Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 884


But not at all, how much time does it give him to react.

Su Ba’s complexion was cold, and his eyes became pitch-black vortex again.

“The Eye of Hell, 2nd floor, Scissor Hell…”

After the gloomy black robed man faints from being tortured again, Su Ba will use the vitality of the nine yang to restore his body and awaken the gloomy black robed man.

“Eye of Hell, 3rd floor, Iron Tree Hell…”

Faint, wake up.

“Eye of Hell, 4th floor, Hell of Evil Mirror…”


“Eye of Hell, Seventeenth Layer, Stone Hell…”

“Eye of Hell, Eighteenth Layer, Knife-saw Hell…”

In this way, for eighteen times, the eerie black robed man has fully endured the martial arts artistic conception of the 18th Layer of the Eye of Hell!

In the case of huge differences in strength, it’s almost like being on the scene!

The gloomy black robed man has completely collapsed!

The last layer of the eye of hell saw the end of hell. The dark pupils of the dark black robed man are gone, and his eyes are empty, looking hollow and terrifying.

He opened his mouth unconsciously, with saliva constantly flowing out, without knowing it.

The body is like mud, lying on the ground, pumping.

The soul has long been torn apart, leaving only a body without any consciousness.


Su Ba suddenly lifted his foot, then slammed the head of the eerie black robed man with one foot!

blood splashed, brain burst!

The scene looked bloody and disgusting!

After dealing with all this, the gloomy and cold breath on Su Ba slowly collected within the body, wiped his dirty feet on the clothes of the male corpse in the ghastly black robe, and then left the corpse at will Kicked aside.


Su Ba turned around and looked at Wang Xiaoyi, with a smile on his stern face.

“It’s okay.”

Su Ba lightly saying.

Wang Xiaoyi was completely stupid.

She looked straight at Su Ba with beautiful eyes, her white jade hand covered her red lips, her pretty face was dull.

Long time.

Wang Xiaoyi gradually came back to his senses, and there was still a trace of horror and trepidation in the beautiful eyes. He didn’t dare to look at Su Ba and lowered his head.

“Su…Su Ba, you just…just now…good terrifying…”

She didn’t know how the ghastly black man was tortured.

But relying on him alone, the continuous screams like killing pigs made people feel chills and permeated people.

Moreover, Su Ba’s eyes are like Bottomless Abyss, weird, insidious and terrifying!

When torturing the gloomy black robed man, the aura on Su Ba’s body was also gloomy and deep, extremely cold, like a demon coming out of hell!

Even though she was born in a lot of money and had seen so many big scenes, it was such a horrible scene that she had seen it for the first time, and she was terrified.

At this time.

A big warm hand slowly placed her fragrant shoulder.

At the same time, a soft voice came from my ear.

“Xiaoyi, don’t be afraid. My Su Ba is very cold when treating the enemy, but I treat my friends, but it is warm like spring.”

Wang Xiaoyi’s heart and soul gradually settled down with a soft voice with inexplicable and steady fluctuations in the heart.

She lifts the head.

In front of me is Su Ba with a bright smile like the sun.

The deep black eyes are shining like stars. At this time, the eyes are bent like crescents, and the cold temperament has a different kind of affinity.

It looks even more charming when viewed from close range.

So handsome.

Wang Xiaoyi’s ear roots turned a little red, and the playful and agile air on his body resurfaced as his heart calmed down.

She changed her mind. Su Ba discovered that she was kidnapped, so she came here regardless of her safety.

Rising up to kill is also venting her anger, isn’t it.

However, he was so heavy when he spoke, but he still rushed over so non-stop.

Although Su Ba is very strong, he still doesn’t know what lineup and strength he is ambushing.

Come here rashly, and if others are prepared, A-Rank powerhouse will not fail!

But Su Ba still didn’t think about himself…

“Su Ba, you… why are you so good to me?”

Wang Xiaoyi bit her red lip, raised her head slightly, looked at Su Ba in a daze, and couldn’t help saying.

Su Ba patted Wang Xiaoyi’s fragrant shoulder, said heartily.

“By the way, don’t we want to be friends for a lifetime? If a friend is in trouble, how can I ignore it?”

Wang Xiaoyi’s lovable body trembled, with inexplicable emotions in his heart, subconsciously stretched out the white and slender jade hand, grabbed the corner of Su Ba’s clothes, and whispered.

“Sorry Su Ba, I blamed you before, and I spoke a bit heavy, I apologize to you.”

“I didn’t blame you, why do you apologize.”

Su Ba laughed, said.

“You are so kind.”

Looking at the smile on Su Ba’s face, Wang Xiaoyi’s pretty face also burst into a smile, her beautiful face filled with inexplicable joy.

hehe, make up.

Seeing this, Su Ba smiled, hiding the affection deep in his eyes, serene said.

“Okay, it’s late at night, it’s time to go back, do you live in the dormitory or at home?”

Su Ba is Qing King Chu Xiaoyi who lives in his villa.

In order not to make her feel like she was following her again, so Su Ba asked more.

“I’m going home.”

Wang Xiaoyi said beautifully, “Ah, then I have to go back soon, and later, I am afraid Grandfather He will be worried.”

“Ok, then I’ll take you back.”

“Well, good.”

Wang Xiaoyi was gladly nodded.

“Oh right.”

As the two walked side by side, Su Ba suddenly thought of something, “Xiaoyi, if I have time, I will help you adjust your body.”


Wang Xiaoyi’s pretty face was taken aback, and then he looked at Su Ba questioningly, “How do you know I’m sick?”

She did not at all doubt Su Ba, but was simply curious.

Su Ba slightly smiled, flicks with the finger, a pure Nine Yang True Yuan entered Wang Xiaoyi’s within the body.

At this moment.

Wang Xiaoyi only felt that his whole body was warm, and the cold inside was suddenly removed, and the whole person could not tell the spirit.

“How do you feel?”

Su Ba looked at Wang Xiaoyi, said with a smile.

“It’s amazing, my body is a lot easier.”

Wang Xiaoyi looked at Su Ba in amazement, and said softly, “Su Ba, what kind of supernatural being are you? Healing? Mental? Power? I can’t tell why. Come out.”

“This is not important.”

Su Ba shrugged, “My vitality within the body has a strong ability to recover and drive away cold. It shouldn’t be difficult to take a moment to regulate your body.”

“Su Ba, thank you for your kindness.”

hearing this, although Wang Xiaoyi was very happy that Su Ba cared about her, his expression quickly became lonely.

“My own situation, I know best, this…cannot be cured…so…”

“I didn’t let me try, how do I know if it won’t work?”

Su Ba looked at Wang Xiaoyi with piercing eyes and said.

Looking at Su Ba’s firm black eyes, Wang Xiaoyi couldn’t refuse for a while, lest Su Ba be disappointed, so he bit his red lips.

“Okay, let’s try it.”

Su Ba nodded, added: “The treatment process is on your stomach. When the time comes, there will be skin touches. You must be mentally prepared.”


Wang Xiaoyi’s lovable body trembled, and the pretty face immediately turned red, and said dryly, “…touch on the skin?”

“Don’t worry, don’t take off your clothes, and I won’t mess around.”

Su Ba spoke seriously.

Wang Xiaoyi took a deep look at Su Ba, then his eyes drooped, her long eyelashes flickered, and her pretty face was blushing.

For a long time, his voice was low and low.

“I see, when will…start…”

“The sooner, the better, tomorrow noon, when the sun is strong.”


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