Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 891


Huhai City, East District.

Tiansheng Hotel.

In a gorgeous and exquisite small box.

A man and a woman are sitting opposite each other.

The female wears a long ice blue skirt with long sleeves, snow-skinned, her Qiong nose is straight, her pretty face is exquisite and cold, and her expressions reveal a little arrogance.

The man has a cold face, his eyes are like electricity, uncommon martial heroism, and his black hair is casually scattered, looking a little free and unrestrained.

these two people are Su Ba and Xun Keyu who attended the appointment.

At this time.

The table in front of the two of them was full of dishes.

As far as the eye can see, there are no less than 30 dishes, and the viewers are dazzled.

The arrogance on Xun Keyu’s pretty face disappeared when he looked towards Su Ba, but a little helpless, speechless saying.

“Su Ba, two of us eat it. Why do you order so many dishes? People who don’t know thought it would be a table of ten people.”


Xun Keyu’s pretty face gave Su Ba a suspicious look, said while playfully pouting, “Are you sure you brought money, this Young Lady does not pay, I am very poor when I go out.” >

“Don’t worry, my treat is my treat. This little money is nothing at worst.”

Su Ba said lightly, “Besides, are there too many of these things? You don’t eat, I can do whatever I want by myself.”

Since he opened up the 720 acupoints of Nine Yang Divine Art, Su Ba’s appetite has become so big that he is shocked.

It’s just that, at his level, even if he doesn’t eat or drink for a month, he can still be self-sufficient within the body energy.

So Su Ba normally doesn’t have much idea about satisfying the appetite.

I really want to eat it. He eats a cow. Maybe he is 30% full. He is really worried that Xun Keyu’s little heart can’t stand it.

Xun Keyu: “…”

Do it by yourself?

I really think I am the Great Appetite King.

“Okay, since you can eat, you eat more and don’t waste money.”

Xun Keyu rolled his eyes and assumed that Su Ba was boasting.

Su Ba is nodded at will and starts to eat.

Originally, Xun Keyu didn’t care, but he saw that Su Ba had eaten half of his meal in less than ten minutes. A pair of beautiful eyes stared straight round and whispered.

“Su Ba, are you a pig? You can eat it so…”

In the middle of speaking, I saw Su Ba glance at her faintly.

Xun Keyu’s lovable body trembled, hurriedly said, “Uh, I was wrong, don’t take what I said just now.”

She remembered that she still wanted someone.

With Su Ba’s stinky temper, it’s his own way and won’t take care of other people’s feelings at all.

If it’s because of herself, Su Ba feels upset and just patted her butt and left.

She can’t stop and can’t stop, she can’t hit and hit.

At that time, she really wanted to cry without tears.

But she was wrong. Su Ba didn’t take care of other people’s feelings, just because she was not familiar with others. If he truly recognized a friend, it would naturally be another matter.

“What are you looking at, eat, don’t say I didn’t remind you, when the time comes, don’t eat anything, don’t blame me when you are hungry.”

Seeing that most of the food at the table was solved, Xun Keyu stared at him in a daze, Su Ba lifts the head, and said casually.

It’s just that these words sounded in Xun Keyu’s ears, but it made her stay slightly.


Is this Su Ba caring about her?

Xun Keyu was flattered for a while.

This straight man of steel will actually think for others?

“Oh, yes, I get it.”

Xun Keyu, who came back to his senses, immediately nodded, and moved his chopsticks with joy.

In a moment.

All the food at the table was settled, and the two put down their chopsticks.

“Let’s talk, eat and drink, what can I say.”

Su Ba picked up the tissue and wiped his mouth, looked at Xun Keyu lightly, and said.

“Huh? Do you know I have something to ask you?”

Xun Keyu was taken aback.

“Are you okay? I’ll leave when it’s okay. Bye.”

Su Ba is shrugged casually, and is about to get up.

“Hey, wait!”

Xun Keyu was in a hurry. She stood up and planned to stop Su Ba, but saw Su Ba’s unperturbed back against a chair, and star-like deep eyes looking at her with a faint smile.


