Red Heart Survey Chapter 1337

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The geniuses of the nations, which one is not eager?

If one day is not as good, it may not be as good as a thousand days.

Even if I lose on the spot, I think I will pay it back in the future.

This is the heart of a young man, but also the pride of a genius.

If you lose the heart of invincibility, you cannot be invincible.

On the contrary, few people have worshipped their peers so far, and even said "I am willing to be a dog in the door".

No one thinks that Lin Xian can achieve Dao Yan, so he said, "Before Dao Yan, I dare not compare to Jiang Wang", which almost limits this life.

To say that Lin Xian is a cartilage, he fought with Xia Country mercifully on the viewing platform.

But if he is a tough guy, why do he admire Jiang Wang so much?

Put yourself too low and Jiang Wang too high!

Many people who did not visit Hetai in person, could not help but re-examine the not-to-be-ending Yellow River meeting. Is it even more exciting than imagined to be able to squeeze into the top three inner courts in history? ?

Is Jiang Wang, the leader of the Yellow River, beyond imagination?

"hahahaha." Gao Zhe smiled comfortably: "As a friend of Jiang Qingyang, I have to approve your vision! I am self-aware. Those rumors that want to come to Rongguo are not yours. Acquiesce!"

He expressed his "forgiveness" in a condescending manner and as a friend of Jiang Wang.

And Lin Xian took a look at him, but asked calmly: "What else is Young Master Gao?"

"Wish to walk the dog for Jiang Qingyang." To others, it may be exaggerated or even flattering. But for him who witnessed the legendary battle, Jiang Wang, who became the first inner mansion in the history of history, cannot be overstated no matter how much he respected. That is the back of his pursuit in this life... In order to restore national confidence, Rong Guoren did make a lot of voices after Jiang Wang's disappearance. It's time to wake up!

Self-deception is not desirable. The weaker the person, the more he should face the gap.

So he simply took advantage of this opportunity to publicly state his position.

He was speaking from his heart, so he didn't feel that he was servile at all. As for what others think, he doesn't care.

Is there less discrimination and contempt for being born in a small country like Rongguo?

As for Gao Zhe’s approval...

I can only say, let this person be happy!

Gao Zhe consciously hit Rongguo's Heaven's Chosen's arrogance, and beat Rongguo on behalf of Qi State. At this moment, Gu Pan Zixiong, smiled and asked: "Brother Lin is so insightful, so do you think, How am I better than Jiang Wang?"

As soon as this question came out, Yan Fu was the first to walk away. Among the group of people who have made friends with Jiang Wang, he and Gao Zhe can be regarded as having friendship, but it may not be necessary to say how deep the friendship is.

Yan Fu is gentle and generous in his treatment of others. In the Linzi Young Master circle, he maintains a good relationship with many people. In these relationships, there is also a close relationship.

It was Jiang Wang who helped him solve Jiang Wuyou's troubles, and it was Jiang Wang who accompanied him to Fufeng Liu Family. The relationship is not comparable to that of Gao Zhe's wine and meat friends.

He spends a lot of money and is not stingy with anyone, but he has a scale in his heart.

In his opinion, Gao Zhe is already inflated too much. In the past, he was able to remain humble when he was second to the family. Now that he is firmly established as the heir of the family, it has several points of not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

Take advantage of Qi State's power and Jiang Wang's name, it's not enough to crush Lin Xian. Do you want to take the opportunity to lift yourself up?

This is not something a friend should do, nor is it something that a sober enough person can say.

I can only say...not close friends.

So he used to leave to show his attitude.

Hearing the same words, Li Longchuan raised his sword eyebrows, and Chong Xuansheng narrowed his eyes with a smile.

Lin Xian, who stood opposite Gao Zhe and really faced this problem, was just laughed, said nothing, and turned away.

Gao Zhe’s face suddenly didn’t look good: "What do you mean by surnamed Lin?"

Lin Xian kept walking, only leaving the words behind: "I don’t know Jiang Why does Qingyang have friends like you? I don’t even know, what do you compare with him."

"Then what do you think..." Gao Zhe looked at his back and threatened gloomily. "How are you better than me?!"

Lin Xian suddenly turned her head, her eyes are like cold electricity: "Xingyueyuan started the war, it is not beautiful to fight in the same battle. After this battle, you can come. Find me, let you go through the second round, I will count as Lin Xian lose!"

Born in a small country, facing the Aristocratic Family Heaven's Chosen of the hegemony...

He is arrogant. So too!

The audience was shocked!

