Red Heart Survey Chapter 1332

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Bu Lian, the teacher of Human Sovereign, one of the eight sages of Far Ancient Era, was finally killed by Human Sovereign Suirenshi?

These secrets made Jiang Wang aphasia for a while.

Human Sovereign over the past dynasties, what is its greatness?

Suirenshi is the first in history, the first generation of Human Sovereign of Human Race.

This great existence. Leading the Human Race to rise from difficulties, breaking through the boundless darkness, and proclaiming the end of Far Ancient Era.

His greatness is so great, naturally there can be no trace of stains handed down to the world.

So "Human Sovereign kills the Human Sovereign division", it will not be passed on forever, and it will not be seen in any history books. Only today I heard a phrase in Yu Big Dipper's mouth.

"Why?" Jiang Wang couldn't help asking.

The historical secrets lost in the long river of time have their own thrilling charm, which makes people want to find out.

The development of this world to this day, those glorious, great, brilliant, and those dark, painful, miserable... are all mixed in the rolling history.

How Human Race emerged from the dark age is a great epic.

People today look back in history and are fascinated.

An ancient hero, today is a majestic mountain.

I want to know how greatness makes greatness, and how everything that I am accustomed to today becomes reality.

Who can resist the quest for history?

"Human Sovereign killed Bu Lian, not passed down to the world. In all kinds of secret information, there are many reasons why Human Sovereign killed Bu Lian, but there is no conclusion. I have this lineage, This is the information seen in the river of destiny. "

Yu Big Dipper said: "In that dark age, Human Race continued to grow under the leadership of Human Sovereign. , Began to fight for more power under this sky, and the contradiction with Monster Race is intensifying...

The Ancestor Master who fortunes the future for Human Race, exhausted his efforts at that time, and even fortune-telling. , Hexagrams and hexagrams are the same, the destiny is in Monster Race.

He believes in the future he sees and urges Human Sovereign to stay dormant.

But obviously, what he sees is convinced The future does not belong to the future that Human Sovereign expects.

As the teacher of Human Sovereign, the sage who enlightened Human Sovereign and guided Human Race, was the first human to spy on the River of Destiny... Bu Lian’s influence in Human Race is unquestionable.

So Human Sovereign killed Bu Lian and made up his own hexagrams, hypothesizing that Bu Lian used death as his divination, calculated that his destiny was in humans, and took the initiative to set off a relationship with Monster Race The battle..."

Yu Big Dipper slowly finished this paragraph, shook the head: "Of course the final result is already well known."

Far Ancient Era That The result of a big battle is that Human Race is now the world's best, and Monster Race is driven out of the world.

Ancient Era has been opened since then.

In the middle period of Ancient Era, Human Sovereign had three Dao Sovereigns from the Xiong clan to build the Gate of Ten Thousand Demons, completely severing the hope of Monster Race returning to this world.

From then on to the present, the once-surviving Sovereign has still been blocked behind the door of ten thousand monsters, and there is no substantial threat to Human Race. It is even regarded as a "resource", and the Human Race army is constantly coming to capture them.

It can be said that man is sure to conquer the sky.

Speaking of Bu Lian's death, Yu Big Dipper has no complaints in his tone. Although he inherited the technique of fate, he was reborn as a human being and could not deny the great achievements of Human Sovereign Suirenshi.

The battle of Far Ancient Era finally proved Suirenshi's correctness.

Jiang Wang is silent.

History has proven that Human Sovereign Suirenshi certainly took Human Race to the right path. But in that ancient era, Bu Lian also did his best to divination for Human Race. He also saw what he thought was the real future, and insisted on what he believed was correct...

And this sage’s determination, It precisely guided his death.

After listening to this story, Jiang Wang suddenly understood what Yu Big Dipper said--

"The farther you go on this road, the more you can't escape your destiny. "

It's a dead end for...

This is the case of the Gua Master, this is the case of Bu Lian of Far Ancient Era, and the current Big Dipper, why not?

Yu Big Dipper’s voice continued: "A sage like Bu Lian can die, why is there any reason for the continuation of the art of fate?"

"Aren’t you still there? Is it?" Jiang Wang asked.

"But the River of Destiny is already rejecting me." Yu Big Dipper still has a smile on his face: "Otherwise, you think, why can't I achieve the Dao?"

With a smile like this, he said: "It's just that I can't reproduce the Tao, but the heavens are desperate to do so, so that I won't succeed! Otherwise, how about Yan Chun's return, and how about Jiang Mengxiong?"

This old liar, It's really crazy to be crazy.

But Jiang Wang has to admit that he does have arrogant capital.

"I think..." Jiang Wang said: "Even if the astrology is now orthodox, the fate can still exist. The road to cultivation should be a hundred flowers blooming."

"You are so silly and cute." Yu Big Dipper said with a smile: "This is different from general cultivation. There is one and only one authoritative explanation about the future. Whoever explains the providence will Occupy the orthodoxy. This is the cruelty of divination."

"So those descendants of the astrology have been chasing you? Want to kill to the last one?" Jiang Wang asked.

Yu Big Dipper said with a'hehe': "What's the use of killing me alone, Big Dipper? They only do one thing, to drive the technique of fate out of the river of destiny. And this matter ...... It was successful ten thousand years ago."

Jiang Wang's hard to suppress shocking heart: "Then you......"

If the technique of fate has been expelled In the river of destiny, one cannot peek at the destiny, so why does the trick of fate still exist? Why is the Big Dipper still there? Why can I still count it out?

"I am a fish that escaped the net, an amphibious frog, walking between the shore." Yu Big Dipper said: "I am a mistake and an end."

I was a mistake and an end...

This is a cold sentence.

When Yu Big Dipper said this, he was too calm.

When he accepted this sentence, what was it like?

He keeps saying that Jiang Wang is too young, saying that it’s good to be young, saying that it’s like this when he was young...

How about when he himself was young?

The Big Dipper who said "How about Yanchun's return, what about Jiang Mengxiong", seems to be just a silhouette of countless Big Dipper in the past.

Only a glimpse of light.

Currently, Big Dipper is the Little Old Man who can lie down on the ground at any time and falsify one or two dollars.

Jiang Wang earnestly said: "You are an expert who is not born in the world. You are responsible for Human Race alone for the suppression of bloodfiend. I think you are not a mistake, you are the one who corrects the mistake."

Yu Big Dipper laughed: "I don't need your comfort. Also, I am not wholeheartedly for the suppression of bloodfiend. I will use the suppression of bloodfiend to erase my mistakes in this lineage. , And also use the bloodfiend source to resist the sword of Yan Chunhui."

Jiang Wang asked: "What you said is wrong..."

"It's not a good idea. It's okay." Yu Big Dipper looked towards the place where Gua Master disappeared, his eyes trance for a moment.

"I Senior Brother is a genius, the real peerless genius, through childhood, are much more dazzling than me..."

"He realized that life predominates earlier than me I know that the way forward is irreversible. And me and him are just the last struggle of our Master."

"I stick to tradition and accept reality, but my Senior Brother is not content with this."

"He has been looking for a way to break the dying of fate and reinterpret the river of destiny. Finally, with his peerless talent, based on the art of fate, he created the art of blood occupancy. "

"This blood occupation technique is my this lineage, the biggest mistake."





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