Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 888


The air fell silent in an instant.

The atmosphere is suddenly cold!

“what thing are you?”

“what thing are you?”

“what thing are you ……”

Su Ba’s sneer voice is still echoing slowly in the empty villa lobby, echoing echoes.

Long master’s old-fashioned naked eye turned from white to red, then from red to green, and finally turned into the color of the iron pot cover!

“What did you say?!”

Master Takashi breathes fire in his eyes, glaring at Su Ba!

Vaguely, it seems to be able to see his slightly pale forehead starting to smoke.

“What did you say, didn’t you hear me?”

Su Ba smiled, indifferent to Master Long’s anger, shrugged indifferently and said, “Seeing that you are not very old, and your ears are not working well in advance. It’s a pity.”

Arrogant and rude kid!

Master Long’s anger rushed out of his nose, and he took a sudden step forward and said gloomily.

“The youngster’s rants are that’s all. He still doesn’t know how to respect the old and cherish the young. It seems that he has not experienced the beatings of the society!

Just like you arrogant and ignorant, you have the ability to cure the terminal disease of Jiuyin Obliterans, it is ridiculous! “

“Then you still ask me?”

Su Ba, the master of Suilong, said bluntly, “Is it stupid?”


Master Long is completely angry!

The elemental energy is constantly surging!

Although he is a healer, his power level has reached B-Rank, and he is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain to deal with this kid who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth!

Seeing his imposing manner exploded, he was so angry that he was ready to take action, and the guy on the opposite side looked at himself with disdain.


The nostrils are like train jets!

Master Long can’t bear it!

“Boy, let the old man teach you how to respect the old and cherish the young!”

“don’t, don’t, don’t!”

Just as Master Long was about to take a shot, there was a quick, tender voice from the side.

I saw Wang Xiaoyi rushing over quickly, blocking Su Ba, and looking at the angry Master Long.

“Master Long, calm down your anger, Su Ba’s character is like this, don’t take it to your heart…”

Wang Xiaoyi smiled bitterly.

Su Ba is not a kid, he is genuine A-Rank powerhouse.

If this long master goes on like this, Su Ba will be angry…

Wang Xiaoyi couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of the gloomy black robed man before his death last night, shuddering!

too terrifying!

If it weren’t for the fear of Master Long being angry and losing his mind, Wang Xiaoyi would want to say: Your old body can’t stand the toss.

It seems to know that Wang Xiaoyi’s background is quite extraordinary.

Seeing this, Master Long forced his anger down and gave Su Ba a cold stare.

“Boy, count your good luck, the young lady will intercede for you, hmph! What a disappointment! Let a hairless brat defeat the interest of an old man!”

Master Long was coldly snorted and didn’t want to stay here anymore, he couldn’t help but teach that stupid kid.

Now, saying goodbye to He Shan and Wang Xiaoyi, he strode out of the villa door without looking back.


Seeing Master Long leave safely, Wang Xiaoyi sighed deeply.

Good risk, good risk.

Although Master Long’s personality is a bit sloppy and perverse, he is also a member of the supernaturalist organization. If Su Ba kills him, when the time comes, he will be in trouble.

Don’t say anything else.

In the future, if Su Ba wants to cross the state, it may be difficult to avoid the supernatural agency.

Su Ba is also true, although Master Long’s tone is not very good, but Su Ba’s words are too bad for others.

Wang Xiaoyi was helpless in his heart.

But what she didn’t know was.

If Su Ba hadn’t been afraid of dirtying the floor of Wang Xiaoyi’s house, or that Wang Xiaoyi’s house would be bad, Master Nalong would dare to be so disrespectful to his mad emperor. Now he has entered vertically and went out horizontally.

He Shan on the side looked at Su Ba, frowned his head secretly.

This youngster doesn’t know what his strength is, but his temper is a bit arrogant.

I don’t know what it has to do with Young Lady.

Why does Yiyi maintain this youngster like this?

And looking at this young man, there are rays of light flickering in Yiyi’s eyes, with a cheerful expression, which is completely different from the expressions of other young talents in the family.

is it possible that ……

He Shan had a faint guess in his heart, and he sank slightly, but he didn’t immediately ask.

Instead, I was attracted by another single thought.

When Yiyi is in good health, the Patriarch will be very happy, right? The big mistakes Yiyi once committed should be able to make up.

He Shan’s old eyes flashed with excitement, and quietly walked out of the room…

At this time, Wang Xiaoyi was immersed in the joy of physical recovery, not at all noticing He Shan’s departure.

As for Su Ba, although I was aware of it, I didn’t care.

He looked at Wang Xiaoyi’s charming and delighted look, and the corners of his mouth also showed a comfortable smile.

As long as Xiaoyi is happy, he is also quite satisfied.

“Su Ba, thank you!”

Having finally recovered from the excitement and joy, Wang Xiaoyi looked at Su Ba with beautiful eyes, bowed deeply sincerely, and thanked him joyfully.

“cough cough, clothes~”

Su Ba turned his gaze without leaving a trace, and gave a slight reminder.

I smiled bitterly in my heart.

This Little Lass didn’t pay attention to what he was wearing, and bowed deeply in front of him. It’s really…


Hearing Su Ba unfathomable mystery, Wang Xiaoyi was stunned for a moment, and then looked down subconsciously.

Because Wang Xiaoyi is wearing a fluffy and cute white camisole today. With such a deep bow, the collar will naturally fall and open a lot under the force of gravity.

Because of the sultry weather, the clothes are still very thin, so…

Naked eye is visible.

Wang Xiaoyi’s pretty face flushed quickly, and she quickly reached out and covered her neckline. The pretty face was so red that she was at a loss.

“Wait… don’t you want to go to dinner later, I’ll go… to change clothes…”

After speaking, Wang Xiaoyi hurriedly turned around and ran into his room in a hurry.


The door was closed heavily.

Wang Xiao leaned behind the door, panting with squeamishness, his body a little weak.

“Hmm~ I’m so ashamed, I’ve been watched out by…”

Wang Xiaoyi’s slender and tender jade hand covered his hot and red pretty face, muttering to himself extremely shyly.

“What should I do, how will I face Su Ba later?

Pretend not to care? Does Su Ba think I am frivolous?

If you care, will Su Ba think that he is too easy to make trouble? “

Wang Xiaoyi gradually slid down from the door, and sat on the ground, reaching out and breaking his fingers, not knowing what to do for a while.

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