Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 97

In an attic.

Li Yayuan crushed the note after reading it.

She looked out the window.

“Are you sure the thing is in the hands of this Forbidden Martial Hall?”

A middle-aged woman behind her respectfully said: “Sure!”

“That’s good, get ready and act tonight.” Li Yayuan said.

“Yes, my subordinates will prepare now.”

After the middle-aged woman withdrew, the maid next to Li Yayuan whispered, “Miss, are you sure? Do you want to act? This Forbidden Martial Hall, isn’t the intelligence said that there are three Ninth Stages? One of the Ninth Stages is not weaker than you.”

“That thing is very important to me, and I am Sure!” Li Yayuan shook the head. In Xiangzhou City, since her left arm and right arm Qiao Bin died, she is the only Ninth Stage now.

When the time comes, she played three Ninth Stages at a time, and the outcome is really unpredictable, and it can even be said that there is very little chance of winning!

“You go there in person, invite Qin Feng and say I have something important to talk to him about.” Li Yayuan said. Yes, she plans to ask Qin Feng to help her!

“Yes, miss.”

Golden Tiger Gang main hall.

After splitting the money, many people left one after another, all trying to get out of the city before sunset!

“Gang Lord, do you want to leave the city now? I don’t know where Gang Lord is going?” He Hongjun asked expectantly.

To be honest, he didn’t expect Qin Feng to disband the Golden Tiger Gang.

Qin Yi glanced at He Hongjun, and naturally saw that the other party was thinking carefully, that he wanted to leave Xiangzhou City with him.


“Well, as for where to go, I can only say that we will meet again if fated!” Qin Yi said.

After listening to Qin Yi’s words, He Hongjun knew that it would be useless to continue hugging this thigh, so he hugged cup one fist in the other hand and said, “Gang Lord, then we’ll meet again some day! “

“We’ll meet again some day!”

Watching He Hongjun leave in a hurry, Qin Yi also planned to go back home to clean up before leaving the city.

No need to wait until tomorrow.

But at this moment, a gang hurried in from outside.

“Gang Lord, someone outside asked to see you.”

Although the Golden Tiger Gang has just disbanded, these Jiang Ying and the others’ gang members are still respectful.

“Is someone looking for me?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised, who was looking for him?

He walked outside the door and saw a green-clothed woman waiting for him.

“You are Qin Feng Gang Lord Qin, right? Our lady wants to talk to you about something important.” The woman said coquettishly.

“Who is your lady?”

“You saw that outside the woods outside the city that night.” The woman said.

“It was her!” Qin Yi understood, she was the woman in the Azure Lotus Sect that night.

“Please lead the way!” Qin Yi said.

After half an hour.

In an attic.

“Gang Lord Qin, you’re here.” Li Yayuan greeted Qin Yi when he saw Qin Yi’s arrival.

“The girl invited, how dare you not come, speaking of which I don’t know the girl’s name.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

“My surname is Li, and my name is Yayuan.”

“It’s Miss Li, I don’t know what to do with me?” Qin Yi asked, if the other party still wanted Let him join Azure Lotus Sect, he still refuses for the time being.

“I want to ask you a favor!”

“Help? What?” Qin Yi was a little surprised.

“Tonight I want to kill three Ninth Stage experts. I might be defeated by myself, so I would like to invite you to help. I join forces with you, I believe that killing these three people will not be a problem. The three of them Ninth Stage, the two are of average strength, only one is similar to you and me.” Li Yayuan said straight to the point.

“Murder?” Qin Yi frowned, suddenly becoming vigilant.

“Yes, I am willing to give you an Eighth Stage martial arts as a reward!” Li Yayuan said, this Eighth Stage martial arts she killed an opponent and got it from the opponent.

β€œEighth Stage martial arts?” Qin Yi thought.

Although his desire for First Rate martial arts is not as great as before, although it is not Ninth Stage martial arts, Eighth Stage martial arts is definitely stronger than those two Third Rate martial arts below Sixth Stage!

“Can you tell me more about which forces to kill, in case there is an Innate expert lurking among them?” Qin Yi said cautiously.

This kind of thing is not impossible to happen! It’s always good to ask a little.

“pu ε‘²~” Li Yayuan smiled, how could this person be a little too cautious.

“Don’t worry, the person I want to kill is a group of people passing by the Forbidden Martial Hall in Xiangzhou, Forbidden Martial Hall, you know?”

“I heard that. “Qin Yi was very surprised, it turned out to be the Forbidden Martial Hall!

β€œNow Great Yong is fighting the Northern Origin in the north, not only the experts from the Colored Glass Sect are sent out, but most of the experts from the Forbidden Martial Hall are also sent to the north. You can rest assured that there will be no The Innate of Forbidden Martial Hall appeared in Xiangzhou. Otherwise, why do you think there are rebels all over Great Yong, the Red Sect and Yellow Turban Sect are making unbridled troubles, not the old monster of Great Yong…” Li Yayuan just said Having said this, as if realizing that he had said too much, he immediately stopped talking.

“What old monster?” Qin Yi seemed to have heard some important information?

“Nothing, by the way, an Eighth Stage martial arts, can you help me with this?” Li Yayuan asked seriously.

Qin Yi thought for a while and said, “Yes! But I have a small request, leave me a job, I have something to ask the people at Forbidden Martial Hall!”

” What do you want to ask?” Li Yayuan frowned slightly.

“One of my seniors was killed by someone from Forbidden Martial Hall before. I have something to ask.” Qin Yi half true half false said.

Actually, he agreed to Li Yayuan for two reasons. First, the Eighth Stage martial arts. Second, that is, Zhang Daoxuan senior was hunted down by people in Forbidden Martial Hall before. Maybe people in Forbidden Martial Hall may know some things about Zhang Daoxuan senior, and even know about the incomplete dao chart.

So, he said yes!

“This is… good! I promise you.” Li Yayuan nodded.

β€œWhen will we do it?” Qin Yi asked.

“Tonight, come here one hour early to gather.” Li Yayuan said.


After a while, Qin Yi chose to go home directly.

Since we are going to act again tonight, why not take the opportunity to improve the Literary Art and the two martial arts.

At home.

In a room.


Qin Yi:


Giant Spirit Art: Getting Started+

Return To Sea Art: Getting Started+

Lightwatch Art: Getting Started+

Energy: 545

β€œUpgrade Lightwatch Art!”


There was a sudden coolness in my head.

Qin Yi found that one silhouette appeared in his mind again.

It is in the night and day cultivation of “Lightwatch Art”.

Three years.

Ten years.

Twenty years.

Thirty years


Finally, it stopped at Third Layer – Wuzhen.

This Lightwatch Art is still divided into fifth layers, namely: Wuguan, Wuzhao, Wuzhen, Inner Vision, and Danyun.

Qin Yi opened his eyes and the first impression was that his mental state was much better than before.

Exciting spirit!

It’s as if my body is in better shape than before!

The fourth strand of ‘Qi’ also appeared in the body!

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