Red Heart Survey Chapter 1329

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"Yan Chunhui?"

This name is actually very warm, it is not like a Human Demon name.

But Jiang Wang thought of another thing.

In Flying Sword's Three Great Summits, he inherited Xiang Fengqi's solitaire sword dao forward. This is what he knows. Yu Big Dipper just said that the sword dao of Ecstasy is back in the hands of Number One Person. In addition, there is an excellent Flying Sword technique called "No Self".

And the fist technique of Jiang Mengxiong, the famous throughout the world, is named "Slaying Boxing Without Self". Wang Yiwu once fought against Jiang Wang.

The name of the sword technique and the fist technique are so similar, it is hard to say that there is no connection between the two.

Think of what Xiangqian once described again. His Master tried his sword against Fengqi. The hole was really invincible, only one battle away from the extraordinary.

In this battle, his people chose to challenge the enemy for life.

Flying Sword, who was punched to pieces, died in the end... just like that.

Because of witnessing this battle, Xiangqian was shattered with faith, and since then muddleheaded.

For the world's boxers, who can punch Xiang Fengqi, who is really invincible?

In Jiang Wang's limited range of knowledge, only Jiang Mengxiong can definitely do it. Perhaps the great martial artist Wang Yu met in the fan world is also possible.

Could it be the Great Qi military god Jiang Mengxiong who challenged Feng Qi back then?

If it is such a character, the word "despair" is not unusual. It's even reasonable...

"Does the Flying Sword have a descendant in this world?" Jiang Wang couldn't help asking.

Yu Big Dipper glanced at him: "You seem to care about this?"

Jiang Wang thought for a while and said, "If you want to collect money, I won't ask. "

Yu Big Dipper:...

"Wu Wo Sword Dao is back in the hands of Yan Chun, I have already said. Only Wo Sword Dao’s descendant is once Dong Zhen The invincible Xiang Fengqi, whether there is still a rumor now, I don’t know. There is no way to calculate this kind of ultimate skill. As for the word dao without me..."

He looked at Jiang Wang:" Do you really don’t know?"

Jiang Wang asked half-tentatively: "It is related to Jiang Mengxiong’s selfless killing punch?"

"You still have to ask me about this. You are not really a high-level person in Qi State." Yu Big Dipper smiled: "The news you can know depends on your real level...our first under the heavens inner palace, although there is Grade 3 in Qi State But it’s just a small Constable!"

"I have been in Qi State for a very short time, and it’s normal to not know about some things." Jiang Wang was not irritated, but said "But I’ve never heard of military gods still using Flying Sword..."

"Like this super sword technique that covers an era, the natural brilliance shines. The name is also impressive. Some people continue to carry forward the Tao, and people and the sword technique complement each other, which can be called dazzling. And there is another kind of person, the intensity of rays of light, which can overwhelm its existence..." Yu Big Dipper said: "Jiang Mengxiong is this kind of person."

He sighed: "In front of Jiang Mengxiong, how many superb skills can be commendable?"

Jiang Wang did not expect at all. Yu Big Dipper's evaluation of the Great Qi Army God is so high. Although he also recognized Jiang Mengxiong's strength very much, he couldn't help asking: "Isn't the ultimate technique not worthy of praise?"

"In the early years, Jiang Mengxiong was able to move unhindered in the Flying Sword. The whole world is a world of swords, and the same realm is not defeated. When the world was famous, he thought that Flying Sword Technique had been eliminated by the times, and he would have no way to go when he reached the end. So the broken sword was a fist and he repaired from scratch. Start. Abandon the word dao without me, repair the sword dao without me..."

Yu Big Dipper did not continue to talk about Jiang Mengxiong's Legendary, but at this point, he changed his mind: "So, Flying Sword Sanjue Until now, there is only one sword or two swords left, and the no-self sword dao among them is gone."

Flying Sword, the no-self sword dao at the top of the three must, is really in the palm of Jiang Mengxiong!

Jiang Wang is almost certain now that Xiang Fengqi’s opponent was undoubtedly Jiang Mengxiong.

In the Flying Sword era, the Flying Sword three great summits that squeezed an era, originally had the meaning of giving tit for tat. From their sword dao temperament, one or two can be seen.

Especially the sword dao, known as Only I Am Supreme. Judging from the several forward swords, it was really sharp and invincible. From this, you can probably get a glimpse of Feng Qi and his people.

And Jiang Mengxiong directly denied Flying Sword Technique, and even personally cut off Sword Dao, who is also the top three of Flying Sword.

