The New Life of Genesis Goddess, Chapter 1764

    The World Tree towers over the crystal-clear terminal of the terminal hub. The lush canopy covers the entire plain. The powerful energy that emanates from the canopy not only communicates the order of all living things in the depths of the Universe, but also the naked eye. Affected the planet's environment. In the canopy of the place, those thunderstorms and heavy clouds that had been scattered for thousands of years finally dissipated, revealing clear, clear skies, and the shimmering little bits of light scattered from the branches that spread all the way through. A river-like streamer formed on the lower plains, and all sorts of incredible visions occurred around giant trees, light rivers, and branches. Every day they can be seen.

    Sometimes, the world will suddenly appear like a mirage-like palace under the tree. The palace can even see the neat array of Guards and shuttle servants. In the plains of sometime, a large area of ​​gardens and forests will suddenly emerge. All kinds of wonderful creatures are jumping and jumping around during this period, and sometimes even the World Tree Surroundings will show scenes of prosperous cities or kingdoms of the city. Among them, the peddlers and kings are all available, and they can even do it. The visitors talked and talked about the wine—and when the morning sun rose on the second day, these wonderful scenery disappeared and they did not return until a long time later.

    These incredible phenomena are almost impossible to describe with illusion, because everything that emerges is true and can even completely influence the visitors interacting with it. So the Goblin who lived in the World Tree Surrounds quickly took it. The "unbelievable tree" has become the best playground. After the initial tense and wait-and-see, they gathered in the World tree surrounds in droves. They even moved their own crystals here and built a little fairyland at the root of the World Tree – predictable. In the future, a long period of time, these joyful little people will not leave here.

    Leah stood at the end of a branch of the lower part of the World tree. The branch peeked out of the canopy and had a natural growth barrier in its surroundings. Yes was a small platform in front of the branch, similar to the World tree. This "natural building" can be seen everywhere – she quite strangely looks at the Great Plains below, where a primitive group of grass skirts is trying to raise their first bonfire at the moment, while a group of Goblin is in the original People surrounds and screams for fuel.

    This scene can not help Li Ya this "Creation Goddess" can not help but reveal a gentle smile: "I used to like to watch this scene…Watching them learn to pound stones into tools, watch them learn to catch fire, watch them learn to build cars and build ships…really didn't expect I actually had the chance to see them. Are these Yes illusions? ”

    “The screensaver of the Yes World tree,” said Hao Ren, shrugging. “But it's not exactly the Illusion. In fact, this Yes system, called the Dream of the World Tree, is used to assist those gods who are not very good at making things. . Everything you see can be replaced with reality, now focus your attention, and you'll see an option in the lower left corner of your line of sight, where there's a ' Save as ', you can save the current dream of the World Tree as a template and then use the search-nesting, This template can be projected on a planet in this universe, if the compatibility reached the minimum standard, you can create a key …

    Leah stayed open for a long time and finally sighed: “When I created an ecosystem to toss for many, many years…And what's the final result is not sure…"

    "It's very good to be self-learning like this. I have heard that God's Domain's perfect knowledge system still has more than two hundred exams."Hao Ren comforted the Goddess very seriously and then waved to activate the portal to the inside of the World Tree (here, he has the same Authority as Goddess of Creation, including the transfer of Authority anywhere within this holy site). "Before returning to the main hall, we have already been delayed here for a long time."

    The “main hall” of the World Tree actually holds the Crystal Hall where the Throne was stored before Yes. After the World Tree was fully grown, this hall was almost impossible to see the original appearance. A lot of green vines and wooden walls covered the rough stone walls before, and the original throne was layered and stacked. The rattan is wrapped and covered and becomes a column that connects the dome to the floor. Taking into account the comfort and practicality issues, Hao Ren also set up some new daily appliances, including some chairs, a desk, several bookshelves, an entertainment terminal and an ice cream machine…

    The ice cream machine Yes Lily strongly requested to add.

    Looking at the shrine hall, which was completely different from his original design, Leah was quite impressed: “When I left these things, I really didn’t expect things to develop like this…I had conceived all the possibilities that I could think of, but I did not think of the emergence of you guys. ”

    Hao Ren said: "You can only count on the Universe if you are smart, and how can Strange World have Ah."

    Leah sighed. "I didn't even count anyone who came from Strange World to calculate my inheritance…"

    Hao Ren: "…Can you not mention inheritance? Or will I return that engine to you again? ”

    "Don't," Rhea hurriedly waved her hand. "I'll just joke. After all, the life and death of the Universe may be the last few months of buffering. At this moment, the pressure is a little more serious. Just a joke, isn't it normal?"

    Hao Ren lifts his finger at the enromous half-moon desk in front of the central vine: "Would you like to calm down with two big questions now?"

