Red Heart Survey Chapter 1336

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Miaoman's body curled up on the bed, as if in his sleep, still enduring some kind of pain.

The young man walked up slowly, poking out his right hand...


Before reacting, the whole person has fallen to the ground hard. internal organs, like falling apart.

The dao essence in the body is loose, and the neck is pinched tightly by two fingers.

The man's face flushed quickly, stared wide-eyed, looking at the woman wearing a faceless mask who was pressing on him.


Human Demon glanced at the bottles and cans scattered on the ground and saw all kinds of wound medicines. So he opened his finger lightly, but his eyes were still cold: "What do you want to do?"

"You seem to be...severely injured." The young man said, his voice full of nervousness: "I think... …Help."

"Small waste." Human Demon snorted, stood up, walked back to the bed, and said with some teasing: "How can you help me?"


Liang Jiu, the former dísciple of Qingyun Pavilion in Yongguo, lies quietly on the ground, still trapped in the tremor of dying, unable to break free.

Swallow turned and sat on the bed, Miaoman's posture was still in a curve. While pulling back the long hair, wipe off the sweat from the back of the neck, retract the jade hand without a trace, and drop it on the knee.

The tone is soft and soft: "Fool, what are you doing lying there?"

Liang Jiuyi shivered got up and stumblingly hit the bottles and cans, sending out The sound of ding dong stopped again in fear.

"What are you doing?" Yanzi groaned: "Are you afraid of me?"

"No, no. I like... I like it." Liang Jiu hurried forward. , Trembling and crawling on the swallow.

He stretched out his hand to unbutton the collar, but he didn't unbutton it for a long time. Instead, he hit the mask with no facial features on the back of his hand.


Swallow slapped his backhand, slapped him away, and slapped him on the ground several times.

"Things to be disappointed!"

The icy voice was filled with anger: "Others are in their twenties, and you are like a dog in your twenties! You are a dog! Can't do it well, clumsy!"

Liang Jiu rolled on the ground a few times in embarrassment, and as soon as he stopped, he turned over and knelt down, bowing his head.

He doesn't know why he slapped him.

He didn't know who the other person Yanzi was talking about, let alone that she was wrong. That Jiang Wang was not even twenty years old.

He is just a docile, curled up with Essence, Qi, and Spirit that have long been obliterated, and whispered: "I'm sorry."

"Ah..." The swallow sighed, seems to soften again. I got up and walked in front of Liang Jiu, slowly squatted down, the fragrant wind blew his nose, jade hand touched his forehead: "The elder sister really likes you and treats you sincerely, but you are like this, How can I stay with my elder sister? The elder sister teaches you every day, and teaches you every day. You should be a little better, okay?"

Liang Jiu was frightened, ashamed, and flustered, making a puppy-like expression. , Sobbing voice: "Yeah."

Swallow stretched out his hand and hugged him into his arms.

The two people are close to each other, and they both feel a kind of warmth that each other needs.

Trance is also love.



Xingyueyuan battlefield, the two armies of Xiangxu and Xu gathered.

The leader of the Xiang country is the leader of the Xiang country. The leader of the Xu Kingdom is Fang You, the Great Marshal of the Xu Kingdom.

Both of them are all-time famous generals, and they are also the best masters of warfare in the two countries.

But the discerning people know that the outcome of the war does not depend on them.

The two current names really play a role, in fact, there is only one name. Let the people believe that the two armies of Xiang and Xu are fighting for their own interests.

Stuffed on the battlefield, Qi Jing and a large number of young Heaven's Chosen from their respective vassal and vassal countries are the most important aspects of this battle.

As the number one Heaven's Chosen in Rongguo, Lin Xian is very beautiful in his own country, but it is not conspicuous in Xingyueyuan.

Bao Bozhao, Chaoyu, Xie Huaian, Wang Yiwu, Chong Xuansheng, Li Longchuan, Yan Fu, Tian Chang, Wen Lianmu, Gao Zhe...

