Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 96

After five days.

In the afternoon.

A quiet room.

Qin Yi woke up from the meditation, glanced at Kang Bo who was drinking tea, and said with a smile, “Kang Bo has worked hard for you, taught me a day, and now I will ask you to take you back. “

“It’s not hard, it’s not hard.” Kang Bo waved his hand quickly.

Since he got on the line with the young Gang Lord Qin, not only did he charge 500 taels of tuition, but the Golden Tiger Gang also took great care of their family. The calligraphy and painting shop opened by his son does not charge protection fees.

“Then Kang Bo walk slowly, you won’t be here tomorrow.” Qin Yi said. Yesterday, he started two Sixth Stage martial arts, so he spent the whole day learning Literary Art.

I didn’t expect Lightwatch Art to get started just now!

Congratulations indeed.

“Okay.” Kang Bo nodded and went out under the leadership of a gang member.

After seeing Kang Bo leave, Qin Yi opened the system panel.

Qin Yi:


Giant Spirit Art: Getting Started+

Return To Sea Art: Getting Started+


Lightwatch Art: Beginning+

Energy: 545

“Huh… finally getting started.” Qin Yi decides on the Sixth Stage martial arts of several other martial arts halls in the city Let’s not learn arts first, and no one knows when the master of Wu Yulong will kill him. It is not advisable to stay here for a long time!

Now there are two new martial arts, his strength can be stronger, not encountering Innate, temporarily enough.

His next step is to go to Qing State next door, where there is a Taoist branchβ€”Divine Night Dao Temple.

In addition, the main line of Daomen, that is, the site of Supreme Clear Dao Palace is also at the top of the Tai Chi mountain range in Qing State. If there is an opportunity, you must go up and take a look. See if you can find anything.

Looking at the sky, it was already afternoon.

“Let’s go tomorrow.” He planned to deal with the Golden Tiger Gang later and leave tomorrow.

Just when Qin Yi was planning to upgrade the above two martial arts and one Literary Art first, there was a knock on the door.

β€œLord Gang, I have something to report to you.” He Hongjun’s voice came from outside the door.

“Come in!”

Soon, Qin Yi saw He Hongjun with a rather unsightly face walking in.

“Did something happen to the gang?” Qin Yi couldn’t help asking when he saw the other party’s appearance.

“Gang Lord, it’s not about the gang, it’s about the rebels!”

“The rebels?”

“Yes, an old friend of mine It was the escort agency, he just came back from Liuhe County, more than a hundred miles away, what do you think he saw?”

Not waiting for Qin Yi to ask, He Hongjun said solemnly: “I saw a large number of The prefecture army retreated to Liuhe County, and he also found out that the frontline prefecture army, as well as the two Nanyang County and Jiangning County prefecture army were defeated by the frontline rebels, and now they can only retreat to Liuhe County! If Liuhe The county can’t hold it, the next step for the rebels is to approach Xiangzhou City!”

After Qin Yi heard this, frowned!

Actually, if the rebels come over, he doesn’t believe that the prefecture army and the crippled county army dare to defend Liuhe County, where the city wall is not high, and there will be a situation where they will be encircled.

Perhaps, in a day or two, the state army and the county army will retreat to Xiangzhou City!

Xiangzhou City is strong, and there are 10,000 state troops in the city that have not yet been used.

“What do you want to say? Just say it!” Qin Yi opened the mouth and said.

“My subordinates think that no one knows whether the Dao Province government army can withstand the rebels. I think our Golden Tiger Gang should withdraw from Xiangzhou City first, while the city gate is not yet connected. When the city gate is closed tonight, tomorrow morning, people in the city will tell you if they can’t go out. When the time comes, if you want to go out, it will be difficult!” He Hongjun said solemnly.

“Well, your idea is good, let’s go, let’s go to the Golden Tiger Gang main hall first, and then gather all the high-level executives to come over for a meeting!” Qin Yi said.

He had planned to deal with the Golden Tiger Gang before tonight.

He will be leaving Xiangzhou City tomorrow, and now the Golden Tiger Gang is just a combination of him.

When he left, the Golden Tiger Gang would definitely fall apart. He was just thinking about what to do with it. After all, the Golden Tiger Gang, which he had just integrated, was a little help to him before, so he found it for himself. Literary Art, which he had to deal with before he left.

I didn’t expect that the rebels would soon reach Xiangzhou City.

Two quarters of an hour later.

Golden Tiger Gang main hall.

All high-level Hall Master and above are here!

“Everyone, I’m calling everyone here to announce something! The Vice-Gang Leader just told me something, that is, the state army on the front line and the remnants of the two county capitals. Liuhe County, which is more than a hundred miles away, has been defeated. The rebels may come to the city at any time!” Qin Yi said.

As soon as these words came out, many people’s expressions suddenly changed!

“Gang Lord, is this news true?” Jiang Ying asked with a solemn expression.


“There is one more news to tell you, tonight or tomorrow, I will leave Xiangzhou City and will no longer be the Gang Lord of the Golden Tiger Gang. As for who will be the next Gang Lord, we will discuss it later!”

Everyone was shocked again when these words came out.

Especially He Hongjun! He didn’t expect Gang Lord to step down.

Qin Yi pressed his hand and signaled everyone not to speak. He continued: “Old He, how much cash do we currently have in Golden Tiger Gang’s account?”

“Reporting back to Gang Lord, about 30,000 taels!” He Hongjun said.

These money are all the cash accumulated after the merger of all the gangs in the Western District these days.

“Well, well, take out 30,000 taels, but those who quit the gang now and leave Xiangzhou City, according to their status, can be divided into a sum of money to go. Those who stay, there is no Opportunity to share money, but the industry of Golden Tiger Gang can be left to you.”

“You make a choice!” Qin Yi said indifferently.

These words made many people think about it.

In fact, these 30,000 taels are not much compared to the value of all the properties of the entire Golden Tiger Gang.

But now that the rebels are approaching, no one can guarantee that Xiangzhou City will be able to hold.

β€œI opt out!” He Hongjun raised his hand.

“Okay! Who else?”

“I also choose to quit!” Liu Chongjie followed.

Next, seven or eight more Hall Masters chose to quit.

However, to Qin Yi’s surprise, Zuo Hanshan also opted out. The Seventh Stage’s strength was originally Gang Lord of the azure snake gang.

Next, no one ever opted out.

The seven or eight Hall Masters who quit are basically the Hall Masters from the original Golden Tiger Gang and the azure snake gang.

equivalent to the original Golden Tiger Gang and azure snake gang high-level almost all opted out.

“No more, right?”

“Very good, now the remaining properties of Golden Tiger Gang are divided into two, half of Jiang Ying, half of Qi Feng, Golden Tiger Gang, officially disbanded, no one has any objection?” Qin Yi said.

Both of them were relaxed after hearing Qin Yi’s words.

They got what they wanted.


“Okay! Those who quit the Golden Tiger Gang just now, come and share with me!”

After a while, the eight Hall Masters, Plus He Hongjun and Zuo Hanshan.

30,000 taels, Qin Yi himself took 8,000 taels.

Twenty-two thousand taels remain.

One thousand taels per Hall Master.

He Hongjun got 5,000 taels and Zuo Hanshan got 3,000 taels.

There are still 6,000 taels left, which will be distributed to those who are willing to quit.

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