Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 889


And now.

In a corner of the small garden in the backyard of the villa.

Steward He Shan took a deep breath and made a video call.


On the phone screen, a head appeared.

This is a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and cold eyes, with a majestic complexion.


Seeing this person, He Shan’s body was shaken, his old face showed respect and awe.

“Old Ho, what’s the matter?”

The majestic middle age person looked at He Shan indifferently, a deep and deep voice came from the receiver, “I don’t want to listen to nonsense, remember!”


He Shan quickly gave a salute and said immediately.

“Patriarch, there is great news, Young Lady…her within the body’s Nine Yin veins are all cleared!”

Knowing the nature of this middle age person, where did He Shan dare to sell it, he told the news directly.

What? !

Hearing this news, the originally indifferent middle age person suddenly burst into ejaculation in his eyes and spoke in a deep voice.

“Old Ho, what you said is true?!”

“Yes, Patriarch, old man, how could I lie to you, the specialists in the treatment department of the supersonic institution here have already been accurately diagnosed, and Young Lady is completely cured of her illness, and the nine Yin is connected!”

Same as He Shan expected.

The face of Wang Sheng, the owner of the Wang Family, was shocked and unbelievable, then a little excited and excited, and then turned into surprise and doubt.

A long while.

The deep and solemn voice sounded again.

Wang Sheng stared at He Shan across the screen with burning eyes, said.

“He Lao, Yiyi’s nine-yin crux, how good is it?”

“Uh, this…”

He Shan face revealed a trace of difficult color.


Wang Sheng frowned and ordered.

Seeing Wang Sheng a little displeased, He Lao suddenly became a little frightened and even said.

“Patriarch, it’s not the old man, I don’t say it, but this…According to the Young Lady, I saw the old man, it seems that a young man in his twenties cured her.”

“talk nonsense!”

Wang Sheng burst out loudly, his eyes full of anger!


He didn’t dare to talk back, so he had to speak quietly.

I feel helpless.

He knew it, he said it would definitely be the result.

Wang Sheng said with a sneer.

“Old Ho, in the future, you must know who Fen will tell you.

Seeing that you have worked hard for most of my Wang Family for the rest of my life, I will not pursue your fault, if there is another time, I will not forgive! “

What He Shan said is a joke!

As the head of the Wang Family, when Wang Xiaoyi awakened from a young age, he noticed her within the body of the Nine Yin Veins.

He valued Wang Xiaoyi’s amazing potential in the Nine Yin Body. He invited countless famous and powerful abilities, and even invited SS-Rank’s powerhouse, the healing powerhouse, to come over for Wang Xiao. According to the conditioning treatment.

However, after all, there was no success.

At that time, when the SS-Rank healing powerhouse left, it was blunt to show it.

Wang Xiaoyi’s symptoms of nine-yin occlusion, no one can cure it!

Even if the powerhouse of SSS-Rank appears, there is no cure!

Now He Shan actually said that he was cured by a young man in his twenties?

Extremely ridiculous!

The head of the family of other families in the Overlord level of Heavenly Kings State. What can’t be solved by spending a lot of energy and resources will be solved by a kid in a barren and desolate land like Tuzhou?

Don’t talk about the S-Rank powerhouse in Tuzhou, it is a question whether there are A-Rank powerhouses.


Wang Sheng is absolutely unbelief.

But even so, Wang Xiaoyi’s smooth veins of Nine Yin still make Wang Sheng happy.

This kind of physique is said to have never existed in thousands or thousands of years, extremely rare and powerful!

Have a very high cultivation value.

Invincible of the same rank is still light!

Think about it.

Wang Sheng’s indifferent eyes flashes through a bright light, looking down at He Shandao.

“He Lao, Yiyi has also suffered a lot in Tuzhou in the past few years. She is also my daughter anyway, and the punishment is enough.

So, from now on, you can bring Yiyi back! “

“I see, Patriarch.”

He Shan respectfully took his orders.

Just when Wang Sheng was about to end the call.

“He grandfather, why are you here? I have been looking for you for a long time.”

Wearing a short white as snow skirt with slender and perfect jade legs, Wang Xiaoyi, who is dressed up and beautifully dressed, appears here.

