Red Heart Survey Chapter 1331

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"This way." After gagging for a while, Yu Big Dipper said: "I promised you the dao technique of the outer building level. It was originally given to you. It may not be able to be used together. Now I will help you. Tailor-made, you can use any type of dao technique you want. This condition can be compared with those dao essence stones. What do you think?"

"It's an essence stone." Jiang Wang reminded: "And it's not a few dollars, it's dozens of dollars."

"I just said a rough imaginary number, do you understand the imaginary number?" Yu Big Dipper glared at him.

"I understand the imaginary number." Jiang Wang nodded: "I mean, if I don't object, it will become a real number."

More than Big Dipper fly into a rage out of humiliation: "Just say you can't agree to it! If you don't agree, then take a few days!"

"Okay." Jiang Wang pinched his nose.

"I still know how to choose!" Yu Big Dipper instantly reduced his anger, and smiled relaxedly: "Boy, you are very discerning, you definitely make money!"

"I have a Trading Company in Qi State." Jiang Wang said.

"en?" Yu Big Dipper didn't understand why he said this suddenly.

"Doing business, who has it. Not everyone knows credit, and contracts cannot regulate everything. I have seen a lot of bad debts, and I have also seen a lot."

Jiang Wang sighed: "Is it possible to get back one point, right? What else?"

"Yes, when the world is going down, people's hearts are not old!" Yu Big Dipper It seems that I can’t understand the overtones, and he echoes a deep sigh: "In this world, people who promise a lot of money like you and me are rare. So why I admire you so much and treat you so generously, do you understand? "

"..." Jiang Wang simply straight to the point: "I want a tracking dao technique, preferably from Divine Soul Power. Do you have a suitable dao technique?"

Review everything you have, now you can move with Immortal Technique, sword technique, fire world, and five divine ability for killing. Divine Soul attacking methods have been added a lot, and the status dao technique has sound. Wenxiantai, there are five secrets...

In reality, there are not many shortcomings. What Jiang Wang wants to make up for now is the ability to track and disappear.

So next time you follow an opponent like Yang Xuance, you won't easily fall into the ambush. If it is pursued by opponents like Zhao Xuanyang, it may be possible to delay for a while.

The ability to track and hide is complementary. He is more inclined to track ability, which is essentially another form of offense instead of defense.

And to track one, start more from the five senses. Grasp the clues of the five senses and trace the root cause. Of course, there are also many Peak secret techniques, but it is inevitable that there are many similarities and easy to be countered. If possible, Jiang Wang still hopes to take advantage of Divine Soul.

Based on these considerations, quite specific requirements were put forward.

Yu Big Dipper didn’t feel embarrassed, he pondered for a moment and said: "What tracking dao technique do you have now? You might as well use it to see."

Jiang Wang directly flicks with the finger , There is smoke condensed at the fingertips, turning into memorial grass, swaying in the air.

"The rank is lower than I thought." Yu Big Dipper casually teased: "It seems that Jiang Constable lacks experience in arresting criminals, and there is no threshold for Qi State's green card!"

Jiang Wang didn't say a word, lying flat and mocking. He hasn't handled a few cases since joining the company, and he really doesn't have the confidence to say that he can afford a green medal at his waist.

Yu Big Dipper said, without stopping in his hands, he only lightly probed, grabbed the memorial grass condensed by dao technique in his hand, and looked at it quietly for a while.

"This dao technique has a very good foundation and a good room for evolution. I can add some ideas to it, and a secret technique can also be part of it."

He is so Described, and then the five fingers were slightly extended upwards and gathered into a "round bowl".

The memorial grass gathered by the smoke floats quietly in the sky above his palm.

It seems to be just floating, but there are subtle differences.

Jiang Wang took a closer look and noticed that there was a transparent cover on the palm of Yu Big Dipper, covering the memorial grass.

With the transparent cover as the dome, and the palm as the earth, it seems to form a Small World, which is called a round sky. Independent in this cave, not in the same place as others.

Within this palm, things begin to produce transformation.

But seeing the green grass turn yellow, withered and revived.

From a grass seed to a faint color.

Life and Death Wheel turned for a moment.

In Small World in the palm of your hand, Bi Cao’s life is staged.

From beginning to end, keep repeating.

This is a novelty at first glance, but it is very monotonous after watching too much, but Jiang Wang can't stop watching.

It seems to have seen something vaguely, but that bit of aura is always elusive, unable to grasp it. He simply didn't want to miss any details, and he intuitively felt that he shouldn't miss it.

Then Big Dipper flipped over.

So the world turned upside down.

The Small World that evolved Bicao disappeared from the palm.

