Red Heart Survey Chapter 1340

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Chapter 163 Sanli smells smelly, the legend of the world

When Jing Shitai announced that Jiang Wang was guilty of the crime of conspiracy.

Of course, most of the Qi people are filled with righteous indignation.

The Heaven's Chosen of their country has just broken free from the stigma, washed away the suspicion of traitorousness, and turned around and was detained as a psychic...It's so wronged!

Jingguo's suppression of Qi State Heaven's Chosen's heart is simply obvious.

Many people even feel that the traitorous suspicion that Jiang Wang has previously added to him is also a public opinion promoted by Jing Guo, in order to force Jiang Wang, the leader of the Yellow River, out of Qi State.

Why did the world sin against him? Because my hero is the enemy of the enemy!

But there are also some "sane" people who have a "calm" view. For example, if he wrote the "The Theory of Merits and Demerits" and almost nailed Jiang Wang’s reputation to death, Ruer Fengming made a public declaration--

"Although Jing has been in power for a long time, he is righteous to Human Race. There is nothing to lose. Since the eternal era, the devil has been killed and demons removed, and there have been many honors. The Chongxuanzun is also the Heaven's Chosen of the country. What is the name of Wushen? Hold your body right! It means that the mud and sand are all down, the river is clear; the dung is piled up, and the three miles smell stinky! Since ancient times, the evil spirits have agreed together, and there is no one who is innocent and sinful. There is no way to hell, no involvement. Almost? Equal country, nothing to do? Demon Race, nothing to do? Three times the cesspool does not smell bad, it has never been heard in ancient or modern times!"

I also cited some of Jingguo’s history of torturing and killing the monsters in the country. The case of Heaven's Chosen proves that Jingguo is fair in dealing with demons. He has always been right and wrong.

Cite the examples in history such as Qin Country cultivator Tong Mo, Mu Guo cultivator Tong Mo, and there are also examples of being captured and sentenced after Yujingshan public trial. I have never heard of Qin Country and Mu Guo protesting. unfair.

Those are all true magic events.

Jingguo has led the covenant to kill demons, which has been an ancient tradition that has continued for many years. They will not, and there is no need to behave badly for a Jiang Wang.

No matter how talented Jiang Wang is, can he still have the youngest daoist Li Yi genius in the world?

Er Ming advises the Chinese people not to deceive themselves, a trifling Heaven's Chosen in the inner palace may not be able to become a climate in the future. Is there anything worth targeting by Jing Guo, the strongest country in the world?

I also said that I hope Jiang Qingyang will not evade, don't try to use public opinion body protection, and should face the problem in a good life.

Obsessed for a while, maybe there is still room for transfer. Only if one persists in changing one's obsessions, one is self-defeating in the world.

It is also said that Qi people are first of all humans. He is loyal to Qi State, but first of all, he must stand on the standpoint of Human Race. Tongmo is a fundamental issue that shakes up Human Race. It is a question of right and wrong. He is very grateful to Jiang Wang for the honor he won for Qi State, but he will not ignore the principle of Tongmo because of this.

The same sentence, the merits and demerits cannot be offset.

For a while.

What "Flies don't bite seamless eggs, and are mixed with so many dirty things, is Jiang Wang really okay?"

What" He wants to be true If you’re innocent, you won’t run away. Wouldn’t it be good to go to Yujing Mountain for a public trial and witness his innocence?"

What? Keep him at all times. How can there be such a good thing? Can the spies of Demon Race also be able to protect it?"

Such remarks are rampant.

Until Qi Ting issued a letter of credence to condemn Jing Guo, publicly stated his position, and sent Ji Zhaonan, Shi Minghui, Wen Yanyu and the others to respond to Jiang Wang, the domestic remarks were temporarily stopped.

Er Fengming also locked up the courtyard deeply, claiming to study behind closed doors and be tired of world affairs.

Many people feel that he is disappointed with reality.

The undercurrent about Jiang Wang has never stopped.

Jingguo has established its prestige for too long. In many cases, Jingguo’s publicity is the golden rule.

In Qi State, there have always been people complaining that the pillars of the country like Shi Mingyu and Wen Yanyu should not be running for Jiang Wang who is unclear about his suspicion. Gods like Ji Zhaonan come to Heaven's Chosen, and it is the right way to make contributions behind the Gate of Ten Thousand Demons. Afterwards, the war that started in Xingyueyuan was all Jiang Wang's responsibility...

until this day.

Big Dipper, the world’s most recognized top teacher, went to the legalist Holy Land Third Penal Palace to provide evidence in person.

San Xing Gong also publicly stated its position, proving that what Yu Big Dipper said is true.

