Red Heart Survey Chapter 1327

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Lin Xian left Broken Soul Gorge silently and returned to Rong Country alone.

It's not that he never thought of attacking Jiang Wang, or exposing Human Demon who was wounded and escaped.

The previous step can kill Qi State Heaven's Chosen and destroy the mountains in the heart. The latter step can punish the evil and promote the good, and it can also use this to make a name, step on the body of Human Demon, and let the world know Lin Xian.

But in the end they gave up.

Of course there are various reasons, but the most central point he cannot deny is the lack of strength.

Although Human Demon flees in panic in front of Jiang Wang, there is still no doubt that her human face is so powerful that it is difficult to know what “collection” she has.

As for Jiang Wang himself... being able to retreat and expose Human Demon in such a severely injured state is very indicative of the problem.

It is important to know that on the Guanhe Platform, Jiang Wang's battle against Xiangbei was to win with Divine Soul.

Even at the moment when his fleshy body was seriously injured, Lin Xian did not have the confidence to win the battle at the Divine Soul level.

Of course, people have a thousand thoughts in the heart, these are just the most realistic thoughts at that moment.

The last impulse to shoot Jiang Wang was actually dispelled from the back of the person sitting alone.

"I look at his people, like looking up at the top of the mountains and seeing the abyss of the Star River. The height is also immeasurable..."

In the past, the Zen Master Zhaowu went south to Mount Meru, I am conceited as a talent in the world and want to "talk about Zen from the nations", but when he sees Huang Weizhen, he returns, leaving only this sigh, which is widely circulated.

Today, Lin Xian only feels that it fits his state of mind at this moment.

Although his cultivation base is far inferior to that of Zen Master Zhaowu of the day, the current Jiang Wang cannot be compared with Huang Weizhen.

But it’s the same, and I just feel the limitless.

We meet each other by fate, and the breadth of Heaven and Earth is known.

And the story of the Zen Master Zhaowu and Huang Weizhen is a good story. Thirty years after Geyinhuang Weizhen achieved the Dao, Zen Master Zhaowu was also able to prove the Dao.

It means "you have to see the high mountain before you go to the high mountain".

Faced with the mountains in their hearts, some people were afraid of heights, and they were totally helpless. Some people do everything possible to destroy it. Some people frankly admired and walked toward that mountain.

He, Lin Xian, wants to be enlightened.

The capital of Rongguo, named Zhaoguang.

Lin Xian has been living in this city before climbing to Guanhetai.

To be more precise, it was in a courtyard in the Western District.

Except when I went to Secret Realm cultivation, I never took a step out of the door.

I only took a special carriage when I went in and out, and my whereabouts were top secret in Rongguo.

Rong Ting devoted his country's power to give him the best teaching, the best sparring, the best resources...Even the country's lord has personally pointed him to him.

When he went to Guanhetai, he fell short of the expectations of a country.

Judging from the previous situation of the Yellow River Club, with his strength, there should be no doubt that he can enter the race.

However, the intensity of this year's Yellow River Conference has been ranked among the previous sessions. The quality of the inner court field is even the strongest ever.

Not only did he fail to stand in front of Qi State Heaven's Chosen and show Rong Guo's prestige, he didn't even make it into the race.

The qualifications to fight Jiang Wang are not contended!

Many people in the country were disappointed in him, and their complaints continued.

But the country's lord still believes in the importance and leans on as a pillar.

He fought desperately on the Watching River Platform. The talent and loyalty he showed can be understood by anyone with a discerning eye.

Contemporary Rongjun is really not a mediocre master.

However, how similar is Rong Guo in front of Qi State to him in front of Jiang Wang?

The more you are not a mediocre, the more painful you are.

This section of the road from Broken Soul Gorge to Rongguo is not as difficult as imagined.

He went out of Broken Soul Gorge twice, and he realized the power of Jiang Wang more than once.

But compared to the despair of leaving Broken Soul Gorge for the first time, the second time was much more calm.

The limits of the inner government are far broader than imagined.

So, what was he worried about before? What is his dissatisfaction?

Who can compare Jiang Qingyang on the stage of watching the river?

The mountain is there, so high, so settle down and walk there steadily.