Yu Big Dipper stretched out his hand in front of Jiang Wang and said softly: "Next."

Jiang Wang reached out according to words, and a translucent ball fell on the palm of his hand.

In the sphere, there is a plant of smoke and green grass.

This translucent ball has a substantial touch, smooth and cool. But after falling on the palm of Jiang Wang's palm, he actually fell "down" and fell into the palm of his hand, as if he had fallen into the water.

And Jiang Wang's palm is just like the surface of a lake.

The little ball kept sinking, disappearing into the palm of the hand like this, sinking in the "water".

At the same time, in Jiang Wang's heart, words flowed quietly.

This is a brand-new "remembrance", a dao technique of the outer building level!

"How?" Yu Big Dipper looked at him with self-confidence: "This technique is the best on the outer floor, but there is a confrontation. Divine Soul can observe it. It will be endless within three days, thousands of miles. Also chase it! You brat is making a lot of money!" In Jiang Wang's view, this dao technique is very similar to the "Nian Chen" passed down by Lin You Xie Family. However, the technique of Nian Chen is like the heart to bind the dust, and its fundamental principle is to leave a mark on the tracking target. Yu Big Dipper's re-evolution of the memorial technique is to engrave the cognition of the tracking target on his Divine Soul level, thereby forming the Divine Soul level of induction.

Relatively speaking, Nian Chen's technique is more accurate and can last longer. The memorial technique is more concealed.

After careful consideration, Jiang Wang nodded said: "It's not bad."

He just stood up neatly: "I daoist, don't pass it here."

"Hey wait!" Yu Big Dipper stretched out his hand and pulled him back to sit down again: "You little young, why abandon one's benefactor after achieving one's goal? I haven't finished talking yet!"

In front of Yu Big Dipper, Jiang Wang certainly has no room for resistance.

Being pressed by the side, I can only sit down. But the voice was very calm, neither overbearing nor overbearing: "I think we are both money and goods, and we don’t owe each other."

"oh!" Yu Big Dipper looked sad: "It seems you still If you have opinions about me, hold a grudge!"

"The word'hate' is a bit more serious." Jiang Wang said seriously: "Jiang Wang just has self-knowledge, and he thinks he has no ability to blend with your elderly I don’t want to risk my life anymore. You may have your mission and commitment, perhaps great and profound, but I also have my way to go." Teachers are undoubtedly a righteous act.

But Jiang Wang also has his own life. He has no elders, no patrons, and he must be responsible for himself.

"Understood." Yu Big Dipper stopped joking, his eyes fell not far ahead: "I actually don't have anything else to look for you, I just want to talk to you, probably because I'm older. The reason...or are you in a hurry?"

Jiang Wang remembers that the place where Yu Big Dipper’s line of sight fell was the place where the bloodfiend and Gua Master lay before, of course, there are no traces of it now Existed, all disappeared in the sword of Yan Chunhui.

At this time, Big Dipper seems to have stripped off the aura of the powerhouse, giving people the feeling of a lonely old man.

"What do you want to talk about?" Jiang Wang relaxed his body's resistance, and his sitting posture eased a bit, and said frankly: "I am now chatting with you as a Junior's kindness towards seniors. If In the process, if there is anything I think I shouldn’t hear, I’ll leave right away. Please understand."

"I was bitten by a snake once, have you been afraid of well ropes for ten years?" Yu Big Dipper laughed at himself. said with a smile: "People like me are really annoying, because they can see a little bit of the future, they want to play the chess game. Doing something that thinks it is right, and ignores other people's feelings... It's annoying, isn't it? You will inevitably avoid it. Like a snake and scorpion."

Jiang Wang thought, this daoist is not so unconscious.

On the face, I only said: "I am timid and cautious, so I make daoist laugh."

Yu Big Dipper always looks at the empty ground, but I don’t know where it is. Looking at the disappearing bloodfiend, I'm still looking at the Gua Master.

For both, he seems to be equally indifferent.

Yu Big Dipper did not continue this topic, but started his story with a question--

"Do you know what is the art of fate?"


Jiang Wang thought for a while, shook the head.

Besides knowing that this is a very ancient Divination Technique, he knows that Big Dipper inherited this technique, but he doesn't know anything else. I really don't know what I can communicate with Yu Big Dipper on this.

"The technique of fate is a technique for looking into the future.

In the very old and very old era, there is no future at all, at least for Human Race.

Uncountable human beings have multiplied in this world.

Muddleheaded for thousands of years, life and death are like a lifetime of vegetation.

The spring breeze gave birth to wildfires.

The birth and death of human beings one by one, they will not bring anything to this world when they come, and they will leave nothing to this world when they leave. Thousands of years.

