Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 880

Both eyes flickered, thinking of something, Su Ba immediately asked, “Fei Boss, you said that the special pass is not issued by the local supernatural agency, who is it?

Also, who organized the specific tournament?

Are there any people who have more power than the official local supernatural agency? “

“I don’t know about this.”

Fei Ye smiled bitterly, “I can know so much at a nobody level, which is not bad. Who is it and why the tournament was set up? I really don’t understand. I don’t dare to talk nonsense to Master Su, no.

“Ok, forget it if you don’t understand.”

Su Ba also understood Feiye’s difficulties, and did not ask any more, but bowed his head in thought.

‘This matter, perhaps Xun Keyu, Little Lass, will know more about it, but before that, I would like to see what the so-called barrier is. ’

“Okay, let’s stop here for now.”

Su Ba got up from the sofa.

“Master Su, wait a moment.”

Fei Ye quickly got up and said.

“What’s wrong?” Su Ba looked over.

“Well, didn’t you lose your phone before being caught in the circle? I have ordered someone to buy it again. It should be on the way back now. It’s almost there.”

“Oh, this way.”

Su Ba nodded, “You do have the intention, then, I will wait a while.”

Although Su Ba doesn’t feel much about whether he has a mobile phone or not, Fei Ye’s carefulness still makes Su Ba slightly satisfied.

Sure enough, it’s a talent!

It is worthwhile to be able to build a large-scale industry like Longdong Building in just three years or so.


Huhai City, East District.

A quiet little coffee shop.

Wang Xiaoyi and Zheng Jian bid farewell, and walked down the street of Third Street alone, a little desolate, moving towards Mingyue University.

“Why… is this…”

Wang Xiaoyi clenched Xiuquan slightly, his pretty face was slightly pale, and he muttered in his mouth.

“Su Ba, where did you go… Could it be that you just left like this…”

Wang Xiaoyi bit his red lips, “I admit that I was a bit heavy at the time, but… But, you are a big man, would you like to be so small and stingy?

People don’t come to school, don’t go to the dormitory, and their phones are turned off…”

“Is this not giving me a chance to apologize…”

Wang Xiaoyi doesn’t know how he feels in his heart now. He only feels astringent, bitter, and aggrieved.

Most people will definitely feel abnormal when encountering such a series of coincidences. She has a special identity. She has been in the big environment for a long time, and her mind is naturally more sensitive than others.

“Huh, damn, if you don’t come out, I will find you out!”

Wang Xiaoyi suddenly made some determination, snorted in her heart.

And this time!

The environment around her suddenly became gloomy, like a little bit from a sunny sky ten thousand li to a cloudy sky full of clouds!


Wang Xiaoyi regained his senses, his heart stunned, and the Water Element energy all over his body suddenly began to fluctuate, entering a state of battle!

In broad daylight, when this happens suddenly, it is obvious that you have entered a certain Formation!

“Who? Come out!”

Wang Xiaoyi looked around all around the dark environment, Jiaozha said.

“jié jié jié, little girl, reaction ability is quite fast, much better than the average B-Rank inferior abilities.”

Only a gloomy voice was heard.

After that, in the gloomy environment in front of Wang Xiaoyi, several strange men in black robes slowly emerged.

“You are…”

Wang Xiaoyi eyes shrank, seems to have recognized something, and she doesn’t wait for her to react.

The gloomy man in black robes headed at the front pointed a finger at Wang Xiaoyi, and an invisible wave penetrated Wang Xiaoyi’s mind like lightning.


Wang Xiaoyi groaned and fainted to the ground without the strength to fight back.

“Take away!”

The gloomy man in the black robe gave orders in a gloomy manner.


A thin black robe man walked out beside him, and quickly came to Wang Xiaoyi and hung her body on him.

The matter is over.

Several people disappeared silently.

Suddenly, the gloomy sky became clear again. The afterglow of the sunset shattered in the evening, and people on both sides of the street were walking around, as if nothing had happened.

Wait until Wang Xiaoyi wakes up again.

The surrounding environment has changed.

Old factory buildings, broken doors and windows, muddy mottled walls.

The pale moonlight seeps in gloomily, and the cracked veil hanging by the window trembles slightly.

It’s dark at night.

The environment is very gloomy.

The key point, Wang Xiaoyi found that her body was imprisoned on a chair, and there was nothing to bind her, she was unable to move even a little bit.

There seems to be a strand of invisible rope tightly wrapped around her.

Where is this?

Where am I?

Wang Xiaoyifang was frightened and uncertain.

Soon, she remembered what happened on the street in the evening.

She walked into a Formation, then met a line of black robed man, and then she lost consciousness.

Looking at the posture of those weird black robed man, it seems like…

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