Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 886


Listen to this.

Su Ba indifferently smiled.

“What other people can’t do does not mean that Su Ba can’t do it. As for whether the disease is good or not, it should be able to be detected by any healing expert in the future.”

“Su Ba, you are really amazing.”

Wang Xiaoyi couldn’t help but jumped up, looking at Su Ba with beautiful eyes, her pretty face flushed.

Even if it hasn’t been cured, but now she feels the most comfortable and relaxed in history. She even feels that her powers are invisible and powerful.

“Calm and calm.”

Su Ba waved his hand, not at all showing his complacency.

The small nine-yin obliteration crux, if he can’t solve it with Imperial Capital, it’s really cultivated in the past.

Although Su Ba is very humble, but in every move, he exudes extremely strong confidence rays of light.

The beautiful eyes that Wang Xiaoyi saw were so colorful, she only thought that Su Ba was the most attractive of all the men she had ever seen.

Even the young talents of the top families in the Kingdom of Heaven are only this compared to Su Ba.

Wang Xiaoyi smiled and was about to say something.

“dīng líng líng ……”

At this moment, a crisp bell rang in the hall.

Wang Xiaoyi was taken aback for a moment, and then looked towards Su Ba, it was the ringing of Su Ba’s mobile phone.

“Oh, I’m calling.”

Su Ba raised his brow and took out the phone from his pocket.

The screen shows: Xun Keyu.

This Little Lass called again, and he just hung up the phone not long ago. I guess he was crazy.

This is unwilling, came back to his senses, are you planning to call and scold him?

Su Ba thought with a laugh, and felt that if it was the case, it would be fine.

“Su Ba, what’s wrong? Why don’t you answer the phone?”

On the side, Wang Xiaoyi saw the name on Su Ba’s phone screen sharply. At first glance, it was a girl. Beautiful eyes suddenly looked towards Su Ba suspiciously.

“Nothing, but this person is probably here to curse, so I don’t want to pick it up.”

Su Ba shrugged with a smile.

“Swearing? Why?”

“I hung up her phone without waiting for her to finish speaking last time.” Su Ba said simply.

Uh, it looks like this, it is indeed a bit “tiger”.

Wang Xiaoyi thought for a while, still said: “You take it, maybe someone has something to do.”

Su Ba indifferent expression, but since Wang Xiaoyi has said, he is also willing to give Wang Xiaoyi face, nodded then pressed the on button.

As soon as I connected, Xun Keyu’s a little angry voice came from the receiver.

“Su Ba, what are you doing, why did you answer the phone so long?”

“I didn’t want to pick it up yet.”

Su Ba indifferently said.

Xun Keyu: “…”

This bastard, I really want to piss her off every time.

“Xun Young Lady, what’s the matter, say something quickly, I will hang up if there is nothing, I am very busy.”


This Young Lady did not seem to be busy, and Xun Keyu was very angry.

Seeing that something was wrong, Xun Keyu said quickly.

“hmph! Su Ba, today is a day off, you remember what you promised me before, did you forget?”

“What’s the matter?”

Su Ba is a little surprised.


Xun Keyu snorted, “You said you want to thank me, you forgot about it? As an A-Rank powerhouse, how can this be?”

“Oh, I remember, I said I was going to invite you to dinner, right, okay, then I’ll be fine today, the location is up to you.”

As soon as Xun Keyu finished speaking, Su Ba immediately thought of something, laughed casually.


Su Ba also suddenly remembered that he had something to learn from Xun Keyu.

It’s about the barriers between states, as well as issues about special passes when different levels of state are interstate.

‘But…do you want to be a little better to Little Lass? ’

Su Ba thought to himself, otherwise he always felt like he was using Xun Keyu.

How do I say, besides being a little arrogant, Little Lass is pure in nature, and he is considered a friend approved by Su Ba.

Then treat her a little better, Su Ba secretly thought.

A small decision is being made here, and the cold female voice in the receiver of the phone also comes, as if sighed in relief.

“Just remember, then I will find a place now. Don’t forget to bring the money. This time, this Young Lady will not pay.”

Xun Keyu gently reminded.

She obviously remembered the last time Su Ba was in the coffee shop.

“Don’t worry, you said to invite me last time. I naturally don’t have any money. I will bring it this time.”

Su Ba has no shrugged bladder.

“Okay, that’s it. When the time comes, I will send the address to you.”

Xun Keyu finished speaking, “Pa” hung up the phone very quickly, and Su Ba was taken aback when he watched.

On the other side of the phone, there is a gorgeous and exquisite room.

Xun Keyu puts the phone in his pocket, and the cold and pretty face is full of pride.

“Small, I dared to hang up this Young Lady last time. This Young Lady also lets you have a taste of being hanged up, to see if you are not convinced.”


Immediately, Xun Keyu took a deep breath and looked at a list on the table.

The above is her current team member Xun Keyu.

Excluding her, there are a total of six people. Among them, the strongest is B-Rank, and the weakest is C-Rank.

“The annual interstate tournament in Shuizhou is about to begin. As long as the top three teams in the Shuizhou interstate tournament, they are eligible to get a special pass to the medium-sized state Huo Province…”

Xun Keyu’s beautiful eyes flickered, and he secretly made up his mind.

“Su Ba, this A-Rank powerhouse, I must fight for it.

With his growth rate, when the time comes, he can also help a lot in the tournament from the middle-sized state to the top state of Hades…”

“Xunjia…elder sister…”

Xun Keyu bit her red lips, a pair of jade hands clenched slightly, and there is a touch of firmness in her beautiful eyes.

“Father, I will prove it to you. Even if it is a woman, even without the support of family resources, I will definitely not be worse than others!”

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