Red Heart Survey Chapter 1335

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The old man’s laughter echoed a few times in the empty cave.

He should be laughing very cheerfully, but...

Sorrow is like a dead man.

In order to restore glory to the art of fate, it is necessary to overturn the art of astrology. Even more, because of the superposition of astrology and the current cultivation system, it has to break the existing order.

Or you can say least you have to create a world-wide disaster and disrupt the anchored stars before you can see so little hope.

Yu Big Dipper would not do this, so he chose to accept the final result.

He jokingly asked Jiang Wang if he wanted to give it a try. It was because the No. 1 Inner Mansion in the history of history was still very young, with unlimited possibilities and hopes, and maybe he could really find his way.

But Jiang Wang refused very seriously, so he stopped.

Fate has been struggling so far, and I have sacrificed too much. There is really no need to sacrifice more.

He laughed.

It's not so much laughing at the youngster who left in embarrassment, as it is laughing at myself.

When flowers bloom again, people will never be young again!

Just smile, that's all.

Yu Big Dipper gathered his five open fingers and messed up the hexagram, still looking at the place where the hexagram master disappeared, and finally no longer covering his sorrow, he muttered: "You want to kill me , I want to borrow the source of bloodfiend, Perfection your blood occupation technique-how easy it is?"

"My Senior Brother left the method, he has the opportunity to do it, but you are far behind Well. Xiaofeng."

"The heart is not enough to swallow the elephant. Whether it is me or the source of bloodfiend, how can you plot against it?"

"Even just Even I... can’t count everything...Exhaust!"

When the abrupt and aggravated "Exhaust" character fell, Yu Big Dipper's left eye suddenly opened and turned blood red, with bloodshot eyes from his pupils. As the center, it radiates to the four directions, the shape is like a flower, and the shape is extremely fierce and terrifying.

But immediately there was a black and white gossip pattern appearing, pressing in the left eye, pressing down the rushing scarlet!

Like bloodshot petals blooming, little by little is forced back.

The bloody color in this eye is like a rushing tide, surging constantly, constantly impacting...but it never breaks the line of defense of the gossip pattern.

Finally, the stalemate calmed down.

But a voice sounded at the same time: "How about this body, is it good to use?"

The voice of bloodfiend!

In the entire game between Big Dipper and Gua Master, bloodfiend was blocked by Big Dipper at first, so there was almost no sense of existence.

But if it can contain most of the power of Big Dipper, how can it be weak?

Fleeing from Rongguo all the way to Broken Soul Gorge, he was stopped by Yu Big Dipper. How could it be simple?

It can be inherited forever and it is difficult to trace its origin. How can it have no means?

bloodfiend should not be underestimated!

With the cultivation base of the top god, the Gua Master tried to count bloodfiend and Yu Big Dipper together, and he did a lot of layout.

Brought four Human Demons, planted two pieces of Zheng Fei and Li Shou as substitutes for death, laid a blood sacrifice formation, and brought the ancient Old Shi altar...

After these methods were resolved by one after another, he committed suicide directly, attracting Yan Chun back with a sword, and wanted to be together with Yu Big Dipper perish.

He regards the bloodfiend suppressed by Yu Big Dipper as nothing, and thinks that with the method left by the Master, he can easily trace its origin. Perfection is occupied by blood, and he is in Dongzhen.

But forgot, being able to create opportunities for him in front of such a terrifying Big Dipper... How terrifying is such a bloodfiend.

Yu Big Dipper did almost everything. He suppressed the Gua Master in each step, but he actually didn't know enough about bloodfiend. After all, the source of bloodfiend, Immemorial, is old and mysterious, even in the river of fate, there are not too many traces.

How can there be no price to resurrect with bloodfiend?

The bloodfiend killed by Yan Chunhui's sword is just the puppet named Liu Huai, the real source of bloodfiend, but he still peers into the world in that ancient place!

Even now, it can be said that the bloodfiend is the source of bloodfiend beating somebody at their own game, deliberately leaving Yu Big Dipper a layout opportunity.

It is necessary to find the person who is acting in this world.

How can a Liu Huai, a Jingye, and even Yang Jiande, who suppressed Blood Demon Art with a strong will, compare to the current daoist Yu Big Dipper?