“He grandfather, tell you, I went out to have a meal with my friends, maybe I will be back later, you……”

Wang Xiaoyi came over lightly, before he finished speaking, he suddenly noticed the screen of the phone in He Shan’s hand.

See that face on the screen.


The voice stopped abruptly!

Wang Xiaoyi’s lovable body trembled, and his steps stopped immediately, and the expression on his face instantly became restrained and awed.


A low voice yelled from her mouth.

“Well, Yiyi, you just came here.”

When Wang Xiaoyi appeared, Wang Sheng’s majestic gaze was directly on her.

Seeing Wang Xiaoyi’s ruddy complexion, energetic, and exuberant life force, I have no doubt about He Shan’s words in my heart.

In such a vivid state, the crux of the nine-yin occlusion on the body should be healed.

What a miracle!

Wang Sheng suppressed a trace of excitement in his heart, his expression still dignified and indifferent, looking at Wang Xiaoyi through the screen.

“Yiyi, I have already told He Lao just now. I will take you back to the Kingdom of Heaven. You don’t need to prepare for anything. Let’s leave now!”

What? !

Back to the Kingdom of Heaven? !

Wang Xiaoyi lifted his head fiercely, and beautiful eyes looked at Wang Sheng’s majestic face in disbelief.

“Dad, I made such a big mistake before, you didn’t…you didn’t mean…”

Wang Xiaoyi took a deep breath deeply, gritted his teeth and said, “Let me fend for myself, why…”

Wang Sheng interrupted indifferently when the words were not finished.

“Well, things have passed for so long, so I don’t need to mention it again. My Wang Sheng still misses the love of father and daughter, and the punishment is over here!”

The punishment is over?

Wang Xiaoyi suddenly remembered something, and it was clear in his heart.

It should be He grandfather who told her father about the cure of Jiu Yin terminal illness.

Therefore, her value is infinitely elevated in an instant!

So Wang Shengcai thought that he would rather offend the family a little bit, and bring her back to the Kingdom of Heaven.

After all, she is useful, and Wang Sheng needs it.

Thinking of this, Wang Xiaoyi’s mouth unconsciously showed a sad and wry smile.

“Yiyi, do you understand!”

Wang Sheng didn’t seem to notice Wang Xiaoyi’s strange emotions, and his voice was still indifferent.


Wang Xiaoyi had a kind of fear of Wang Sheng in the bones since he was a child. Even when he grew up, he still didn’t dare to look directly into Wang Sheng’s majestic and sharp eyes.

“Dad, can you wait for my friend and I to have this meal, and then come back…”

Knowing that he couldn’t resist Wang Sheng’s arrangement, Wang Xiaoyi still tried to fight for it.

“Eating with friends?”

After hearing this, Wang Sheng showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth, “Tuzhou, such a barren land, is full of clay chickens and pottery dogs, not qualified to be your friend!”

“No, Dad, he is very difficult to deal with, but he cured me.”

Hearing that Wang Sheng beat everyone to death with a stick, Wang Xiaoyi thought of Su Ba and couldn’t help refuting.


Wang Shengbu suddenly shouted loudly, and Wang Xiaoyi’s loving body trembled instantly.

“In the past few years, you have become more courageous! Dare to refute what I said?!”

Wang Sheng stared at Wang Xiaoyi coldly, lowering the head that Wang Xiaoyi was looking at, his pretty face turned pale.

“Patriarch, Yiyishe…”

He Shan just wanted to say something for Wang Xiaoyi, Wang Sheng’s cold and severe eyes swept over, and He Shan was timid and didn’t dare to interrupt.

“I will calculate the time from Tuzhou to Tianwangzhou and know when you will arrive at the latest. Don’t give me any time on the road. I hear you!”

Wang Sheng blunt gave the order!

“I see, Patriarch, I will bring Yiyi over immediately.”

He Shan’s respectful way.

Wang Sheng’s indifferent sight looked towards Wang Xiaoyi.

His eyes are as bright as his back!

Wang Xiaoyi’s lovable body trembled slightly and said in a low voice, “I…I also know…”


When Wang Sheng saw this, his indifferent and majestic face showed a trace of satisfaction.

“Wait a minute!”

At this moment, a clear voice sounded in the same place with a slightly cold voice.

Immediately under the eyes of several people.

A slender figure, a black clothed silhouette with a stern face came over from the gate of the villa’s backyard.

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