Among countless mediocre human beings, there is such a unique person who raised his head and glanced up.

I saw the faint light of the sky, which was slightly different The way forward.

So this person said, can we try and go in this direction...

This is the origin of the art of destiny."

Yu Big Dipper said slowly: "That person, named Bu Lian. He is one of the eight sage ministers of Human Sovereign Suirenshi. He prays for blessings for the Lord’s Witch’s blessing. Because he first enlightened Human Sovereign, he was also called Master of Human Sovereign."

The history is divided by Grand Era, the long river of time is so surging-Far Ancient Era, Ancient Era, Middle Ancient era, Near Ancient Era, the present world.

Each of these Grand Era are surging forward with great momentum, vast and boundless. It can also be divided into many small eras based on time and events.

For example, the Flying Sword era and the immortal era are all included in the Grand Era, Near Ancient Era.

Far Ancient Era is the era when Monster Race dominates Heaven and Earth, and it is also the longest era so far. It is untestable at first, and how long it has gone through cannot be verified.

At that time, Human Race was generally blocked with dao veins, and only a few geniuses could cultivation.

The first generation of Human Sovereign Suirenshi emerged from difficulties, sheltering the Human Race and struggling to survive. There are eight virtuous officials under him to assist in fighting against the evil world.

Bu Lian is one of the eight virtuous officials, with a far-reaching reputation, and he is known as the teacher of Human Sovereign.

Although the information of that ancient era has faded away, many deeds are like smoke. But Jiang Wang still knew the name of the great character like Bu Lian, and couldn't help but feel shocked.

The origins of this destiny technique are really amazing!

It’s no wonder that Big Dipper can count bloodfiend, Yan Chunhui, and the fortune-telling master and Jiang Wang, in this gorge of broken souls, calculate everything and control the whole situation...

This Of course, a series of hexagrams can be called gods and gods, but compared to the previous years of Bulian hexagrams for Human Race, what is it to enlighten Human Sovereign?

From this perspective, the weight of Big Dipper, the daoist, needs to be re-examined.

After all, the ancient art of occupying fate has lasted for several Grand Era!

"The senior was originally a sage, and he inherited this Supreme technique. But it was Jiang Wang who was disrespectful." Jiang Wang arched his hands.

"The first and the wise, the latter may not be worthy. What is respectable?" Yu Big Dipper said casually: "Immemorial is old and has experienced too much. Of course it has The glorious past...but we have to face the present."

Jiang Wang puzzled: "Now?"

"It's time to end." Yu Big Dipper Said quietly.

These words make Jiang Wang especially unable to understand.

Yu Big Dipper has played the hexagrams for half a lifetime, and the gods and ghosts are counted. He is among the most powerful daoist in the world. Why do you say...should it end?

"Why?" Jiang Wang asked.

Yu Big Dipper laughed: "Since the sages divided the Star Domain, consolidated the stars, connected causality, and numerology, it has evolved to this day. The astrology technique has become orthodox and has become popular. Before this, it was the dust of history."

The astrology has achieved the orthodoxy of hexagrams and has completely replaced the position of fate.

This is a secret Jiang Wang has never heard of, and it is the undercurrent that flows in time.

It is the innovation of Divination Technique and a great part of this world.

But the smile of Big Dipper clearly shows no bitterness. It can even be said to be very cheerful, but it makes people feel bitter for no reason.

"It shouldn't be like this." Jiang Wang honestly said his inner feelings: "The art of destiny has a great effect in Human Race, it should not be the dust of history. And it has been inherited so far, how can it not Continue to inheritance? Daoist, your divination is great, how can you not carry forward this way?"

"You are so good!" Yu Big Dipper smiled happily.

After laughing for a while, he said, "How many heroes and heroes have body dies soul extinguished since the ages.

How many great achievements have disappeared like smoke.

How many Divine Art The treasure is lost in the sea of ​​people!

The one that should go will always go, and the one that should die will always die.

Why can the art of fate be an exception?"

Jiang Wang thought for a while, and said broadly: "After all, the sages used to enlighten Human Sovereign with the technique of destiny, and they have great merits in Human Race..."

"Do you know, Bu Lian, the man of destiny? How did the Ancestor Master of Zhishu die?" Yu Big Dipper asked rhetorically.

Involving the great character of Far Ancient Era, Jiang Wang certainly knows that it is impossible.

Can only shake his head.

"The history books will not tell you, the predecessors will not tell you, but the river of destiny remembers."

Yu Big Dipper with an inexplicable smile on his face, announcing history The truth: "Bu Lian was killed by Human Sovereign in the end. It was called Human Sovereign killing the Human Sovereign teacher!"





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