Red Heart Survey Chapter 1339

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September 27 days, 3919, Dao Li, the southeast region, Tian Xing Ya.

This cliff looks strong in the north, Great Xia in the west, disasters in the south, and the vast sea in the east.

There are few outsiders in the high shore world.

Three majestic palaces stand on this cliff.

It is business as usual, still "waves hit the cliffs, mountains and winds hit the stone".

The so-called "Yi Shi" is a kind of stone unique to Tian Xing Cliff, scattered on the cliff, can be seen everywhere. There are various appearances, but the base must be square-shaped. The biggest difference between it and ordinary stones is that whenever there is a wind hit, this kind of stone will make a neat sound, like a person shouting-"Wei".

People think it maintains the prestige of Tianxing Cliff, so it is named Yishi.

Also known as "Prestige Stone".

A white-haired old man wearing a one-eyed blindfold fell from a height and walked along the mountain road.

Giving up flying, climbed up the steps on the wide and strict mountain road.

As soon as I looked up, I saw a monument towering tall, without clouds daring to go around.

The words on the stele are like iron-painted silver hooks, and the strokes are clear and eye-catching, as if the marks are not on the stele, but in Heaven and Earth.

The word says--

"Heaven can be punished, the earth is subject to law, and people must be between rules!"

These thirteen words are from the top Below, standing between Heaven and Earth, like a golden seal, has an untouchable majesty.

It represents the spirit of the law, and is the will that the Third Penal Palace has implemented since the ages.

As the one-eyed old man raised his head to look at the monument, a sharp glance, like a knife and axe, seemed to fall from Nine Heavens——

"Yu Daoist! Why do you come here?"

The world’s top physicist, the highest achiever of the world’s destiny, and the world’s daoist with the highest computing power, Yu Big Dipper... Still maintaining the posture of looking up at the monument, he asked aloud: "Dare to ask What is the daoist of drama?"

In the tumbling mountain breeze, the stubborn voice replied: "Justice."

Yu Big Dipper asked: "There is injustice in the world." , Who is wrong, who is over the rules, who should I ask?"

The voice asked: "One person? One place? One case? One country?"

Yu Big Dipper grinned A smile: "The strongest country in the world, the first inner palace in ancient and modern times!" The voice was silent for a while, and said: "Please follow the rules of Heavenly Palace."

Added : "I daoist should know the rules."

"Daoist, you are not like someone who likes to talk nonsense..." Yu Big Dipper shook the head, shook the head with a smile, and said: "If there is Hypothesis, Heaven and Earth are punishable!"

bang! bang! bang!

On the high cliffs, lightning and thunder are flashing.

On the side of that monument of eternal law, a hole suddenly opened.

That is an ancient heavy cast iron portal with regular horizontal and vertical lines on the door, dividing this portal into countless squares of equal size...

The mottle of the years is reflected on it, and the brilliance of the sun and the moon flows in the meantime.

At the moment it was opened, it was better than Big Dipper, and it buckled by three points in an instant.

When the door appeared, he seemed to be rejected by the entire Heaven and Earth.

When the door opened, he was again accommodated in Heaven and Earth.

It's just that "Heaven and Earth" is stricter and more regular.

Yu Big Dipper only glanced at it, then walked inside.



Chong Xuansheng soon knew what Jiang Wang did.

Wen Lianmu was finally able to understand why Lin Xian could say the kind of words that looked up at the summit.

Including Li Longchuan, including Yan Fu, including Gao Zhe.

Including the entire Xingyueyuan battlefield...

No, the entire Eastern Region, the entire world, and all the places where the Human Race cultivator exists are shaken by the name of a young Heaven's Chosen !

Its name is-Jiang Wang!

Because on the 27th day of September, 3919, the world’s top photographer, Big Dipper, went south from Broken Soul Gorge and went to the French Holy Land Third Penal Palace in the Heavenly Palace. Declare to the whole world that Jiang Wang is not a person who can communicate with demons, and there is no crime of communicating with demons!

He took out the iron evidence and told the world in truth--

In Broken Soul Gorge, Jiang Wang killed the outer building with one enemy, four, and within the palace, killing all evil and slashing. The three major Human Demons of meat and beheading, forced to flee to reveal the Human Demon, broke the legendary record of the old man of Tianfu, and achieved the first in history!

Afterwards, he bravely assisted him with Big Dipper, suppressed and killed the fortune-telling Human Demon of Ranked 2nd among the nine Human Demons.

The most important thing is that Jiang Wang also helped him seal off the ancient bloodfiend and prevented the inheritance of "Blood Demon Art"!

No Demon Race would treat "Blood Demon Art" like this.

There is no Demon Race spy who can treat "Blood Demon Art" like this!

Because the magic tome of this level is the real Demon Race sacred relic, which runs through the ancient history, and everything serves the continuation of inheritance.

As long as Demon Race, the rebellion must die, no matter what the reason is.

All the above statements have been approved by the Third Penal Palace!

The daoist Yu Big Dipper came out, the legalist Holy Land San Xing Palace witnessed, the top magic book "Blood Demon Art" was a footnote, Jiang Wang has since washed away his stigma.

And Jingguo Jingshitai secretly dispatched four military powerhouses in the outer building to arrest Jiang Wang, in order to quietly settle an iron case in Yujing Mountain. After being cleaned up by Jiang Wang, he directly proclaimed the guilt and the evil spirits, issued an arrest order, and dispatched God's Chosen, Zhao Xuanyang...

Such behaviors have become Jingguo Jingshitai for nearly a thousand years. Here comes the biggest scandal.

Therefore, it has caused the world to discuss things!

People, active or passive, are discussing a question--

Is Jing Guo qualified to condemn Heaven's Chosen from another country?

With the help of Qi State and Pastoral State, the nations of the world are constantly asking people with authority and authority--

Even Jiang Wang, a well-known leader of the Yellow River in the world, and Born in a hegemonic country like Qi State, you can be innocent and notorious, and be arrested at will. Isn't the era of Jingguo's dominance still over?

With 3,919 years of history in this world, the fairness and justice pursued by the underworld is just a joke?

The fairness pursued by the Yellow River Heaven's Chosen Club, the fair distribution advocated by the Gate of Ten Thousand Demon... Strong Jingguo is here, whoever wants to be arrested is arrested, and whoever is guilty is guilty?

Can the sacred covenant of the ancient punish demons be used as a weapon to suppress Heaven's Chosen in other countries?

The discussion about things in the world is boiling, but Jing Guo rarely keeps silent, and doesn't say a word about it.

For those who hold power and focus on the world, it is of course the most important to take this opportunity to weaken the influence of Jingshitai and Yujingshan, and to reconsider Jingguo's current authority.

But for more people in the world, Jiang Wang broke the record of the old man of Tianfu, created a new legend, redefines the limit of Tianfu, and stayed in the history of’s more people Things that vibrate.

Jing Guo's arrogance is not a day or two, there is nothing strange at all.

The young and peerless Heaven's Chosen, trekking in the mud, marching forward courageously at the time of the world, finally challenged history, became the first inner palace in history, killed Human Demon, suppressed demon art... It is the heroic epic that makes people scream.

This is a living legend.

Sing in the world for a while!

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