Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 881


“jié jié jié, little girl, awake?”

At this moment, a husky voice came from my ear.

A group of black robed man who appeared in the evening, appeared again in front of Wang Xiaoyi.

“Are you killers? What did you bring me here?! Who will buy my life?!”

Wang Xiaoyi was unable to move, at this moment, it was like fish on a chopping board. Although he was a little uneasy, he calmly faced a line of black robed man tenderly shouted.

“Ho ho, little girl is young, she is not only strong, but also very courageous, interesting and interesting!”

The gloomy black robe man headed slowly came to Wang Xiaoyi, and a pair of bloodthirsty and cold eyes were slightly exposed in the black robe, looking at Wang Xiaoyi’s evil way condescendingly.

“jié jié, it’s not that someone buys your life, but someone else’s life!”


Listening to this, Wang Xiaoyi frowned.

“In that case, for no reason, why did you find me?”

“There is no way, the Lord can not be found, only use you to lead the Lord to appear, jié jié.”

The gloomy black robe man leaned slightly, looking sadly at Wang Xiaoyi’s flawless pretty face.

“Okay, little girl, don’t worry, we kill the department with professional ethics. We only kill the people who are entrusted. As long as you cooperate obediently, when the time comes naturally let you go.”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Wang Xiaoyi’s face was calm, “In Tuzhou, I don’t have many people to communicate with.”

“A dishonest child, it’s not likable.”

The gloomy black robed man’s mouth showed a cold arc, “There is someone named Su Ba, don’t you know him?”

What? !

Listening to this, Wang Xiaoyi’s face suddenly changed!

These killers, the target is Su Ba? !

“You want to kill Su Ba?! Who commissioned it?!”

Wang Xiaoyi stared at beautiful eyes.

“Ho ho, take a look, it’s quite nervous, it really doesn’t matter.”

The gloomy black robed man stunned, and then sneered, “We all said that we have professional quality in the killing department. How can the client’s information be explained? Okay, call Su Ba and let him come over!”

“You are dreaming!”

Wang Xiaoyi is coldly snorted, “Besides, the Su Ba phone has been turned off and can’t be reached at all!”

Now, Wang Xiaoyi is thankful that he can’t find Su Ba.

I don’t know who it is to kill Su Ba?

Is he offended who? Did the Assassin Organization, the most powerful killer in Tuzhou, send out so many powerhouses to prepare for siege? !

Wang Xiaoyi was thinking.


The arc of the gloomy black robed man’s mouth became indifferent, “It’s up to you!”

Next second!

Wang Xiaoyi only felt that when the pocket was loosened, a small and exquisite pink phone floated out and fell into the hands of the eerie black robed man.


Wang Xiaoyi’s beautiful eyes surprised and angry endlessly, this gloomy male method is too weird.

A person with an air power?

This is a very rare and powerful ability!

Ignoring Wang Xiaoyi’s angry gaze, the dark-robed man turned on his mobile phone, browsed casually, and found Su Ba’s number.

“Smelly man?”

The gloomy black-robed man gave a wicked smile, “This note, is it interesting.”

“You need to take care of it and return the phone to me!”

Wang Xiaoyi said angrily.

“After the call, I will pay you back.”

“Don’t waste your energy, I can’t get through, I told you earlier…”


Wang Xiaoyi was humming, and suddenly heard the connection sound in the handset of the phone.


Suddenly, Wang Xiaoyi was stunned.

What’s the matter?

How can I get through?

It shouldn’t be. She called it once before, and obviously couldn’t get through.

“little girl, I have said that a dishonest child is not likable.”

The dark-robed man sneered at Wang Xiaoyi who was a little dazed, and then put the phone to his ear, waiting to be connected.


And now.

Somewhere on the edge of Tuzhou ten thousand zhang high in the sky and night.

A cold black silhouette hovered high here, his eyes deep and calm.

After coming out of Longdong Building, this person flew to the edge of Tuzhou to explore Su Ba, the so-called barrier between states.

“Sure enough, there is an invisible film…”

Su Ba stretched out his hand slightly and fumbled in the air. It was obvious that there was an invisible object blocking his hand.

The film of the tentacles seems shallow, but the tenacious level is far surpasses the imagination. With Su Ba’s normal strength, I am afraid it cannot be broken.


Su Ba narrowed his eyes. If he bursts out of the power of the Emperor Realm, breaking this barrier should be nothing difficult.

But when he thinks of the ‘someone’ behind him, Su Ba’s hair on his back is erected subconsciously!

If this barrier is one of the rules of the game set up by ‘someone’, if Su Ba breaks it with strong power, I’m afraid it will directly attract the attention of ‘someone’!

The ‘people’ behind the scenes don’t know how much they exist, they can have such great generosity, they are unimaginable!

Even if it is not the level of Victorious Battle Buddha, it is not something Su Ba can collide with at this stage.

Through a series of understanding, although the fog has not been lifted, but with Su Ba’s astonishing premonition, I faintly feel that there may be a big secret behind this.

The entire Nine Provinces world, is it a supreme existence, a ‘game’ world created by boring to pass, I really don’t know.


exhales one mouthful of impure air, Su Ba planned to go back first.

It’s been a while since I left Huhai City, and I don’t know what’s going on with Xiaoyi.

“dīng líng líng…”

At this moment, a crisp bell rang high in the sky.

Su Ba took out his mobile phone and looked at it, and his expression was a little surprised. It turned out that Wang Xiaoyi called.

I don’t know what happened to Little Lass. Didn’t you say you hate him?

Su Ba laughed, but immediately answered the phone.

But there was a slightly hoarse voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Su Ba, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

“Who are you?! Where is Xiaoyi?!”

Su Ba eyebrows slightly frowned.

“jié jié jié, Wang Xiaoyi little girl is in our hands, if you don’t want her to do anything…”

“no! Su Ba, don’t come over! They are going to besie you…well…”

As soon as the Yin Jie voice was uttered, there was an anxious exclamation in the earpiece, but the exclamation stopped abruptly!

“Mr. Su Ba, get acquainted, you should know how to do it!”

Yin Jie’s voice sounded again, with a playful and sneer.

“Very good!”

Su Ba’s expression suddenly became bitter!

A monstrous killing intent erupted from Su Ba, crashing the high-altitude clouds into pieces!

“Report your location, by the way, a friendly reminder…”

Su Ba stands in the air, with a black hair automatically without wind, his eyes are like those of Death God, remnant and cold!

“Your account is gone!”


A cold wind blew!

murderous intention awe-inspiring!

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