    Leah: "…"

    At this moment the shrine lightened up again with a few beams of light. Vivian led a bunch of demons from the family and emerged from the beam. Lily just walked out of the beam and shouted at Hao Ren: "Landlord Landlord!" I heard that we are ready to go home? Not playing a few days Ah? I heard there's a celebration today! ”

    "You can't think about anything else," said Hao Ren, who was married to the girl. "The big fight is coming. How can you feel a little nervous?"

    Vivian laughed. "You don't want too much for husky. She's all nervous. That Universe is really over."

    "I went to the place where the goblin stayed," said Nangong Wuyue. "What they said was that the network was ready to run at full power, but some of the goblins felt reeling. It was like what node Ye did not start like, didn't Question?"

    “The World tree is ready to connect and functioning. There is no system error at the moment, but after all, the World Tree that the Terminal Network and Star Domain God Clan drums out is not Yes. It will be a little normal when the two work together. of……硬件问题,而妖精们其实就Yes终焉网络的上层节点,这种硬件上的不兼容会导致他们稍微有一点糊涂,”Hao Ren对这个情况显然already知晓,但他显得并不担心,“这只Yes小问题,World树有自适应机能,终焉网络也有,它们很快就会完成匹配,完全不用担心。”

    Next to her, Leah started to wonder as she listened, and when Hao Ren finished talking, she said, "Keep your chin on the table."

    Hao Ren's cold sweat came down: “You can't beat it! This system is more expensive than you know? In case of accidentally tossing it and crashing it, the big problem of Yes's destruction of the law! ”

    Although Leah already began to nod, but Hao Ren is also a bit uneasy, and then told: "You do not disturb the world tree in those system settings function, to your administrator Authorityyes Limited, casually move might be sealed." You Ah, your main task now is Yes, do you understand? I gave you such a big table and a large stack of bookshelf. Yes asked you to write homework…"

    When Leah was listening, she became impatient and waved her hand. "Oh, hey, I've heard you say it hundreds of times! You say I can self-study, how still can not believe my study ability! ”

    Hao Ren took a look at this Goddess man: "To be honest, after reading your notebook, I really doubted that you would learn the ability…"

    Leah: "…"

    At this moment Vivian finally began to calm down the atmosphere: "Goddess adults, we will first find the World God of Management after you go back to explain your situation on this side, we will come back soon if there is no accident."

    "Oh, I know," Leah nodded, and then smiled softly, "and you don't have to call me so rigidly." Let me think.It is reasonable to say that you should be the same as Salaman they call me a mother, but you are born from the natural soul of the new individual, but then again, you still retain a trace of my blood and strength Imprinting…Well, you just call me Leah like Hao Ren. I really like this new name. ”

    After hearing this, the first relief is Yes Hao Ren, because he suddenly thought that if Vivian tube creation goddess Call Mom, then he in the near future will have to control the goddess adults called mother-in-law-this is true Yes The face of a normal painting of the mother-in-law he called up nothing, but the key Yes Genesis goddess This look is more limited than Elizabeth, in the face of a big loli of their niece, a mother-in-law called export …Mom eggs simply do not export it!

    Although it has always been a mystery to know that the habits of long-breeding creatures in relation to generations and ages are long, it is clear that Hao Ren has a long way to go to adapt to this rhythm…

    After being relieved, Hao Ren followed him and realized one thing: Considering his relationship with Vivian, in the future when he urged creation of Goddess to write his own work, he should not be right.

    Leah looked at Hao Ren's sudden change of face and could not help but ask, "What are you thinking about? You're not going to give me another lesson. ”

    Hao Ren woke up and casually said: "Oh Oh, nothing, only Yes suddenly feel that you and I have foreseen the creation of Goddess … …Not the same. ”

    Leia frowned: "Not what you once expected? Which is not the same? ”

    Hao Ren could not help but think of the time he had just started tracing the blasphemy. At that time, he could only piece together the image of “Shaping the God of beings” from the religious books and even the historical relics of the Plane of Dreams. In the patchwork of fragmented impressions, he can only imagine Goddess who is kind, philanthropic, harmonious, and majestic. It can be said that Yen Ye is the most powerful PS in the world. Among the brains, his impression of Genesis Goddess is almost equivalent to more than 23,000 Raven 12345…

    But today's realistic version of Leia Already stands in front of herself.

    Hao Ren shook his head: "Different characters, different forms and methods, of course, the more important Yes figure is not the same as I imagined …"

    In front of her, Leah nodded slightly, but she blinked at the last sentence: "What do you mean by this?"

    Hao Ren pulled Vivian on the way to the portal, and ran and yelled: "You must do two sets of five or three to calm down!"

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