There is a road ahead, and it has been cleared.

Is there any reason to stop again?

Return to Zhaoguang City and walk into the familiar courtyard. There is a person standing with his hand in the courtyard.

When I heard the movement, I turned around, but it was a man dressed as a scribe and looked at him about forty years old.

Lin Xian looked at Lin Xian, with a cordial smile on his face: "Are you back?"

This person is Rong Guoguo's Ouyang Yong.

Lin Xian bowed his hand and bowed down: "Master of the country."

Ouyang Yong waved his hand: "There is no outsider here, just call him Uncle."

"The ceremony must not be discarded." Lin Xian insisted on finishing the ceremony, before saying: "My lord of the country is here, I don't know what to order?"

Ouyang Yong pondered his tone, slowly said: "Xingyueyuan The war over there has already begun. For now, it is the battlefield of youngsters. Are you interested in joining?"

No matter how uncomfortable secretly, how much you want to get rid of the restraint... Rong Guo wants to join the star Of course, the Yueyuan battlefield can only be in the Qi State camp.

Even Rong Guo wanted to join the battlefield of Xingyueyuan, which itself took place under the pressure of Qi State.

Lin Xian can fully imagine how much pressure this relaxed-faced countryman in front of him has endured is to give him a "choice" and let him decide whether to go or not...


On the battlefield of the youngster confrontation, if Lin Xian, the first inland palace of Rongguo, does not go, it is not the sincerity of Rongguo.

"It has always been Lin Xian's wish to be able to fight against the heroes of the world. A real man has made contributions on the battlefield, and it is a blessing." Lin Xian said: "I am willing to go."

Ouyang Yong took a deep look at him, and finally he could only stretch out his hand and patted him on his shoulder: "Jiang Wang Tong Mo, whereabouts unknown, you Lin Xian is the first inland palace in the Eastern Region. The future of Rongguo depends on you. On your shoulders, don't care about those bad voices, just behave well on Xingyue Plain,"

Lin Xian once again gave a salute uprightly: "Please don't say this, Mr. Guoxiang. "

Ouyang Yong said broadly: "You don't have to worry, your majesty is also saying this, I'm just repeating the words of your majesty."

Lin Xian did not look up, but said "My Majesty, please don't say this again."

Ouyang Yong's face finally showed surprise: "Why?"

Lin Xian lifts the head, his face calmly: "The world With Jiang Wang, who is the next person first?"

Ouyang Yong laughed, and explained in the tone of a past person: "The excitement of watching the river platform is just a long river, and it can’t last a lifetime. You are better than him, The only difference is the resources. Now, whereabouts unknown, it is a good time for your generation to work hard..."

Lin Xian said: "I met Jiang Wang in Broken Soul Gorge..."

Ouyang Yong paused, and then asked: "Have you fought against each other?

Lin Xian smiled bitterly and shook his head: "How can I be qualified to fight him now? "

He sighed: "I just... witnessed his battle. "

"In Broken Soul Gorge? "Ouyang Yong frowned and asked, "With whom?" "

Lin Xian said slowly: "The evil Human Demon Zheng Fei, the human Demon Li Shou cut the flesh, the Human Demon swallow was exposed, and the Human Demon Huan Tao was beheaded. "

Ouyang Yong knows the notoriety of the Nine Human Demons. How many people in the world want to kill them, but the whereabouts of these Nine Human Demons are hidden and difficult to follow,

Indulge for a moment. Later, Ouyang Yong asked: "Wheel battle? "

Lin Xian shook the head and said: "Jiang Wang is one enemy four." "

Ouyang Yong was moved instantly!

Although he still tried his best to maintain a calm posture, his voice was a little strange: "Is he still retreating all over?" "

Lin Xian's eyes drooped slightly, as if he did not dare to look directly at the hot sun, and only said: "All evil, cutting flesh, beheading, are all dead!" Only revealing Human Demon’s hurried escape..."

The impact of this news is so amazing.

As the prime minister of Rongguo, such as Ouyang Yong, he can’t help it. His figure flickered, and he lost his voice: "Qi State is so! Is it another Jiang Mengxiong? ! "

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