The bloodfiend body hardly resisted before Yu Big Dipper, and was destroyed by Yan Chunhui with a sword. It seemed that he was used as a shield by Yu Big Dipper, but it was actually to protect himself.

The Gua master hopes that Yanchun will return to the sword to destroy Yu Big Dipper. Yu Big Dipper asks for a bloodfiend to be resurrected by bloodfiend, but bloodfiend asks, but it is the Yu Big Dipper who is resurrected by life and blood!

The three parties have their own demands, each remaining means, and colliding together, until this moment, it is still not final.

It was precisely when he sensed the hidden dangers of his body that Yu Big Dipper suddenly became more talkative and wanted to talk to Jiang Wang.

On the surface, he was chatting, but in fact he was preparing to deal with it. bloodfiend is always lurking, just waiting for the opportunity.

As soon as Jiang Wang left, the collision occurred immediately.

At this moment, facing the sound from the depths of his left eye, Yu Big Dipper was still sitting still, quite calmly, saying: "I feel pretty good, I wonder if you can Do you want to give up love?"

The bloodfiend voice said: "It is easy to give up for a while, but it is difficult to give up for a lifetime."

"Why don't you give it a try?" Yu Big Dipper asked: "You don't Give up, how do you know that you are fit to give up?"

"hmph hum." Bloodfiend ignored his silly strange words, just asked: "On that youngster just now, is there a human light?"


"It's not bad, it can be seen." Yu Big Dipper mystifying authentically: "It seems that you have been sleeping for so many years, and you haven't broken your brain."

On Jiang Wang's body, There is a bit of humanity. It was the reward he received from the legacy of the sages when he won the championship at Guanhetai. In other words, it is a kind of recognition.

The light of humanity, if you are a king, your country will prosper, and if you walk alone, you can climb the peak.

Yu Big Dipper has one more move, and it was based on this humane light to fall, but unfortunately it failed to play a role in the end-since it was seen by bloodfiend, it is also common sense that it cannot play a role.

"oh?" bloodfiend's voice asked: "Do you know who this seat is?"

"Guess I know if I know?" Yu Big Dipper asked rhetorically.

"If you know who this seat is, how can you dare to be so rude to this seat?" Bloodfiend's voice seemed very angry and roared: "Bu Lian dare not talk to this seat like this, you count What is it!?"

"Hey! Hey!" Yu Big Dipper stopped in dissatisfaction: "Why are you still shouting? Don't be too deep in the play, okay? I really think of myself as a great character. Is it?"

"hehehe." The bloodfiend's voice laughed again: "The light of humanity didn't light him up, don't you understand the ending?"

Yu Big Dipper His complexion darkened: "In the river of fate, it really is your hands and feet!"

bloodfiend's voice replied: "It doesn't matter whether you have any hands and feet. The important thing is whether you can face them or not. To reality? Can you accept the result? Or... Bu Lian’s death has never taught you people a lesson?"

Yu Big Dipper coldly said: "I have learned deeply in the long river of history. The lesson here is that you can’t let these things live.” Under the gossip of the left eye, the blood light began to flicker.

The voice of bloodfiend said: "Sure enough... the only lesson that man has learned in history is that man cannot learn anything from history. This is the root of badness that exists in the depths of your origin. You can only be wiped out. Go, this world will have great purity!"

"It seems that it is easy to dream after sleeping for a long time, then you continue..." Yu Big Dipper stretched out his index finger of his left hand and inserted a finger into his left eye inside!

"Go to dream!"

The entire left eye was penetrated, and all the blood light and gossip were dispersed, only blood flowed. In the gloomy cliff cave, only the hole left by Yan Chun's return with that sword, attracted the light of Heaven's Line.

Just before this ray of light.

The old man with white hair and shawl is sitting on the ground, with the index finger of his left hand penetrating into his left eye.

The entire left eye was penetrated, and the eyeball was exploded. What blood light and gossip all disappeared, only the blood mixed with eyeball mucus, flowing all over.

And bloodfiend's voice has also become faint--

"Okay. We have time..."

Until it doesn't smell.

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