Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 887


The other side.

Wang Xiaoyi’s villa lobby.

Seeing that Xun Keyu hung up the phone so quickly and didn’t give Su Ba a chance to say the concluding remarks, Su Ba took a moment to understand it.

This Little Lass is really trying to avenge him.

He smirked, Su Ba didn’t care.

“Su Ba, who is that girl.”

At this moment, Wang Xiaoyi’s voice sounded from the side, and she pretended to ask casually.

“Listening to what you said, it seems that you have eaten with her several times alone.”

“You said Xun Keyu? She is a friend I met in Tuzhou. She has given me a lot of knowledge in popular science, which is not bad.”

Su Ba shrugged, opened the mouth and said.

“Just friends?”

Wang Xiaoyi asked casually.

“Yes, just friends.”

“Since you are an ordinary friend, then when you have a dinner with her, you will bring me, let’s get to know each other.”

Wang Xiaoyi’s dark eyeballs gu lu lu rolled a few times, and then he lifted his head and looked at Su Ba with a smile.

“You want to go too?”

Su Ba startled.

“What’s wrong, can’t it?”

Wang Xiaoyi bulged his cheeks and looked at Su Ba with beautiful eyes.

“Ok, why not.”

Su Ba laughed, and readily agreed.

“hehe, alright.”

Wang Xiaoyi was satisfied now, and a pair of smart beautiful eyes smiled and turned into cute crescents.

Su Ba slightly smiled, thinking about teaching Wang Xiaoyi the Yin Attribute cultivation technique he has selected by raising upwards.

At this time.

There was a little movement when the door opened.

There are footsteps.

Wang Xiaoyi heard it too.

“He grandfather, he is here.”

While speaking, Wang Xiaoyi came to the door of the villa and opened the door in advance.

Sure enough, the first person who caught your eye was an old man with a sixtieth year and a kind eyebrow.

The old man seemed a little surprised.

“Yiyi, how did your hearing become so sharp? You couldn’t find it before.”


When Wang Xiaoyi heard this, he suddenly realized that his five senses seemed to have improved a lot, and the entire world seemed to be clearer than ever.

“en? Your complexion is also very good, ruddy complexion, radiant…”

He Shan looked more and more surprised, his old eyes were full of incredible colors.

Wang Xiaoyi in front of him is almost as if he has changed. Essence, Qi, and Spirit are obviously different at a glance.

“Hehe, I also feel very comfortable, my body is different.

He grandfather, the specialist in the treatment department invited from the supernatural agency, let him give me a physical examination. “

Wang Xiaoyi is in a good mood. She is already impatient and wants to know if her illness is really better.

If this is the case, then Su Ba is really awesome.

“He is here.”

He Shan smiled and spoke.

And this time.

The entrance of the villa.

A four 50-year-old, somewhat stale-looking old man walked in.

“Long master.”

Wang Xiaoyi slightly moved towards the old man gave a salute.

“en. ”

The old-fashioned old man nodded, suddenly startled, and looked up and down Wang Xiaoyi several times, and then slowly said in shock.

“Wang Young Lady, your changes…”

“Is it a big change?”

Wang Xiaoyi’s full of smiles opening makes it very difficult for this reserved and staid Master Long to have such a big facial expression change.

“How come…”

The more Master Long looked at Wang Xiaoyi, the stronger the look of shock in his eyes.

This kind of energetic and energetic external performance is even stronger than the life factor of ordinary people!

How is this possible? !

Wang Xiaoyi’s illness is best known to him.

Jiuyin occlusion terminally ill!

Don’t say he is a B-Rank middle-class healer, even the powerhouse of the S-Rank or higher treatment system cannot eradicate this disease!

This is a complete and terminal illness!

In Nine Prefectures Continent, there is no cure!

No matter how powerful a person is, he can at most delay Wang Xiaoyi’s growth rate of cold air within the body, and delay the generation of garbage in the nine Yin veins, thereby achieving the effect of increasing life essence.


Looking at Wang Xiaoyi’s state now, it is obviously not good.

It seems that Wang Xiaoyi simply has no symptoms.

“Wang Young Lady, hurry up, stretch out your hand and let the old man diagnose it.”

Long master, who was surprised and ignorant of expression management, quickly opened the mouth and said.

“Yes, Yiyi, let Master Long take a look.”

He Shan on the side also said quickly.

Although they saw the extra Su Ba in the hall, they were completely attracted by Wang Xiaoyi’s state at this stage, and they ignored Su Ba directly.


Wang Xiaoyi nodded, stretched out the jade hand that is as smooth as white jade.

Master Long stretched out two fingers, touching the pulse of Wang Xiaoyi’s wrist, and then the recovery energy turned into a warm current from Wang Xiaoyi’s wrist into the body.

Only three times before breathing.

“Damn, how is this possible?!”

Master Ryu suddenly exclaimed, and he exploded directly, and the whole person stepped back unconsciously.

“Master, how about?”

He Shan was taken aback and asked urgently.

Wang Xiaoyi stared at Master Long with a pair of beautiful eyes, wanting to hear his answer.

Although Master Ryu is a middle-level B-Rank healer, he is still quite professional. If he is sure, there is generally nothing wrong.

“Nine Yin veins are connected!”

Master Long’s eyes were filled with incredible colors, “It turned out to pass…”


Old He Shan’s face raised with joy, “Master Long, Yiyi’s illness is completely recovered!”

“It’s okay, it’s unbelievable, Jiuyin occlusion terminal disease will be cured?!”

Master Long muttered to himself.

The recruiter, what he thought of, looked at Wang Xiaoyi with old eyes and asked.

“Wang Young Lady, have you done anything before? Or have you eaten? Tell the old man!”

This is simply a major event!

If he can figure out how Jiu Yin occlusion is inexplicably smooth, that would be a great experience!

“I haven’t eaten or done anything, but someone helped me treat it.”

Wang Xiaoyi shook the head and said.

“Someone cured you?!”

Master Long raised his old eyes directly and exclaimed, “Who is so capable?!”

“Here, it’s him, his name is Su Ba.”

Wang Xiaoyi smiled playfully and pointed to Su Ba, who was standing not far away.

He? This youngster?

The eyes of Master Long and He Shan suddenly looked towards Su Ba.

Master Long looked suspicious!

And He Shan feels even more unimaginable!

He has followed Wang Xiaoyi since she was a child, taking care of her diet and daily life, and has a good understanding of Wang Xiaoyi’s situation.

In the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because the Patriarch Wang Sheng valued the amazing potential of Wang Xiaoyi’s Nine Yin Body, he even invited the powerhouse of SS-Rank’s healing powerhouse to come over at a great price, hoping to treat Wang Xiaoyi’s healing.

However, after all, there was no success.

At that time, when the SS-Rank healing powerhouse left, blunt said.

Wang Xiaoyi’s symptoms of nine-yin occlusion, no one can cure it!

Even if the powerhouse of SSS-Rank appears, there is no cure!

So, when Wang Xiaoyi now says that this terminal illness is cured by a young man who seems to be the same age as Wang Xiaoyi, it is a fantasy story!

“Boy, did you finish the Nine Yin Extreme Veins intractable disease?

Can you tell me how you did it? “

Master Long made two steps in three steps and came directly to Su Ba, looking condescendingly at Su Ba who each minding their own business sitting on the sofa, opened the mouth and said.

Su Ba raised his head slightly, and faintly saw a trace of disdain and doubt in the eyes of the Long master.

A sneer came up from the corner of Su Ba’s mouth, he looked at Long master indifferently said.

“You let me say, I will say? What thing are you?”

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