The so-called crime of conspiracy propagated by Jingguo Jingshitai should not be established from beginning to end.

What is left of the devil's cave, what is the strange development of the cultivation base, what has been practiced in evil...

All of them were subverted on the matter of "Blood Demon Art" NS.

Jiang Wang, the leader of the Yellow River, not only did not have the crime of conquering demons, but was a hero of slaying demons. In the cultivation base of the inner palace, participating in the demon art of the town is called great wisdom and bravery, and it is singular and weeping!

Know that it is easy to kill demons, but difficult to kill demon art. In the meantime, many gods and cultivators can't avoid the danger!

Even the powerhouse like Big Dipper, which is among the most powerful daoist in the world, has frequently missed.

Who can say that Jiang Wang is not brave enough?

The crime on this root is cleared, and other problems are not a problem.

Jiang Wang broke the record of the old man in Tianfu, smashed the outer building Human Demon, and became the first inner mansion in history. It also made the world boil and made Qi people proud.

This is a feat that is enough to carve a monument in the history of cultivation.

Wang Yiwu broke the historical limit of Heavenspan Realm, and once amazed the military god Jiang Mengxiong, he claimed to be a successor.

Jiang Wang is now creating the history of the inner government. The target is Legendary like the old man of Tianfu. Is the weight comparable to the record of Heavenspan Realm?

Suddenly, the whole country praised!

The voices of trampling and slandering Jiang Wang in Qi State suddenly fell silent.

Those who solemnly vowed Jiang Wang must have problems, all of them pretended to be dead behind closed doors, as if they had never spoken.

Those who have no names and no surnames quietly passed by. But those who have a name and a surname, who have passionately guided public opinion, are not so easily let go.

Ming Ruer Fengming has a beautiful mansion in the eastern suburbs. The lotus pond in the courtyard is poured with ink.

The whole pond is black, and all the fish in the pond are dead.

Someone left a word on the shore: Silt can't pollute clean water, ink is good?

He was in Linzi's yard, and the gate was splashed with dung at night.

People passed by, covering their noses and avoiding them, laughing and saying--

"It turns out that this is the smell of smell in Sanli."

The family members are flustered and exasperated. The prosecutor's office asked to investigate the streets and alleys of the neighbourhood and find the people who spilled the dung and dirty doors.

The Constable of the Inspectorate only replied: "There are so many evil monarchs in the world, and there are more than three miles away from shoulder to shoulder? The Inspectorate is really unable to investigate."

In the meantime, "Sanli smells smelly Er Fengming" spread throughout Linzi.



When Jiang Wang became famous, he became famous in Guanhetai, which was the spotlight of the world.

When he became infamous, he was also known to the world.

There are people who know it, but people don't know it, but it is difficult to avoid this name during this period of time.

The Sanxinggong has always stood up to the law, and has never been biased towards any power in the world.

The two palaces of law and order are not in the world, but the discipline of the criminal palace often travels around the world.

Different from the cultivator of other schools, it either acts chivalrously and fights justice, or punishes evil and promotes good, all based on justice in the heart.

No matter where you go, the discipline of punishment and punishment respects local laws.

The laws are different in different places. For example, the law of theft will be punished ten times by the law. According to Qin's law, it means to cut one finger.

For the case of adultery, according to the law of Chu, the sentence ranges from five years or more. According to the law of animal husbandry, it is "ponytail castration", which is about to tie the vitals to the ponytail and drag the castration for life.

There was once a surnamed Wu businessman from other places who saw interest in the grassland, and was sent to execution on the 2nd day...

This case was seen in the Muguo’s penal file, and it says "... The weapon is so small that it cannot be ponytailed. The torturer was impatient and swung his knife away." It is said that this surnamed Wu businessman spent a lot of money and wanted to return to his country for trial, but he failed. This case is widely spread, and it is also a clear proof of the different laws of the countries.

The codes of the following countries are originally born out of the "Law Sutra", but because of the different times and places, and because of the concepts of different legalist cultivators, there are many differences.

Legalist’s discipline is proficient in the laws of the world, and never violates the law. The local government usually deals with evil things. It is extremely popular in many countries, and it can even be said that it is the most popular scholar of study. , Is often used as a powerful supplement to local officials.

For those powerful countries with extremely official majesty, it is precisely the legalists who are least welcome to study abroad.

Of course, these countries absorb legalists, but they often spare no effort.

In the final analysis, what they want is to "order from oneself", followed by rules.

The Three Penal Palace respects the laws of different places in different places. There are places where the laws are not appropriate. They only choose to send talents into official positions, and silently make amendments to the law, never directly military force to interfere in which country.