It is not difficult to understand that Xiang Fengqi, who holds the only sword dao, regards him as the enemy of his life.

For those who watched the battle back then...

For the rest of my life, I must aim at Jiang Mengxiong. How can I not despair?

In terms of strength, Jiang Mengxiong is extraordinary, and among true monarchs, it is also the top Level 1. I played Xia Country absolute silence on the mountain of sword edge not long ago.

In terms of power, Jiang Mengxiong is the Great Qi military god, the Great Marshal of the country, and the leader of the Military Academy. The emperor has mastered the first nine pawns of the Heavenly Covered Army on behalf of the emperor. In Qi State, the overlord country, only under Emperor Qi.

Personal military force and temporal authority, as well as the ability to use soldiers, are all at the Peak level.

Furthermore, such a super powerhouse never stops and is never satisfied. It dares to abolish the sword technique that covers an era at the time of Peak, create selfless killing punches, and climb higher peaks.

Having this kind of courage is already terrifying, and he still has this kind of ability to truly take a new path.

This is the undoubted powerhouse of the world.

It's a mountain with no end in sight!

Where can I get there?

How can we not despair?

Therefore, I was drunk in the urn and passed the day in a daze. I really can't see any hope!


Such a forward escape from life, such a decadent forward. Even if he considers himself a waste, even if he has given up on himself, he has been hovering in the Eastern Region, hovering not far from Qi State...

Then the obsession in his heart is really thorough Died?

It just doesn't.

It is precisely because he always regards Jiang Mengxiong as his goal that he will despair!

If you really give up the challenge to Jiang Mengxiong, you will be able to move forward briefly across the four elephants by placing a sword array. Where can you not be successful? It is not difficult to go to a small country wherever you want to be the first among young people.

It's just that there is attachment to pain.

Being attached to an opponent like Jiang Mengxiong just shows the pride of the forward heart.

Even if he is low in the dust, there is a high mountain in his heart.

Although Gao Shan is silent, there is a lot of might hidden deep in him.

Until Jiang Wang walked by, leaving behind a ray of light, burning a ray of fire, igniting the renewed heart.

So Longguang shot Dou dared to pass the name.

From then on, try the sword world, until one day——

"Donglai sword cuts Life and Death Gate!"

"So..." Jiang Wang caresss He calmed his mind, raised his eyes and looked at the hole on the top of the cave, and asked: "Is this the power of Yan Dao?"

If the Number One Person Demon Yanchun returns to the real monarch, it can also explain the original Yong Why did the national defense of reefs return without success? If it weren't for the deterrence of the Dao Realm powerhouse, with the weakness of the reef nation, how could it be possible to stop the Yong Guo's military front with the support of Mo Sect?

Although Mo Sect supports Han Xu's reform of the government and a large-scale increase of Yongguo, it is certainly not to the point where he can arbitrarily invest in the powerhouse of Yongguo.

After all, Yongguo is only Mo Sect's first attempt at the state system. No matter how willing it is, the investment is limited.

Yu Big Dipper switched from a squatting position to a sitting position, just sitting next to Jiang Wang, without an expert image: "If he is just a hole, how dare to take a sword against me, Big Dipper?"

This is very arrogant.

But Jiang Wang was just silent, disapproving or mocking, and it seemed that he didn't intend to start the topic any more.

After a while, Yu Big Dipper actively asked: "Aren't you going to ask what happened?"

"A senior told me before." Jiang Wang Then he said: "Before my sword is not enough to defend my reason, I'd better learn to shut up."

Yu Big Dipper said meaningfully: "It seems you have listened to it."

Jiang Wang's tone is ordinary, and there is no resentment: "How can I not listen?"

Yu Big Dipper laughed: "You are really a youngster who learns a lesson."


"But in order not to be remembered by you in this way like the senior in your mouth, I think I still have to explain one or two."

He looked at Jiang Wang Said: "Yan Chun returned with that sword, the gods and ghosts will not stay, cut off all vitality, I can't catch it, and it is even more impossible to protect you. So I decided to'kill' you first, change your life number, and erase your vitality. ……

You can probably understand this way——

If you are a small fish in the river of destiny, when you jump out of the river, for the river of destiny, you are Already left. The state at this moment is no different from death.

What I did is to make you jump out of the river for a short time. When that sword comes, in the sense of fate, you have already Died. So the sword that wiped out the vitality fell, but it didn’t affect you. And now, I just sent you back to the river of destiny. You are not resurrected, you are coming back. You have not died, but are During this journey in the River of Destiny, I jumped out briefly.

Now tell me--

What did you see when I jumped out?"

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