

“Wait? Heal!” Divine light flashed in Qin Yi’s mind.

“So my next path forward is not to join the Great Sect, but to learn as much as possible the Literary Art of the Nine Vessels of Daomen. In addition, the incomplete dao chart in my arms must also be Go find it.”

He always felt that this incomplete dao chart might bring unimaginable gains to Literary Art!

In addition, he had been worried about the follow-up retaliation by the Golden Alliance.

He was afraid of the other party’s Innate Martial Artist.

But from what the woman said, there is no Golden Alliance Innate in Xiangzhou for the time being, so it is safe for him to stay in Xiangzhou city for a short period of time.

As long as he doesn’t meet Innate, he thinks that there are not many people who can kill him in the Ninth Stage.

Unfortunately, he forgot to ask, how strong is Innate?

But the woman is gone!

I also forgot to ask, is there Literary Art in Azure Lotus Sect?

I don’t know how much attention is paid to Literary Art within Azure Lotus Sect?

“The next step is to finish “Lightwatch Art” first, and then learn a few Sixth Stage martial arts before leaving Xiangzhou.” Qin Yi thought to himself.


On the second day, Qin Yi was still staying at He Hongjun’s house.

In a quiet room, Qin Yi listened to Kang Bo’s explanation while doing breathing meditation.

Actually, the cultivation of Literary Art seems to be easier than the cultivation of Martial Arts.

Not really.

Cultivation of Literary Art, Qin Yi actually thinks it is much more difficult than Martial Arts.

The length of each entry is determined by the length of your this time Cultivation.

In addition, martial arts has a matching elixir to shorten the time.

But Literary Art doesn’t, it just needs a little breathing meditation.

And there is a very strange thing about this Literary Art, that is, you are fast in martial arts cultivation, which does not necessarily mean that your Literary Art is fast in cultivation!

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