Red Heart Survey Chapter 1330

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What did I see?

Jiang Wang thinks of all that ignorance, thinks of the huge sense of loneliness, thinks of the trek without any direction...Finally, he just said flatly: "Except for the feeling that Divine Soul is gradually dissipating, what am I? I didn't feel it either."

Naturally and without awareness.

The five senses are empty, and of course I have never seen anything.

Yu Big Dipper was silent for a moment, and said: "I still need to apologize to you again for this matter. Although I killed you to save you, the incident of jumping out of the river of destiny is inherently inevitable. Dangerous. Especially I have to die for a period of time and cannot care for you..."

"As far as the river of destiny is concerned, your whole life is in the river of destiny. Once you break away, you will be lost. A lifetime. All the instincts built up in this lifetime, including the instinct of seeing, smelling, hearing and hearing, have also disappeared... The body is like a bird with wings folded, and the heart is like a fish out of water..."

Yu Big Dipper raised his eyes Asked: "That feeling is very scary, right?"

"Who can be fearless between death and life?" Jiang Wang's tone was calm: "innumerable living beings, I'm just one of them."

Yu Big Dipper smiled suddenly: "It's a good thing to not see it, and to see nothing."

He shook his head and sighed: "Knowing too much is probably the crux of pain. ."

From his tone of voice, there seems to be something else in the experience of jumping out of the river of fate. But Jiang Wang looked over and recalled that there was only a period of loneliness in ignorance, and a period of pain in Divine Soul's gradual separation.

I did not "see" anything.

About the way to help him avoid the sword of Yan Chun.

Yu Big Dipper said it easily, and it is not complicated to understand.

But let people jump out of the river of fate for a short time, and then send people back... Such means are truly amazing.

It is not a general daoist.

At the moment when that palm was pressed, Jiang Wang was indeed both shocked and angry. I don’t know why Big Dipper suddenly started, and I also felt deceived... But all the emotions at that time were with vitality. , Was pressed out by that palm.

In front of a current daoist, he has no room for resistance.

After "waking up", returning with perception, of course, there is also anger.

Only in the face of such a terrifying daoist like Yu Big Dipper, Jiang Wang didn't want to bring about one's own destruction, so he held back.

At this time, when I heard Yu Big Dipper say these words, explaining that he was not malicious and not hurting, he couldn’t help but ask aloud: "Since the daoist said that he couldn’t hold Yan Chun’s return, why? I see you unscathed? Didn’t it happen that Daoist accompanied me to jump out of the river of fate?"

Yu Big Dipper looked at him for a while and smiled: "You really thought you jumped out of the river of fate for a while, Is it possible to completely hide the gaze of a True Monarch Yandao? It’s just because Yan Chun’s attention was focused on bloodfiend and me. He didn’t carefully probe your state at all, and didn’t care about your life or death, your'death'. It can be established. If I take you to jump out of the river of destiny, we can only die on the bank of the river together. Do you know what the bank of the river of destiny looks like?"

Jiang Wang is naturally I don't know, so I can only shake my head.

"It's better not to know. As for why I look unscathed..." Yu Big Dipper still smiled: "What did you do for me, don't you remember?"

"Blood of life?" Jiang Wang's thoughts turned slightly, and he quickly grasped the key, and then asked: "The blood of life buried in the boredom is not from bloodfiend, but the source of daoist your resurrection?"

"No." Yu Big Dipper said: "If the bloodfiend is not separated, how can it be hidden from the fortune-telling Human Demon? My Martial Nephew, the cultivation base is not as good as me. But it is profound and not that good to deceive."

Jiang Wang said quietly: "Only I can deceive, right?"

His very resentful sentence seems to He couldn't get into Yu Big Dipper's ears at all, he only said: "The bloodfiend has an ancient origin, but the bloodfiend blood demon art is present on behalf of the world. It is too difficult to trace its roots. It is too difficult to completely destroy it. It’s not what I can do. Yan Chun is standing on the top of the world. His Flying Sword is the strongest in the world. He shatters God’s body and transforms his body into a sword. I can’t take it. But fortunately, two things happen at the same time."

