Red Heart Survey Chapter 1328

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Jiang Wang feels like he has walked a long section of the road.

Walking alone in a gloomy night, I don’t know how many miles I have traveled, and I can’t count.

There is no end in the front, no future in the back.

I don’t know Heaven and Earth on the outside, and I don’t know the enmity and hatred inside.

No one on the left, no one on the right.

This feeling...

Like a feather floating in the sea, like a scale exposed to the shore.

Ignorance, no one to rely on. East and West are not distinguished, North and South are unknown.

Jiang Wang has always been a very determined person, knowing what he wants to do and how he should move forward. No matter what kind of dilemma he faces, he will overcome all obstacles and move forward courageously.

But now, he doesn't even know if he is "forwarding".

He is just walking, always walking.

But I don’t know how long or how far I have walked.

He can't reach out and hold the sword, and he can't even feel his own hand.

When he realized that he could not feel his hand, he also found that he was not sure at this time whether he was walking. He didn't even know when this feeling happened.

He just has this idea--

Continue walking.

Only this thought, and completely lost the perception of "self".

It's not the confusion of all the five senses, but all perceptions, including the five senses, seem to no longer exist.

The hopeless trek is the most difficult, and the greatest fear comes from the unknown.

And this kind of Heaven and Earth is dark, this world's lonely without light, like a tide like a sea, almost drowning people.

Every breath is born with the idea of ​​collapse, so Divine Soul gradually dissipated. It is like a high mountain, constantly falling rocks and soil, and gradually "wasting".

The fallen grass kills the autumn scenery, and the fine ants destroy the long dikes.

"Little Friend Jiang?"

I heard a voice in a trance, and there was a lingering sound in the faint long night.

It was a very faint but very long voice, which was originally indistinct and difficult to find in the gloomy night.

But what’s not about the vocalist is...

The voice itself moves forward stubbornly, like a devout believer worshiping the gods, slamming to Holy Mountain three steps at a time, and finally being “heard” ".

Although it is an empty world, once the sound appears, it will come.

It means "a thousand voices come to Korea".

This sound awakened the ears, or reminded the existence of hearing in an unconscious state.

In short, hearing is the first to appear, and the world of sound has an outline...

The information brought by the sound itself enriches the knowledge.

So Yiying's perception gradually recovered.

The lonely tide receded.

Jiang Wang opened his eyes and saw a familiar old face...

He reached out and touched the sword.

"Are you better?"

Yu Big Dipper looked over with concern, and naturally held his hand to help him get his pulse.

"Your injury is very serious."

At this time, I Big Dipper, with silver hair and jade light on his face, all the embarrassing postures are gone, but brows tightly knit: "The heart is broken, why are you so careless?"

There is a little kindness in the stern tone, and a little care in the blame.

Jiang Wang has an urge to take a bite of him, but it is hard to remember where his "very unpleasant" feeling comes from.

The body has just awakened from the state of emptiness, and it is not so timely for combing the information.

Immediately afterwards, I felt that a wisp of warm and moisturizing power fell into the body through Yu Big Dipper's hand, like rain.

He looked inward, and of course he saw a cluster of heart fragments that were about to collapse. Then he remembered his injury.

Like a fish returning to the sea.

All memories are quickly recovered.

He observed his heart and saw the line of starlight floating like rain, shuttled back and forth in the fragments of the heart... actually slowly "weaving" it!

This is a very mysterious process. The starlight thread shuttles from this heart fragment to the other heart fragment, and the two heart fragments are fused together, and the starlight thread disappears...

Weaving hearts are like knitting clothes.

The rain-like starlight thread disappeared one by one, but this broken heart slowly recovered until it throbbed vigorously.

Boom boom, boom boom.

Integrate the flow of blood and provide strength to the stiff limbs.

The heart is restored and everything is reborn.

Jiang Wang feels the resurgent power in his body and feels this world again.

"I'll connect the leg for you, too." Yu Big Dipper said with concern: "Is your broken leg saved?"

"In the storage box. "Jiang Wang replied.

"Give it to me." Yu Big Dipper said warmly.

Jiang Wang took the broken leg out of the storage box, and Big Dipper reached out and took it. Without a word, he pressed it directly on the wound of his broken leg.

Using a severed limb to hit the wound, there is a sense of fierce collision with a knife and a gun.

The sudden pain made Jiang Wang's brow twitch, but at the next moment, a warm feeling has replaced the pain. The scene of the heart repairing reappeared again, and the broken leg was intact as before.

"Come on, give me your ears too, and I will treat you well." Yu Big Dipper said again.

Jiang Wang gave it, subconsciously: "Thank you."

As soon as the words were spoken, I felt something was wrong...

My legs are Why did it break?

"You don't need to be so polite, we are friends of the year-end, and friends help each other." Yu Big Dipper said casually. The hands continue to break the ears for him.

Heart, broken legs, and broken ears will recover in turn, and other internal injuries accumulated in the body will gradually disappear. Jiang Wang's five senses are becoming clearer.

The feeling of "complete" is so beautiful.

It made him almost want to get up immediately and dance a set of Sword Art.

So my eyes couldn't help but spot Yu Big Dipper's throat.

"Is it better?" Yu Big Dipper said kindly with a smile: "youngster must pay attention to the body, not too impulsive, impulsiveness can easily cause trouble, understand?"

Jiang Wang thought for a while, looked away, and began to observe the environment.

He found that he was probably still in the previous cave, but the cave at this time was very different.

Stone pillar, bloodfiend, and blood stream are all disappeared. There is a hole on the top of the cave, which penetrates the high cliff of incalculable height, revealing the distant sky light.

The entire Broken Soul Gorge was pierced by some kind of power!

Jiang Wang sat up from the ground, while Yu Big Dipper was squatting next to him, his clothes being dragged to the ground.

He didn't look at Yu Big Dipper, but stared at the hole in a daze.

This hole is only baby fist sized, and the wall is so smooth that there is no undulation.

No sword qi, no sword marks.

But Jiang Wang still has a very strong feeling-this is the result of a sword penetrating the cliff!

"Very terrifying, right?" Yu Big Dipper, who was squatting next to him, also lifted the head to look at the hole, suddenly asked.

He seems to have completely guessed what Jiang Wang is thinking, and affirms Jiang Wang's thoughts.

This hole is a sword creation.

"Who stayed?"

Jiang Wang realized that after the palm of Yu Big Dipper was pressed and he fell into that state of emptiness, what was surprising in the cave The accident happened.

But when the question came out, I immediately added cautiously: "Is it convenient for me to know?"

Yu Big Dipper did not respond to this question, but looked at the sky. Each minding their own business sighed: "forget the outside world and oneself, One with Heaven and Earth... How can the Flying Sword three must not be terrifying?"

Flying Sword Three Wonders! ?

Jiang Wang's heart was shaken and he lost consciousness for a while.

Yu Big Dipper turned his head and asked him: "You know?"

"I heard about it." Jiang Wang quickly calmed his mood and said: "I heard it was the Flying Sword era. The three strongest sword techniques of, collectively referred to as the San Jue Dipper, I just don’t know which of them it is?"

Yu Big Dipper sighed in words, seemingly nostalgic, seemingly sad: "One said, Only I sword dao. Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, Only I Am Supreme. One is the word dao without me, is invincible without me. The other is sword dao. forget the outside world and oneself, One with Heaven and Earth!"

He once again looked towards the small hole at the top of the cave, with a lingering fear--

"What you see now is the first of the nine Human Demons , Forget-me-human Demon Yanchun returned to the result of a sword flying!"




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