Be tricked!

Xun Keyu’s pretty face flushed with shame, panting with rage returned to his position.

“You are very annoying!”

Xun Keyu curled his lips.

“Okay, let’s talk about it.”

Su Ba smiled faintly, “In fact, you don’t even know that I know, do you still want to invite me to join your team?”

“Ah, I…this…”

The thought in his heart was broken by Su Ba’s words, Xun Keyu was a little bit at a loss, and then clenched the teeth, simply got up and looked at Su Ba seriously.

“Yes, Su Ba, I think so, because I need your help so much, I want to prove…”

“Okay, I just join.”

Su Ba spoke slightly.

“Oh, I knew you would refuse again…Huh?”

Xun Keyu sighed, suddenly startled.

Remembering what Su Ba said just now, her lovable body was shocked, she raised her head, looked at Su Ba in surprise and joy, incredible.

“Su Ba, did you agree to join my team just now?”


No way!

Su Ba really agreed?

Xun Keyu couldn’t believe her ears at all.

She didn’t have much confidence in inviting Su Ba. After all, Su Ba doesn’t buy in oil and salt, hard and soft, which is very difficult to do.

But she was not reconciled, so she missed Su Ba.

After all, such a powerful genius, even in the top Great Prefecture, is very rare.

“If you heard me right, that is it.”

Su Ba said slowly.

Seeing Xun Keyu’s overjoyed and unbelievable appearance, her heart is funny.

It seems that I had refused too much before, which caused Little Lass to be a little confused.

“Really very good! Su Ba, thank you! Don’t worry, I will not treat you badly!”

After Xun Keyu recovered, he stood up excitedly.

“Don’t worry, I have one condition.”

“What are the conditions? As long as I can do it, Xun Keyu can do it!”

Xun Keyu solemnly vowed and patted his chest.

Su Ba smiled faintly and said.

“It’s very simple. I can join your team, but I want to guarantee absolute freedom. If there is nothing, just don’t bother me.”


Xun Keyu thought for a while, still nodded and said, “Okay, but you are now the most powerhouse of our team. If the team members get into trouble in the future, you will help.”

“As long as the people on our side are not deliberately looking for things, whoever dares to come over and find faults, I will shoot them directly.”

Su Ba’s complexion said in a tranquil voice.

“Oh, yes, I want to ask you something.”

What comes to mind, Su Ba’s deep eyes looked towards Xun Keyu.

“What’s the matter?”

Xun Keyu asked.

“About special passes.”

Su Ba faintly muttered to oneself, and continued, “Recently, Shuizhou went to the middle of the Great Prefecture Huo Province tour, when will it start? What are the rules?”

Su Ba changed his mind and was willing to join the Xun Keyu team only because he had learned from Faye.

The order of Nine Provinces in this World is almost connected by a straight line.

From Tuzhou interstate to Muzhou, Muzhou interstate to Shuizhou, as long as most of the administrators of the local superstitious agency agree to sign the interstate formalities for you, you can cross the state.

But once it involves different levels of state.

For example, if you travel from a small state to the medium Great Prefecture Huo Province from a small state to the medium Great Prefecture Huo Province, and from a medium Great Prefecture state to the top Great Prefecture state of Hades, if you cross the state for the first time, you must obtain a special pass.

This special pass is not issued by a local superstitious agency, but needs to pass a specific tournament to get an excellent ranking.

And the tournament cannot be taken as an individual, you need to register with a team.

So, Su Ba simply gave Xun Keyu a favor to help her team win.

“Su Ba, how do I feel, as if you are in a hurry to cross the state?”

Xun Keyu gave Su Ba a suspicious look.


Su Ba indifferent expression.

“Where are you going?”

“Heavenly King State!”

“Why are you going to Tianwangzhou?”

Xun Keyu subconsciously asked.

“Wang Family, step on people!”

Su Ba’s eyes suddenly showed a blazing lightning glow!

hong long!

Void thunderbolt shakes!

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