Red Heart Survey Chapter 1326

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Of course, I Big Dipper has been prepared for a long time, and is very vigilant.

bloodfiend is also startled, because the level of power he feels in this voice is not in the presence of gods, not in the cave... is already at the top of the world!

A powerhouse of Yandao!

With his ancient origins and vision, of course he will not make a mistake in judgment.

Then the suicide of the Gua Master, it turned out not to be the end, not to admit defeat and leave, but just another beginning?

At the cost of death, to attract the arrival of this powerhouse?

The showdown between the art of blood occupation and the art of fate is not over yet? !

The opening with such an imposing manner, I asked a question with such a mysterious aura. It sounds like an old powerhouse that has been sleeping for a long time...

Shen Mianjing Was only awakened now?

Who is it?

bloodfiend searched for the few memories from the source, but found nothing.

But at the next moment, the aging and mysterious voice became confusing: "Who am I?"

Then it seemed to be born. gas.

The blood mist fluctuates along with it——

"Who the hell is calling me? Sun thief! Stand up and try!? Is there morality, do you want to sleep? Of?"


Yu Big Dipper:……

One has an ancient origin, and the other has a hexagram for half a lifetime, and can be called powerhouse, but at the moment all are speechless.

I really don’t know what to say.

Compared with the imagination, the performance of the Yandao powerhouse is too far away!

I didn’t get any response, and the voice of aging continued, muttering to myself: "So familiar blood energy...Do I know it?"

"It seems It's a fortune-telling..."

"Yes, it's a fortune-telling."

The aging voice gradually confirmed it, as if it slowly recalled something, and then became indifferent: "I remember. The fortune teller spent half his life working hard, asking me to...send him a sword."

The sound fell off.

The blood-colored mist engulfing in the cave, at this time, seemed to tremble, and then suddenly contracted, infinitely condensed... The blood-colored mist was actually pressed into substance, and it instantly gathered into a sword!

This is... a sword without a handle.

From beginning to end, it is sword edge.

Colorless and translucent.

Only in the body of the sword, there is a faint blood-colored gossip pattern floating and sinking, which seems to represent the traces of the Gua master.

Prove that he once existed.

Although the body is gone, the soul is gone.

This sword is condensed by his remains.

In a sense, it also carried out his will.

So sword up!

This colorless sword with hexagram patterns is light and fluttering when it moves. It can’t be said to be fierce, there is no big movement, it just stands up in the air...

It’s that simple Everything is different.

It's hard to describe that kind of scene, that kind of feeling.

There is no sound, nor any other colors.

I can't see the stone wall of the cave.

There is only a line of sword light standing upright, swaggering alone in the smoke and dust.

sword light is colorless and invisible, it can hardly exist in the visual world. But in the world of Spiritual Consciousness, in the world observed by Divine Soul--

This sword light cannot be ignored and unstoppable. Majestic like a mountain, connecting the sky and the ground!

I Big Dipper, who was sitting cross-legged in the air, pointed his sword sharply, and after a closer look, it didn't seem to move.

The bloodfiend lying on the ground stiffened with blood light, and when I looked at it again, the blood light had all disappeared again.

They couldn't make any sound.

Their secret skills, tricks... all the efforts they made, it seems that they don't exist at all, and they have never happened.

They did not seem to resist.

Only sword light is destroying it.

The neck of bloodfiend was already cut open. The blood has been flowing and corroding the ground. After a long time, it meanders into a stream.

At this time, this blood stream is disappearing inch by inch.

If you take a closer look at the powerhouse above God's presence, you can see that the wisps of sword qi are gradually strangling the blood in the tiny square inches.

The blood bead was destroyed by sword qi.

The bloodfiend eyes were wide open, and the emotions he showed were angry and frightened, and his lips kept opening. I don't know if it is threatening, or angry or cursing.

But there is no sound.

This blood-colored stream resolutely "backed" and continued to dissolve... It was cut clean.

The wound on the bloodfiend's neck was immediately torn open, and the entire head was lifted off and then shredded.

Then comes the torso, the limbs...

During this process, the bloodfiend's body is constantly surging with blood light, and it is constantly being cut off.

Blood is constantly being produced, and it is constantly being chopped up.

In such a monotonous repetition, he was finally beheaded completely.

Not disappeared.

But it is cut too small and too small, broken into a thousandth of a dust, and the naked eye called the ordinary person can't see clearly, and it seems to disappear.

The corpses are actually piled up there, just musculoskeletal blood, all of which have become a pile of thin and thin "powder."

Sword light was originally treated equally, and came here to kill all living creatures.

However, bloodfiend was unwillingly pushed in front by Yu Big Dipper, taking the damage, so he was cut to pieces first.

This sword is really long.

Perhaps because the details of destroying the enemy are too clear, it seems long.

After smashing the bloodfiend, I Big Dipper was not spared.

The first thing that broke was the blood bag on the back of his brain, in which part of the bloodfiend was still active, still twisting and struggling. The sword qi sweeps across the place, floating like smoke.

Then his toes and fingers...

Faced with this sword, Big Dipper, a daoist in the current world, performed slightly stronger, and could control the steps of body destruction to a certain extent. , Start from the less important place...

But that's it.

The colorless and invisible sword light in vision finally swept him.

This world's highest achiever of the art of destiny, was cut to pieces in the cave of Broken Soul Gorge, silently.

Now there is no living thing in this cave.

The colorless hexagram sword is still erected in the air, and the blood-colored hexagram pattern is faintly discernible in the blade, like a fish swimming in the water, ups and downs.

"This Sword God ghost will not stay."

The aging voice said: "Fortune teller, is this what you want?"

The blood-colored hexagram pattern dissipated and disappeared in the sword body.

As if to say, this is the case.

The voice of aging leaves only a sigh.

Then this hexagram sword gathered by the disintegration of the Gua master’s body also dissipated.

Until this time, everything except sword light began to return.

The cave, stone pillar, sound...



A sword-shaped smoke rose into the sky.

The stone pillar of the blood-locked life formation and the cliff of Broken Soul Gorge were all crushed.

This cave on the cliff is penetrated by this sword-shaped smoke!

How high are the cliffs on both sides of Broken Soul Gorge?

As high as a dangerous peak without peaking, pedestrians want to die.

And this sword-shaped smoke directly pierced all the cliffs on this side, leaving only a sword-shaped hole from bottom to top.

The smoke soared to the sky for a few thousand zhangs, before it stopped, then it curled up and dispersed.

At this time, if someone overlooks Broken Soul Gorge from the high dome, they should see this steep Broken Soul Gorge, like a gap on the ground. And the cliff on the east side of Broken Soul Gorge has a deep hole...

It is "the sky opens a line, the sword opens a glance!"

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