Red Heart Survey Chapter 1333

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It is hard to imagine how genius people who are regarded as peerless genius by such arrogant old man like Big Dipper are.

I only know that his people have indeed found a way to break the path of destiny, but they have caused their biggest mistake in this lineage...

For the destiny of the art of destiny, I want to come to them I have also divination countless times.

Those who refused to face the result went astray.

So for the "destined" result, is it really only acceptable?

"Where is the difference between the technique of blood occupation and the technique of fate occupation?" Jiang Wang asked.

Yu Big Dipper said: "If fate is a long river. The trick of fate is to jump out of the water, observe the flow of the river on the bank, and peek at the birth and death of every fish in it.


The art of blood occupation is based on the connection between each swimming fish and the river of destiny, killing one of the swimming fish, and using the ripples it makes in the river of destiny to provide a brief insight into the river of destiny.

speaking from a certain perspective, the art of occupancy of blood is a tributary of occupancy of life.

The biggest difference is that the art of occupancy of life uses oneself to see the river of life, while blood accounts for it. Art is based on human life, body and destiny."

This explanation by Yu Big Dipper is simple and clear, and clearly explains the similarities and differences between life and blood.

"Preaching" is a manifestation of ability, and being able to explain the path of this level so clearly shows his strength. He is a person who can truly inherit the orthodoxy and establish the sect.

It’s a pity that the technique of occupation of fate has not been passed on...

"Is it possible to understand it like this..." Jiang Wang said: "The stronger the cultivation base, the stronger the cultivation base," Jiang Wang said. The longer you can stay away from the'water', the longer you can observe the river of destiny. The technique of cultivating blood, the stronger the cultivation base, every time you kill a swimming fish, the ripples created will be larger, so you can see more of the river of destiny Change."

Yu Big Dipper nodded: "Exactly."

"The art of fate is a fortune-teller’s own adventure, but the art of blood is based on someone else’s Life makes waves." Jiang Wang said: "So...the fruit is sorcery."

"speaking from a certain perspective, he really opened up a new Heaven and Earth for life." Yu Big Dipper said: "The process of jumping out of the river of destiny is dangerous, and you have already felt it just now.

Because fish cannot leave the water, life is in destiny. Leaving the river of destiny itself is A kind of adventure.

Almost every generation, there are descendants of the art of fate, who have not returned after jumping out of the river of fate. And the art of blood has completely passed this danger... …For Gua Master, this is of course a good thing. But for Human Race, it is a poison sac."

Jiang Wang listened silently.

"My Senior Brother said that the fortune-teller is the forerunner, and of course he should not sacrifice. There are always people who are willing to sacrifice and should sacrifice. But man, once the idea of ​​sacrificing others comes up, his roots will rot ......"

Yu Big Dipper said: "At first he fortunes, he will pay the right price to those who voluntarily go to death. Later he went to catch the damned person and use the blood of sin. But who should die? , Who shouldn’t die, and how can there be a completely fair answer? The standard of'damn’ is constantly changing and decreasing... and later in an emergency, just grab someone..."

"Sacrifice Who, how to sacrifice, is all determined by the fortune-teller. Once this blood occupancy technique is passed down, it will be infinitely poisonous. With the strength and temperament of my Senior Brother, I can’t control myself. What about other people in the world? Once some cages are opened, they can’t be closed again..."

Jiang Wang can fully understand this remark, because his hometown Maple Forest City was offered to take out in this way...


Similar to the blood occupation technique, Maple Forest City is the fish that was killed.

When Zhuang Gaoxian sacrificed the Maple Forest City domain, he also used the future of Zhuang Country as an excuse.

Sacrificing oneself is a greatness, sacrificing others is a crime, no matter how grandiose the reason is.

"There is no evil in the world than blood occupation." Jiang Wang said: "Your Senior Brother, has already been enchanted."

"I fully believe that at the beginning , He just wants to break the dead end of the fate. He just doesn’t want the glorious historical curtain call. He doesn’t want the efforts of those of us. In the end, it is just a bubble.

But he forgot. The fate is here. At the beginning of its birth, it was to help Human Race.

In order to enlighten the future of Human Race, there was the technique of destiny.

Rather than from the very beginning, force others to sacrifice . In order to find the way forward, kill people first, this kind of blood occupation technique is fundamentally wrong."

Yu Big Dipper said: "He has practiced the technique of fate occupation for three hundred years, but the bleeding After the operation, it took him only three years to go from walking on thin ice to being unscrupulous. When sacrificing others has become a habit, he will not know it. Blood accounts for the poison, and the poison is killing human nature."

Jiang Wang was silent.

The description of Big Dipper gave him a lot of thinking.

There are many people in this world who do not regard themselves as human beings, and there are more people who do not regard others as human beings.

He watched too much along the way.

Cultivation is extraordinary and refined, it is to remove the waste and save the best, it is extraordinary courage, responsibility and compassion, not aloof and remote.

"In terms of effect. The art of blood occupation is not as far as the art of life accounting. But it can be more accurate for everyone.

In terms of cost , The art of blood accounting hardly requires any price for the fortuneteller.

Only from the point of view of the fortuneteller, blood accounting is better than life accounting.

harming others Without benefiting oneself, there is still an endless stream. If harming others can benefit oneself, this technique has been inexhaustible for all ages."

Yu Big Dipper sat cross-legged, immersed in the past, with a sorrowful speech: "Blood On the night when the art of occupancy was achieved, I saw the river of destiny, and it was all stained with blood. At that time, I silently told myself that this was a wrong path, and I had to correct it...but you know how I killed it I’m Senior Brother’s?"

Jiang Wang knows that Big Dipper asked this question, not for an answer, but for listening.

So he listened carefully.

Yu Big Dipper's eyes drooped slightly: "He didn't defend me."

About the death of his Senior Brother, Yu Big Dipper only said this.

But all the complexity and suffering are in it.

Of course Jiang Wang now knows that Yu Big Dipper personally killed his Senior Brother, and for so many years, he has been hunting down the fortune-telling Human Demon in order to cut off the art of blood occupation. This is the choice made by Big Dipper from the standpoint of Human Race based on the tradition of fate management.

But from the standpoint of his Senior Brother?

That peerless genius, just not content with the destiny disappeared, and he was unwilling to go to a dead end, so he tried to create an unprecedented path. In order to find a new path, he must have endured a lot of hardships and put in a lot of hard work, and finally he achieved success!

Who would he share the joy with?

His Master, his Junior Brother, the fellow traveler he thought...

Even he had already embarked on a different path. He should also be a person who can open up a path like the art of blood occupation, and he should be a person who is indifferent to the world and treats the people like grass... But he did not fortify Big Dipper, and eventually died in the game of Big Dipper...

People are really complicated.

The complexity is not only Big Dipper, but also the Senior Brother of Big Dipper.

Including the fortune-telling Human Demon, who can be an exception?

No matter from which point of view, Human Demon fortune telling crime deserving ten thousand deaths.

But from the point of view of Human Demon, his Master clearly opened up a new path for the art of fate. He is a great figure of establishing the sect, but he was conspired by Martial Uncle, who is jealous of his talent. Death... how could he not hate it?

He stared at Yu Big Dipper and never closed his eyes until he died!

What "venom sac" and what "cage", he will only think it is an excuse.

From his perspective, Yu Big Dipper is a vile and vile villain.

He did not hesitate to become a Human Demon, he did not hesitate to sacrifice his sword to complete this revenge.

When he casually took human life as a divination, when he sent people to wash Qingyun Pavilion with blood for balance...

He would feel that he was doing the wrong thing. NS?




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