Red Heart Survey Chapter 1338

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Speaking of the same three words in Chong Xuansheng's mouth, it was a bit relaxed and playful.

Fourteen still followed behind him silently, without saying a word.

Li Longchuan walked aside and said casually: "Who does Brother Xuan mean?"

Chongxuan wins faint smile: "It's all interesting,"

Li Longchuan shook the head and sighed: "I really didn't expect Gao Zhe to come like this. He usually drinks and eats meat together. He doesn't look like such a disproportionate person."

"You haven't been for a long time. I saw him, and I don’t know what Divine Immortal life he spent in Jinghai County. The 10,000-year-old second turned over and he was naturally indestructible."

After the Battle of Extinguishing the Sun was over, the cake was Chongxuan Chu. A good score was given to Gao Family as a town magistrate, so the two families had friendship. Chong Xuan Sheng also came into contact with Gao Zhe in this way, and this should be one of his operations.

But at the moment when talking about Gao Zhe who is a little'out of control', his tone is still very relaxed: "In different positions, showing completely different things, this is what most people look like. How many stupid people like Jiang Qingyang can have?"

"hahahaha. "Li Longchuan laughed: "I don't guarantee that Jiang Wang won't hear this."

"Heh, I will be afraid of him?" Chong Xuansheng casually remarked and moved away naturally. Topic: "This Lin Xian is not simple."

"Yes." Li Longchuan's expression also became serious: "His strength has improved a lot compared to when he watched the river platform."

Li Longchuan possesses divine ability, and of course his judgment of Lin Xian's strength is very accurate.

But this is not what Chongxuan Sheng wants to say.

He shook the head: "It's not just strength."

"Yes." Li Longchuan's eyes moved slightly: "This person can quickly judge after Gao Zhe's words The friendship between Gao Zhe and Jiang Wang was not strong, and there were rifts with us, and he stepped on Gao Zheliwei decisively, and swept into the situation of being suppressed since Xingyueyuan... His cleverness and decisiveness are very human, but not only It’s just superb."

"Ha, talking to you is easy." Chongxuan Sheng said with a smile: "It’s much easier than talking to Jiang Wang!"

Li Longchuan also laughed: "It's refreshing to step on someone behind your back, and it's not cheap to seal my mouth."

"Lin Xian, this guy." Chong Xuansheng brought the topic back naturally: "Hao Advocating Jiang Wang uncomfortably, he not only got rid of his arrogant reputation, but also reduced his sense of threat, for the sake of being sober and self-sustaining. Taking the opportunity to show off one's ability, hard-topping Gaozhe, is for courage and self-confidence. Now Xingyue Under the original situation, he still can not lose his prestige and national character. This person has the talent to hold the festival!"

The envoy was ordered to travel, and he must hold the talisman as a proof.

Those who can travel to other countries on behalf of the emperor must be first-class talents.

We must not violate the rule of the emperor inside, and not lose the national character outside.

The words of Chongxuan's victory are already extremely high praise.

And Li Longchuan is just nodded, and he doesn't feel anything wrong. Lin Xian's performance deserves such praise.

Rong Guo secretly cultivated Heaven's Chosen in his inner palace for many years, hoping to become famous in the Yellow River Club, but he didn't make it into the race. Now he is forced to send Heaven's Chosen to the battlefield.

Lin Xian took advantage of Gao Zhe's provocation to reverse his image in one fell swoop. It is difficult for anyone to do better under the same conditions.


Li Longchuan thought. If it is Chongxuan Sheng who is in a different position, I am afraid that Gao Zhe's behavior today has been designed in advance, and he may have a better performance. If Jiang Wang was in a different place, then Rong Guo had already succeeded in the Yellow River Meeting...

From this perspective, although Lin Xian is a good talent, he still has a long way to go. go.

"I am only curious now..."

Chong Xuansheng raised his eyes and looked towards the distance: "What did Jiang Wang do to make Lin Xian such a good talent, This is the admiration?"

The war started and Grand Void Illusory Realm has been blocked, so he could not get in touch with Jiang Wang in time and did not know the current situation of Jiang Wang. Before Lin Xian spoke today, he thought that Jiang Wang was still hiding in a cultivation.

"Want to come..." Li Longchuan also looked into the distance: "It's the time of the storm again!"

Since receiving the task of investigating Huang Yixing's case, Jiang Wang has been in constant disturbances. From Qi State to Jingguo, from the name of traitor to the crime of conquering demons, from Pingguo to Zhao Xuanyang... It can be said that every step is shocking, and in the end it also disturbed the world.

Even Xingyueyuan’s battle was based on his disappearance.

As a friend of Jiang Wang and the origin of Li's stone gate, the news of Jiang Wang An Ran is not a secret to him. He was also curious about what Jiang Wang did that made Lin Xian admire this.

I only hate being on the battlefield, and I can’t immediately look for each other.



Thousands of people have a thousand thoughts, Jiang Wang doesn’t know how people are talking about Xingyueyuan where the army is assembled he.

Farewell to Yu Big Dipper, he who left Broken Soul Gorge alone, stood at the mouth of the canyon, listening to the wind passing through the gorge behind him, and pressing his sword for a while.

Finally hold back.

The near-death experience is not wonderful, and the feeling of being powerless in the game is also very uncomfortable.

Looking back at Duanhunxia, ​​he raised his index finger. The smoke condenses into a green grass shape, swaying from the fingertips.

Yu Big Dipper helped to deduce the secret memorial technique after the deduction, known as "but there is a confrontation, Divine Soul can observe it, and it will be endless within three days, and it will be pursued by thousands of miles."

It is based on the recognition of the tracking target at the Divine Soul level, and it is engraved to form the Divine Soul level induction, thereby completing the possibility of tracking.

A simple description from the perspective of actual use is to engrave the relevant characteristics of the target Divine Soul at the level of your Divine Soul, thus forming a kind of similarity between the "child body" and the "mother body". induction.

From this point of view, this technique is still called memorial, which is very appropriate.

He used this technique at this time, of course, to trace the Revealing of Human Demon.

The Big Four Human Demon kills the third, and it is still not beautiful.

As the saying goes, since the body has completely recovered, it might as well be a chase!

Recalling the sublimation of the secret technique was already after the swallow escaped, but before his escape, Jiang Wang was ready to fight with Divine Soul. Divine Soul has a clearer understanding.

It is not difficult to "describe" again at this moment.

The only thing that needs to be considered is time and distance.

Because everyone's Divine Soul is constantly changing, and this Divine Soul level of induction is not stable, so it can only last for up to three days, and there is a certain distance limit.

Currently, the distance limit depends on Jiang Wang's own Soul Power.

Fingertips reminisce about the grass, and on the grass leaves, the veins of the leaves move, vaguely forming a woman's illusory shadow.

If you don’t look closely, you can’t see it, but it is the Divine Soul Seal that embodies the characteristics of Human Demon Divine Soul.

Recalling that the 1st Step has been completed, the next step is to see how it interacts with the "imitation" Divine Soul body.

Too long can not succeed, too far away can not succeed.

The blade of grass swayed for a while, fell gently, and pointed to the southeast!

"The grass bows its head as if in remembrance. Those who pass by can be chased, those who come can be reachable."

Jiang Wang pulled himself up, piercing the clouds and flying far away.

Leaving only the sound of hunting in azure clothes, it seems to be in harmony with the unchanging wind of Broken Soul Gorge for thousands of years.

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