Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 98

β€œNow, it’s time to learn new martial arts.”

β€œUpgrade Giant Spirit Art to Perfection!”

Share The hot and dry current exploded in the body and quickly spread throughout the body.

Gradually, Qin Yi felt the warm currents passing by, and began to have a tingling pain.

In my mind, the one silhouette began to frantically practice Giant Spirit Art.

Five years of hard work.

Ten years of hard work.

Thirty years of hard work…

When the one silhouette practiced Giant Spirit Art to the peak of the Extreme Realm, it suddenly realized a secret trick!

Qin Yi opened his eyes, his clothes were soaked with sweat.

“en? This time Giant Spirit Art only increased my strength by about 10%, which is so much weaker than the previous martial arts?” Qin Yi slightly frowned.

Last time, the power of the giant elephant increased by 30%, this time only 10%!

This Giant Spirit Art is no weaker than the martial arts of the giant elephant! It is also a cultivation technique that mainly increases strength.

However, Qin Yi had a vague guess in his heart.

“Try again and you’ll know, elevate Return To Sea Art to Perfection!”


A burst of warm current inside the body again spread.

In a flash, twenty minutes later.

Qin Yi once again felt the changes in this time and the growth of his strength.

“This time the Return To Sea Art has been raised to Perfection, and the power has only increased by half!” Qin Yi touched the chin.

“Maybe, next time you learn a martial arts, the increase in your body’s strength and speed will be minimal.”

This is Qin Yi’s guess.

As Li Yayuan said before, people have limits.

Perhaps, he is now approaching the limits of his own human body!

Practicing martial arts is the process of enhancing physique.

Before he cultivated so many martial arts, physique keeps growing.

Now that there are so many overlapping martial arts, in fact, physique is also an overlapping exercise. When your physique reaches a high level, it may no longer be able to continue to grow.

It is equivalent to a bowl of water, when it is full, no matter how much water is poured into it, it will not hold any more, but it will overflow.

Overflow, maybe the collapse of the body will speed up!

Because you can’t take more water to pour in!

“However, in general, I am stronger now than before!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.


Qin Yi:


Giant Spirit Art: Perfection (shaking the sky)

β€œsystem!” p>

Return To Sea Art: Perfection (Unity)

Lightwatch Art: Wuzhen

Energy: 471

β€œThere are two more doors Secret skills!” Qin Yi felt that his secret skills were a bit too many and complicated.

But there is no way, mainly because he has learned so many martial arts!

From the last fight with Wu Yulong, he could feel that Wu Yulong, who has learned Ninth Stage martial arts, is much stronger than ordinary secret skills when he uses secret skills.

The reason why he was able to win last time was that the basic speed and strength of his nine martial arts augmentation had reached a terrifying level, combined with secret skills.

Otherwise, there are really few people in the same class who are Wu Yulong’s opponents!

I looked at the sky, took a shower, changed my clothes, and had a nice meal.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, Qin Yi quietly came to the place where Li Yayuan was.

Seeing Qin Yi’s arrival, Li Yayuan said, “Let’s go!”

“Where are the people from Forbidden Martial Hall?” Qin Yi asked.

“Just outside the city!”

After finishing speaking, Li Yayuan left first, and Qin Yi followed closely.

Both of them were experts, and after a while, they climbed out of the city.

Out of the city, I walked about three miles to the north. Suddenly, more than 20 people came out of the forest at an intersection, all of them wearing night clothes.

“I have seen the flag owner.” The entire group saluted Li Yayuan.

β€œLet’s go!”

Qin Yi followed the entire group and continued north for another five miles.

A group of people hibernated in the woods.

“Qin Feng, the people from the Forbidden Martial Hall are resting in the inn in front. There are three Ninth Stages, and more than 20 Forbidden Guards. Let’s touch them first, and then do it!” Li Yayuan whispered.


“Action!” Li Yayuan pointed his toes and moved towards the brightly lit station in front of him.

Qin Yi also disappeared in place.

The more than 20 black clothed persons in the back also set off one after another.

The four guards who were guarding the door were silently resolved by Li Yayuan and Qin Yi.

Just as they were about to get close to the rooms on the first floor.


The sound was like thunder.

Three shadows burst out from the three rooms.

dong dong dong.

The first person to come out was a big man about forty years old with a full beard.

The other two were in their thirties. What surprised Qin Yi was that Guo Hu, who besieged and killed Zhang Daoxuan senior in Jiangning County last time, was also here!

“You deal with the latter two, I’ll deal with the bearded man!” Li Yayuan moved towards the strongest bearded man before he finished speaking.

The two quickly got to grips with each other, and the fight was inseparable!

And Qin Yi also rushed to Guo Hu, the two Ninth Stages!

Suddenly, the entire inn was a mess and a big fight.

“Brother Rong, surround and kill him!” Guo Hu said to Rong Ning on the side when he saw Qin Yi rushing forward instead of retreating.


Qin Yi sprinted halfway, and his feet suddenly smashed, breaking the slate.

The speed of the whole person suddenly accelerated!

He seemed to have turned into a black line and suddenly appeared in front of the two of them.

Rong Ning watched the claw appear in front of his neck at some point, and his heart stopped suddenly with fright!

The speed is too fast, the sudden acceleration makes him unable to react!

“Iron bridge!”

Rong Ning’s head suddenly moved towards the back, and a rapid iron bridge came out of him.

He leaned back and could see himself dodging the deadly claws.

But just when he was about to turn over and donkey roll, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his neck, as if blood was gushing out.

“No…” Rong Ning exclaimed, he clearly escaped the opponent’s claws, how could it be possible?

A hallucination?

However, just as he said nothing, he found that his throat was filled with blood, preventing him from continuing to say the following words.

It’s true!

Just now he thought he had escaped the claw, but in fact he saw that he had escaped the afterimage!

What a terrifying speed!

This is Rong Ning’s last consciousness. The whole person fell to the ground, and his consciousness fell into darkness…

“Breaking the army!” Although Guo Hu didn’t respond, Qin Yi suddenly came over. , but when he saw Qin Yi attacking Rong Ning beside him.

He also moved towards Qin Yi without the slightest hesitation!

The knife in his hand turned into a black light, cutting into that shadow.

The next second, Guo Hu felt the weightlessness in his hand, which made his heart tighten!

“Not good, empty!”

“Patrol Envoy Guo, long time no see.” The voice appeared behind him like a ghost.

Guo Hu, without the slightest hesitation, turned around and was a knife!

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