Recycle System Upgrades Instantly Chapter 892


Su Ba’s eyes suddenly flashed with amazing golden lightning, which directly surprised Xun Keyu.

“Su Ba, you…your eyes…”

Xun Keyu turned pale with fright looked at Su Ba, and then felt that Su Ba was full of unspeakable violent aura at this moment, like a peerless ominous beast coming, making her shiver coldly.

“Oh, it’s sloppy.”

Su Ba calmly retracted Thunder Strength and his eyes returned to normal.

Seeing that Xun Keyu still looked scared, he moved towards Xun Keyu and struck out a Nine Sun True Essence, and the aura on the latter quickly calmed down.

“Su Ba, you just…how did your eyes flash with lightning…Aren’t you a power-type superpower…”

Xun Keyu stabilized his mind and looked at Su Ba incredulously.

“Who said I belong to the force department?”

Su Ba smiled swiftly, “Okay, there is nothing at worst in this matter. Please answer my question quickly and don’t digress.”

“Oh, all right.”

Xun Keyu can only be obediently nodded when she sees this, but Su Ba is more and more deep and unmeasurable in her eyes.

Thunder Strength!

That is the most explosive element in the world, with extremely powerful destructive power!

If Su Ba is a Thunder Element and strength dual element, the battle strength is probably far beyond her imagination.

She really picked up the treasure.

Seeing that Su Ba was a little impatient, Xun Keyu quickly recovered, opened the mouth and said.

“The annual interstate tournament in Shuizhou is about to start in about one month.

As long as the top three teams in the Shuizhou interstate tournament, they are eligible to get a special pass to the middle Great Prefecture Huo Province.

As for if you want to go to Uranus, you must first participate in the interstate tournament to enter Hades. This will not know when we will go to Hades interstate tournament after we get the Huo Province special pass. “


Su Ba nodded.

The cross-state tournament here in Shuizhou is still about a month away.

Time is not long, and short is not short.

However, during this time, it happened to also explain Faye and let him start to develop in other states as appropriate.

By the way, when the time comes followed him to Shuizhou, he destroyed the Meng family and let Feiye take over the wealth of the Meng family.

“Oh by the way, Young Lady, did the special pass issued by the person who held the interstate tournament?”

Su Ba asked what he thought of.


Xun Keyu nodded in response.

“To be precise, is it a person? Or an organization?”

Su Ba squinted his eyes and looked at Xun Keyu scorchingly, as if he was very concerned about this question.

“Is a person.”

“Are you sure?!”

Su Ba’s eyes flashed, “Who is that person? Is there any information? Why is the power so great?!”

“Yes, it is indeed a person, but as far as the information is concerned, Nine Provinces has tens of thousands of years since the record. I don’t know why it seems that it has not been recorded.

So what his identity, who, is still unknown.

But it’s definitely not the same person anymore, no one has lived so long. “

Xun Keyu stretched out her white jade hand and scratched her head, “However, although there is no information, there are still images of people who came to host the tour in recent years.”

Only images? !

And only the last few years?

Su Ba brows slightly wrinkle, then said, “Okay, let me see the image.”

“Ok, wait a minute.”

Although it is not clear why Su Ba is so interested in this kind of thing, but now Su Ba is her thigh, naturally, she must satisfy any reasonable request of Su Ba.

Xun Keyu took out his mobile phone, opened the search software proficiently, and randomly found a scene of a cross-state tournament, and then zoomed in on a screen at the opening and placed it in front of Su Ba.

“Look, this is the person.”

Xun Keyu pointed to a silhouette standing still in the void and motioned to Su Ba.

Su Ba looked right away.

“ceng! ”

Look here!

Su Ba was shocked and stood up suddenly!

There is an extreme look of shock on his face!

How come? !

Su Ba couldn’t believe it. The silhouette of Su Ba staring at the phone screen stubbornly made a heaven overflowing giant wave in his heart!

“What’s wrong, Su Ba?”

Su Ba’s behavior made Xun Keyu heart startled and asked quickly.

Su Ba did not answer!

My eyes are still on the phone screen!

At this time, only a silhouette appears on the mobile phone screen due to magnification.

This is a red-haired young man wearing red-clothed and holding a blood-colored long sword.

The red-haired youth has a cold face, and his pupils are extremely cold, as if seeing everything in the world is dead.

If someone you know is here, I’m afraid they will have the same shock and amazement expression as Su Ba!

Wind Blood Sword!

This person, who is not Blood Sword? !

impossible? !

Su Ba was surprised!

Why is the Wind Sword here? !

It’s totally unrealistic!

Not to mention, at that time Victorious Battle Buddha only sent him back alone!

According to Xun Keyu’s description, this person has appeared in the last few interstate tours, and the blood Sword he knows is at least in Profound Heaven Continent.

If he remembers correctly.

At that time, it happened to be the few years when he and Feng Blood Sword secluded cultivation after comprehending Daobi from Wuji Secret Realm!

Wind Blood Sword retreats in Profound Heaven Continent Limitless Sect!

Why does it appear in Nine Provinces world? !

Weird! Horror!

Su Ba thought for a while, but turned down!

Perhaps, this person is just like the Blood Sword!

Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things!

Among hundreds of millions of people, it is not impossible to find two who do not want to be closed but are surprisingly similar in appearance!

This person, absolutely impossible is Wind Sword!

Su Ba squinted his eyes, bright light glittering in his eyes.

After all.

The person who appeared on the phone screen, his cold eyes looked down on the earth faintly.

Through the screen, although the whole person did not show a trace of breath, it inexplicably gave Su Ba a very dangerous feeling!

This is very unusual!


Su Ba has suppressed his strength, but he is still an out-and-out emperor realm soul!

It can make Su Ba feel extremely dangerous, but just looking at a still image through the screen can only prove one thing!

The strength of this guy is deep and unmeasurable!

At least the emperor’s level!

The Blood Sword of Profound Heaven Continent has just been promoted to king realm Peak soon, plus the rules and restrictions of Profound Heaven Continent, the Blood Sword of Profound Heaven Continent is impossible breakthrough to threaten Su Ba level!


Since this person is not Blood Sword, who is it? !

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