"While suppressing bloodfiend, I was also entangled with bloodfiend. At that time, I was ready to use bloodfiend as a shield. Yanchun flew back with a sword and had to kill bloodfiend first and then kill me. To Yanchun Come back, all in one sword, there is no difference... but it is different to me."

"bloodfiend is dead, bloodfiend will lose the life and blood, I have long been using the soul seal in the meantime, you will The town’s disgust at Innate’s chaotic formation just triggered my arrangement. Here the fleshy body is destroyed, and the power of the Innate chaos formation has been extracted there, so that I can come back to life with blood."

"Also. That is to say..." Jiang Wang couldn't help but exclaimed: "Everything that happened in Broken Soul Gorge is in your calculation?"

"Who can do everything?" Maybe something apologetic , Yu Big Dipper is very modest this time: "It is precisely because I have too many demands in Innate's chaos that loopholes inevitably appear, giving the fortune-telling Human Demon an opportunity to guide the four major Human Demons to gather together. It put you in a life-and-death crisis. It was you who had won with one enemy and four that made me jump out of this game and won a crucial step for me."

"Is it so important for me?"

"Of course you are very important!" Yu Big Dipper eagerly encouraged: "Don't underestimate yourself at any time. you are excellent! "

"And then? "Jiang Wang asked.

Yu Big Dipper said: "Then I thank you very much. "

The old photographer slapped his chest with peng peng: "Thanks for the great grace, the old man remembered it!" "

Jiang Wang expressionlessly: "...oh. "

Yu Big Dipper haha ​​smiled, joking enough, and then asked with a tight face: "What do you want in return?" "

This is the return of a daoist of the world!

The old man who sits casually in front of Jiang Wang at this moment is the highest achiever of the ancient art of life and occupation in this world. Being able to suppress bloodfiend at the same time, suppress the Gua Master, and on this basis, face the True Monarch Yanchunhui...and have the ability to interfere in the river of destiny.

It is definitely one of the strongest daoist in the world. One.

What kind of benefits can he bring out? How generous is his return?

Jiang Wang is no longer a country boy who doesn’t know Baoshan, Qi State Treasury Capital I have been in and out. With his vision today, he thinks of a lot in an instant.

The benefits that Big Dipper can give are so many that it is enough to make any cultivator below the gods face the eye of the cultivator.


He is the cultivator of the inner government, even if it is the first in history, there is no reason to look down on it.

But in the end Jiang Wang just said: "Although I paid a knife Symbol, but your body protection symbol is really helping me block the blood of fortune-telling Human Demon. Although you got me in a crisis this time, you also rescued me. These two things are not so equal transactions, but for me, they are even. You only need to give me the rewards you promised me. "

He only wants the share he deserves, not more, not less.

Apart from this, I don’t want to have anything to do with Big Dipper.


He doesn't like the feeling of being led by the nose, even if Big Dipper has more reasons. This kind of so-called "cooperation" without a head is enough.

His Jiang Wang's life will not be pinned on anyone. Big Dipper can do his best, but he can't be a pawn. No matter how good it is.

Yu Big Dipper Of course you can hear this kind of alienation.

But there is no unpleasant look on his face, instead he smiles happily: "Okay, okay. There is nothing good to get on me. Jiang Qingyang, you are a man of great wisdom! "

"This is the dao essence stone promised to you..."

He stretched out his hand and took it in his arms. After a long time, he froze there.

But soon smiled without embarrassment: "hahahaha. "

He took out his hand naturally, and patted Jiang Wang's shoulder: "Can I take a two-day delay?" "

"What are your eyes?" "

"Do you think I will renege on a debt with Big Dipper?" What kind of person am I? ! "

The roar of Yu Big Dipper is constantly echoing throughout the cave.

"What liar?" Being rude! "

"It's not that you don't give it. What happened a few days later?" I don't know anything at all! It's really rotten wood that can't be carved! "

"The old man is the one with poor money?" The storage box and that fleshy body were crushed just now! "

"What promissory note! My super cultivator, what promissory note! ? ”





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