Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 879


In a dark hall.

A man covered in black robes sits high on a seat, unable to see his face, only his mouth is visible.

Narrow and red!

It looks like the mouth of a zombie species, making people feel panicked!

Below, there is a middle-aged man kneeling respectfully, well-dressed, in a suit and tie, like a successful entrepreneur.

And now.

The middle-aged man was kneeling, trembling slightly, as if waiting for something.

“Speak, what are you looking for me?”

After a few breaths, when the middle-aged man could not bear the cold gaze, the black robed man above spoke.

His voice was hoarse with a hint of coldness and indifference.

“I heard that your organization is the most powerful Assassin Organization in Tuzhou, and you are the highest killer king in Tuzhou. You become terror-stricken at the news. .”

The middle age person speaks respectfully.

“Say something soon!”

The corner of the black robe man’s mouth showed a dark arc.


The middle age person trembled all over, and quickly took out a gold card from his pocket, presented it with his hands in front, his head hung down tightly, and said in a trembled voice.

“There are 30,000,000 in it, please help me kill someone! Please, must kill him!”


The black-robed man smiled evilly, and his slightly pale chin showed a hint of playfulness.

“30,000,000 kills? Who did you kill? It shouldn’t be an ordinary thing to find me.”

“He… his name is Su Ba. It is said that he is also a very powerful ability person. I am not very clear about how powerful it is… and powerful ability person, only you can deal with…”

The middle age person finally raised his head, this is a slightly vicissitudes of life.

If you look closely, people you know will be surprised to find that this middle age person is 70% similar to Zhen Qing who died in the previous water monster accident!

“Su Ba is it.”

The black robe man did not accept the gold card, but waved his hand.

“Check me the information of a person named Su Ba, I need to know the details within half an hour!”


There was a low voice in the surrounding air.

Immediately, a silhouette ghost-like disappeared in the shadow.

The middle-aged man held the gold card in both hands, knelt trembling on the spot, not daring to move at will.

The black robed man not far in front of him, just where he is sitting, makes his heart feel a little bit of chill, as if being stared at by a poisonous snake, his back is cold.

After ten minutes.

The ghost-like silhouette reappeared. It was also a thin man wearing a black robe, his face not clearly visible.

“Xiaoqiu, did you find it?”

The black-robed man on the couch slightly opened the mouth and said.

Nodded, the thin male hillock stepped forward slightly and handed the information in his hand to the black robe man.

“Oh? Interesting?”

The black robe man looked down carefully, and strange rays of light appeared in his gloomy eyes.

“Master Killer, how…what do you say?”

middle age person swallowed saliva and said, asked boldly.

“The money in your gold card, plus 70 million, which is 100 million, to buy the life of Su Ba!”


Suddenly increased by 70 million, which was almost doubled, the middle age person was suddenly shocked.

The black robed man sitting on the couch slowly stood up. From the kneeling angle of the middle age person, you can clearly see the bloodthirsty eyes under the black robe.

“Killing the guy in your mouth is nothing to our killing department, but that guy is not the very powerful character you mentioned before.”

The black robed man smiled gloomily, “The lowest Peak B-Rank superior powerhouse may even be the inferior A-Rank powerhouse.

How can we kill such people without paying a little more.

After all, you have to be clear.

If that guy is an inferior powerhouse of A-Rank, but he wants to use a lot of power from my killing department to suppress and kill, the labor costs and casualties are not low, right! “

“It may be A-Rank…A-Rank powerhouse, the inferior powerhouse…this, how is this possible…”

The middle age person muttered to himself in disbelief, how could Qinger conflict with such a powerhouse.

“Why, do you doubt the intelligence capabilities of my killing department?!”

The black robe man’s voice suddenly became cold, and Sen Han’s eyes were directed at the middle age person!

“No, dare not!”

The middle age person bowed his head in horror, then gritted his teeth and said, “Well, one hundred million is one hundred million, as long as the killer can kill him!”

“Don’t worry, although my killing department murdered without blinking an eye, it can be said that honesty is paramount in business matters.

Old rules, if you accept the task, if it fails, only the commission of one third will be charged as compensation, and the rest of the money will be returned in the same way.

Okay, you will pay the money later, you can roll it out! “

The black-robed man said, waving his hand coldly.

“Yes, many thanks, Master Killer, I will call you the money soon.”

The middle age person relieved quickly got up and bowed to salute, then walked out of the hall quickly.

It’s gloomy here, and it finally came out.

‘Qing’er, if it weren’t for Su Ba who threw you in the trash can, you wouldn’t go to the mountains and lakes to the north of the school to take a bath, and there would be no trouble.

Don’t worry, father will soon make that Su Ba pay a cruel price and send him to hell to avenge you…’

Middle age person thought resentfully, and he quickly left the killing department.

“Head, what is the next action plan?”

After the middle age person left, the thin male Xiaoqiu looked at the gloomy man in the black robe and whispered, “After investigation, Su Ba hasn’t appeared near East Mingyue University for two days.”


The gloomy man in the black robe narrowed his eyes and said yinly.

“What is the relationship between the man and the woman who killed the water monster with Su Ba? Also check people who have been in close contact with Su Ba, and report to me immediately!”


In a few minutes.

The thin male hillock appeared again, “Head, I found a valuable information.”


“It is understood that this Su Ba came from Hangsu City.

I came into contact with a woman named Que Peiyuan, and then she became a student of Mingyue University.

Before, we hacked into Que Peiyuan’s computer and mobile phone through the Internet, and found a little clue. Su Ba’s goal seems to be a girl named Wang Xiaoyi! “

“Wang Xiaoyi?”

“It’s the girl who killed the water monster, a man and a woman.”

Xiao Qiu bowed, “Also, I checked Su Ba’s call records. In a short period of time, I called the girl Wang Xiaoyi twice.”

“Oh? So it seems that Su Ba and Wang Xiaoyi should have an unusual relationship.”

The corners of the dark-robed man’s mouth show a gloomy arc.

“Very well! Since Su Ba does not appear, then start with Wang Xiaoyi! Capture the woman and force Su Ba to appear!”


The gloomy man in the black robe stood up slowly, said with a sneer.

“After catching someone, the woman should be able to contact Su Ba and let Su Ba go to the abandoned construction site in the south of the East District!

I want to see if this kid is not just in name only, but also in reality’s A-Rank powerhouse!

jié jié, even if it is A-Rank inferior powerhouse, under my final killer move, I must drink hate! “

“As you bid!”

The thin male hill gave a salute, then his figure disappeared into the darkness.

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