Only Qi State arrives on the battlefield The younger generation is full of talents and dazzling. There is no room for Heaven's Chosen to show up.

Because of the careful thought that Rong Guo showed in the Yellow River Meeting, he would be beaten in Xingyue, which is also a foreseeable thing.

So Lin Xian has been very low-key since he arrived at Xingyueyuan, and never left the camp without any orders.

But even so, some things are still unavoidable.

After this Japanese military meeting, Fang You almost announced that he had ended, Lin Xian had already got up and left the meeting in a low-key manner, and left for the camp.

I couldn't take a few steps, and suddenly I saw the silhouette flashing, and a tall man stopped in front of him.

He has a broad nose, rich clothes, and a proud face.

The line of sight fell, quite a few eyes high above the top.

"You are Lin Xian, right?" the person asked.

Lin Xian's expression is calm, nodded tribute: "I have seen Gao Zhe Young Master Gao."

Gao Zhe is more than half a head taller than him, and looks down at him with interest. The calmness of a cat and a mouse: "Do you know me?"

Faced with the heir of the Gao clan in Jinghai, Lin Xian put his posture very low: "Small countries dare not disrespect big countries, all Heaven's Chosen In the name, Lin Xian did his homework."

"Huh?" Gao Zhe looked around and said with a smile: "This person's posture is different from the rumors!"

Just a short distance away, Yan Fu said: "Brother Gao, what do you stop here for? I still have a dao technique to discuss with you, let's go to my camp to talk! "

"Hey, don't worry for a while." Gao Zhe waved his hand and refused to step on Yan Fu's ladder. He still looked at Lin Xian: "Listen to you, Rong Guoren, after Jiang Wang disappeared. You Lin Xian is the first inner mansion of the Eastern Region?"

Gao Zhe's gesture of looking for trouble is already very obvious.

Wang Yiwu, Wen Lianmu and the others passing by, stopped and looked over at this time.

Chong Xuansheng and Li Longchuan walked on the other side, but they didn't speak.

Li Longchuan didn't have much friendship with Gao Zhe, while Chong Xuansheng saw Gao Zhe's mind when he raised his eyes, and he was too lazy to work hard.

Gao Zhe has now consolidated his position as the heir to the family, and his heart has also increased a lot. Came to this Xingyueyuan battlefield, originally for the gilded fame. The best way is of course to raise the power of the battlefield, but Lin Xian, who stepped on the Guanhe Terrace with one foot, was also one of the ways. And it's safe and secure.

Bao Bozhao, Chaoyu and the others a matter of no concern to oneself have gone far, especially Bao Bozhao, who consciously thinks that these all are younger brothers, Bao Zhongqing should be the same with them. Chongxuanzun even Xingyueyuan didn't bother to come. Bob Zhao is usually quite self-confident and keeps his distance from these younger brothers.

In addition, geniuses from small countries such as Xu, Zhao, Yi, Chang, etc., dare not move closer at all and just look from a distance.

With so many young geniuses present, who is willing to lose face and be weak in the imposing manner?

If you want to come, you can't avoid a fight.

But Lin Xian, who was blocked by Gao Zhe, didn't lift his eyes, but said lightly, "I never said this."

"oh?" Gao Zhe was not surprised that Lin Xian would admit counsel, but he was unexpectedly counseled so quickly, without any struggle at all. Half a step forward, harboring malicious intentions forced him to ask: "Then in front of so many people, I I would like to ask you a question, do you think from the bottom of your heart, how do you compare to Jiang Wang?"

Lin Xian raised his eyes and looked left and right. Under the gaze of the young Heaven's Chosen from the Eastern Regions, he was very calm. He said: "I, Lin Xian, I would like to run the dog under Jiang Qingyang. Before Yandao, I dare not compare with Jiang Wang!"

As soon as I said this, those noisy, noisy, disturbed... all silence.

The audience is silent!

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