Lin Xianguo is not cartilaginous.

It turns out that he is not arrogant, but he is not arrogant to Jiang Wang!

Wen Lianmu was on the sidelines, his eyes condensed slightly.

Lin Xian possesses top-level divine ability such as unrestrained body, and has a stoic personality, Blade Technique is extraordinary. As a document accompanying the army, he has carefully studied his people. After all, the Eastern Region will not be able to bypass these Heaven's Chosen for dozens or hundreds of years in the future.

Although Jiang Wang won the first prize in Guanhetai, it is undoubtedly the first under the heavens inner palace. It is not that absolutely does not have hope of transcendence, so Lin Xian should not be asked to look up to this point.

So... what happened later?

During Jiang Wang's disappearance, he hid in Rongguo?

After the Yellow River Meeting, to what extent has Jiang Wang improved.

Lin Xian had the arrogance of defeating Gao Zhe, but he didn't have the spirit to compare with him?

He couldn't help but glanced at Wang Yiwu.

The man stands like a javelin, with no discoloration on his face. It doesn't seem that... Lin Xian's words are too much.

Yes, as proud as Wang Yiwu, the only recognized opponent of the same level is Jiang Wang. Then, if you compare yourself, no matter what kind of praise he gives to Jiang Wang, he probably recognizes it...

In his eyes, it is more than Gao Zhe unable to withstand a single blow, I am afraid Lin Xian also It's not worth punching.

Even when he stopped to watch the dispute, it was only because he heard the word "Jiang Wang". Lin Xian and Gaozhe, what is it worth a glance?

This invincible mentality is something Wen Lianmu admires, but it also makes him worry. Today's King Yiwu is not lost to Jiang Mengxiong of the same stage, but Jiang Mengxiong was invincible at the same level, but today there is Jiang Qingyang!

Once Wang Yiwu realizes that he will never catch up with Jiang Wang, what will happen to him? Can he face the gap calmly like Lin Xian? Or is it...will you be devastated forever?

Wen Lianmu quickly extinguished this dangerous idea in his heart.

No...No matter what Jiang Wang did, it is impossible to pull Wang Yiwu so far. Maybe it's just because Lin Xian himself is so rare and weird.

Thinking about this, Wen Lianmu couldn't help but looked towards Lin Xian again.

He is like Shen Yuan, standing in the court.

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like you’ve never seen the world...

Lin Xian, who claims to be a running dog under Jiang Qingyang’s sect, speaks wildly to Gao Zhe, boasting that he doesn’t Need a second knife, and won't give Jinghai Gao's face in the slightest.

Gao Zhe was put on the stage for a while, and he couldn't get up or down. Here, to seek provocations, but to use the momentum to suppress people, the truth is itself a cultivation base, what does he use to watch the river platform? Can he really fight Lin Xian? Can you really hold Lin Xian's second shot?

After hesitating for a while, Lin Xian has already left in strides.

Gritting my teeth, I was about to say something cruel, and I felt that it was too late to say anything at this time.

He looked back at Yan Fu. Yan Fu was no longer there.

I looked at Xuan Sheng and Li Longchuan again, but only saw two leaving behind.

Think about his dignified heir to the Gao clan of Jinghai, the young master of Qi State's newly promoted giants, why step on a small country and still lose face so much?

Gao Family is ultimately the hardest relationship in Gongwei. It has only started operating locally in recent years and has no foundation in the military. At this moment in the barracks, whether it is Li Longchuan or Chong Xuan, it is not difficult to force Rong Guo to force Lin Xian to bow his head, but now they clearly do not intend to take care of this matter...

They have resentment?

Where is their grievance!

What he said, Gao Zhe and Jiang Wang were brothers and sisters. How many wines have been eaten together? What's the point? Why is it so? !

People like Yan Fu, Li Longchuan, and Chong Xuan Sheng...Relying on his family background, they have never really respected him! Always revolving around Jiang Wang, often ignoring his feelings. I will ask Jiang Wang if he wants this, and then he will ask if it is good. No one has ever asked him how he was. Walking around the brothel and eating banquets together, he will always look like a marginal figure, always like a small attendant behind the pampered young master.

This was the case before, but now I am the heir of the Gao family, still so!

He looked towards the surroundings, feeling as if everyone was laughing at him.

Heaven's Chosen of the small countries is still far away, close...Can he anger Wang Yiwu or Wenlianmu?

"Oh, it's also interesting." In the end he could only sneer like this and left alone.

But before that, the "audience" had already passed away, and no one watched him perform.

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