Red Heart Survey Chapter 1334

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Similar questions Jiang Wang has already thought about, and the answers have always been there.

He once asked Ye Qingyu--

"Do the wrong thing for the right purpose. Is this right?"

At that time, Ye Qingyu The answer was—

"Whether knowing is wrong, how can it be right?"

Wrong means, impossible to achieve the right result.

This is what Jiang Wang has always believed.

So at least at this moment, between Ming Zhan and Xue Zhan, he is on Yu Big Dipper's side.

He sits upright, looking at Yu Big Dipper.

At this moment, Big Dipper's expression is very complicated.

All kinds of emotions are mixed together.

There is pain, remembrance, determination... but no regrets.

As he told the Gua Master, even if he did it again, he would still kill his Senior Brother.

Perhaps there is never a single standard for right or wrong.

Sometimes it's just two roads extending together and colliding with each other.

There is only one way to continue forward.

Even irrelevant to love and hate.

The road has come here, and I can only continue to walk, even if it is to be divided into birth and death, even if one person must fall.

Jiang Wang thought for a while, and then asked: "So what about astrology? I really don't know it very well. What is the difference from the possession of life and the possession of blood?"

Big Dipper has a sense of knowing everything, and casually explained: "Fate is still the long river, and the creatures in the world are fish in the middle of the river. The biggest difference in astrology is that the sages anchored the stars and divided them. Star Domain, a more innovative way of cultivation, enables cultivator to go outside without divine ability.

Everything in the River of Destiny is reflected in the stars, and the fate and starlight shine together. Achievements outside The more cultivators in the building, the deeper the connection. Conversely, the deeper the development of astrology, the more people understand the star dome, and the more stable the way of the outer building, and the easier it is to build an outer building...

So astrology will develop along with the cultivation world, and it has an infinite and vast it is recognized by all parties and achieves orthodoxy.

Long historical development Over time, the stars have been shining through the ages, and time has shifted to the present. The accuracy of astrological astrology has even surpassed that of fate. However, its difficulty in divination is far lower than that of fate.

Even if it is compared from the cost of divination, cultivation astrology fortunetellers only need to look up at the star dome in the River of Destiny, explore the connection between the stars and destiny, without risking jumping out of the River of Destiny, let alone Rely on killing other swimming fish to make waves."

It is not difficult to feel from Yu Big Dipper's words that he also has a very in-depth study of astrology and expressed it very clearly.

For Jiang Wang, once he understands the astrology, he also understands why the ancient and glorious fate has become the dust of history. Why even a figure like Yu Big Dipper has no fighting spirit to redeem.

Because it is true, the astrology has completely surpassed the fate. It is also connected with the cultivation road of Human Race and complements each other.

Even the blood occupancy art created by Yu Big Dipper Senior Brother can only be said to occupy a corner of the land under the rule of astrology, and it is impossible to replace it.

From the art of occupying life to the art of occupying blood, it is a bifurcation of the road.

And from the art of astrology to the art of astrology...It is the innovation of "Dao"!

The torrent of the times is rolling in, and no one can stay out of it.

You can only join, not stop.

Any existence that stands in front of the torrent will be destroyed by new forces. Even if it is Senior Brother from Big Dipper who is shocking and stunning, there is no exception.

Just like embracing the Grand Void Illusory Realm, Jiang Wang will undoubtedly choose to embrace the astrology.

The ancient glory is just glory. Everyone who is aspiring to the former must firmly move towards the future.

"It is so!" Jiang Wang said sincerely: "No wonder a powerhouse like you can only accept reality. The astrology is indeed based on the new and old, and it has too broad prospects. "

"Uh..." Yu Big Dipper asked in a joking tone: "Don't you want to challenge youngster?"

Jiang Wang shook his head simply: "Yes. , I don’t want to."

Yu Big Dipper looked at him with encouraging eyes: "You are the first inner palace since ancient times! Very people, you should do very things. Evolution fate, anti-revolution star Zhan, what do you think? Is it a great career?"

I have already said that I will not listen to dangerous things.

Jiang Wang stood up decisively: "The green hills do not change, the green waters are long, I daoist, we we'll meet again some day!"

"hahahaha......"Yu Big Dipper I laughed unfathomable mystery, but didn’t stop it, only flicks with the finger: "Bring this!" Jiang Wang was caught in front of him.

"This is?"

"A gift." Yu Big Dipper was still sitting on the ground, smiling and waving: "Let's go, let's go!"

Jiang Wang took the knife money, paused, thought for a while, and asked: "Actually I have a question to ask you...Compared with Xiang Fengqi, who claims to be invincible, Who is stronger?"

"It's rare for someone to ask me such a boring question..."

Yu Big Dipper thought for a while and said seriously: "The realm of the hole, When Xiang Fengqi’s killing power is the first, I haven’t seen anyone surpass him until now. It may take another ten years before there will be newcomers... And I’m the first in Dongzheng’s computing power, thousands of forwards. The same is true for Nian and Wannian. When we meet on a narrow road and fight between square inches, I am probably not as good as him. The two sides have opened up their positions and divided life and death with Heaven and Earth. He must be inferior to me."

"senior It’s strong, called Junior Gaoshan Yangzhi."

Jiang Wang flattered, and then said: "There is another question..."

He shook his hand. Knife money: "I wanted to ask before, how did this knife money find me?"

When I asked this question, I wanted to find a solution.

When he was hiding, he didn't want to be found by anyone. It has nothing to do with whether Big Dipper is good or bad, or whether it is kind.

"Oh, it." Yu Big Dipper said without thinking: "It's through the line of marriage."

"Huh?" Jiang Wang turned pale in fright.

"Ah no, I found you through the line of cause and effect. We have the cause and effect to redeem the body protection symbol..." Yu Big Dipper looked at him narrowly: "Why, a slip of the tongue made you nervous like this , A sweetheart? Afraid that I will mess up the mandarin duck score? Hmm..."

He seemed to be interested, stretched out his five fingers, slightly staggered: "Let me count who it is."

"Farewell!" Jiang Wang arched his hand, flung the tail of his hair in a straight line in the air, turned and strode away.

Involving cause and effect, it is definitely not a problem that he can solve, and can only be left to later.

Furthermore, Big Dipper also hinted that the cause and effect of the two parties have been cleared, and it may not be possible to find him again. So he didn't bother to stay here again, which made people tease.

Yu Big Dipper, who was still sitting on the ground, looked at the back of this young hurried away, suddenly laughed heartily up.

The sound has not stopped for a long time.

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