So the reputation is very good.

But outside of the countries, it involves the whole part of Human Race. Such as Monster Race, Demon Race, Sea Clan...The Three Penal Palace follow the "Law".

Jiang Wang's access to demons is precisely what Sanxinggong can circumvent the Jingguo law to pay attention to.

Let's put it all over the world, in terms of credibility, the Three Xing Palace is far from the mirror world.

So as soon as the Third Xing Palace expressed its stance, the public opinion on Jingguo Jingshitai's side had collapsed.

In this case, Jing Guo is silent, but the world is not silent.

Da Chu Huai State Official Mansion.

The middle-aged beautiful woman with only one hairpin in her hair bun walks slowly in the garden.

Although the clothes are extremely clean, the manners are natural and graceful.

At that time, the garden was full of flowers and the fragrance of flowers swelled, and a tree slanted in the sky. A handsome young man in a water blue robe sits alone in the pavilion performing the law.

One stone bench, just one person.

The flow of water turns around, and pavilions loom in the waves. But seeing the Shuixie Dragon Palace, birth and death, it is more and more reflected.

"Xiao Guangshu..." The woman opened the mouth and said.

The sound is extremely gentle and seems to be able to heal all wrinkles in the world.

Zuo Guangshu opened his eyes and looked at the woman across the water: "What's the matter with mother?"

brows slightly wrinkle, a little unhappy being disturbed.

It's not that the relationship between mother and son is not good, but that he is obsessed with cultivation and only seeks to forge ahead. And mother must come to persuade him at least five times a month to let him rest and play more. Always find excuses to influence his cultivation, the fruit of today's apricot garden, the flower of the fertile field of the Ming Dynasty.

At this age, he will inevitably become a little impatient after saying a few times in a good voice, but it is useless.

The middle-aged beautiful woman who walked into the garden, named Xiong Jingyu, is a female of the Imperial Family of the Great Chu, and is the biological younger sister of the current Emperor Chu, and the noble bloodline. Marrying into the Huai government office was a marriage that everyone in the Chu region envied.

Later, after Zuo Guangshu's father died in the battle, Emperor Chu felt sorry for the younger sister, and advised her to marry another, and he listed several powerful families to choose from. But she resolutely refused, saying only that "it was difficult to follow the long river."

She grew up holding her two sons hand in hand, and taught them personally, saying that she would "be the hero and succeed the hero", and she did.

Eldest son is very competitive, revives Zuo’s reputation and crushes Chu State younger generation until the battle of the river valley, Heaven's Chosen falls...

This strong and gentle woman, steps It's very light. It's a habit I have developed over the years, I'm afraid I will affect the child's cultivation.

Seeing Zuo Guangshu's impatient appearance, she didn't think she was disgusted.

I only shook the jade sign in my hand, and gently said with a smile: "I just got an interesting news. It seems that you don't want to know?"

It's yourself in the end My mother, can't talk badly at each other.

Although Zuo Guangshu has no interest in the "interesting news" in her mouth, and has long been tired of those "light fairs" and "flower fairs", he can't say it clearly.

I can only lower my eyes and explain in a good voice: "Mother, I want cultivation."

"Oh, this way." Xiong Jingyu sighed: "Yes. You. This great talent of Chu, dignified little grandfather, how can he care about the news of a Qi State person? Mother is bothering you!"

Zuo Guangshu raised his eyes.

But she had put the jade sign behind her, and walked out of the garden with her hands behind her back.

Whispered whispered in his mouth: "I don’t know what you said last time, Jiang Wang who will accompany you to the mountains and seas, and will come to live at home for a while...Is this Jiang Wang?"

"Mother..." Zuo Guang shinuoly shouted.

Xiong Jingyu tilted his head and turned around, smiling in his beautiful eyes: "Who is calling me?"

Zuo Guangshu waved his hand to let the water flow away, cleverly. "It's Xiaoguangshu!"

Xiong Jingyu turned her whole body back, still with her hands behind her back, with a flamboyant and worried expression on her face: "Doesn't the mother bother you cultivated?"


"Why!" Zuo Guangshu quickly denied.

"Really not?"

"Really not!"

"Oh. Then I can rest assured." Xiong Jingyu gently patted his heart and made it relieved 'S expression: "I delayed the cultivation of the little grandpa, how can I be embarrassed?"

Zuo Guangshu lowered his eyes and said embarrassedly: "Mother..."

"Oh. "Xiong Jingyu smiled softly: "Let's Xiao Guangshu, this will know that you are shy."

"That... mother." Zuo Guangshu knew that he couldn't keep her tormented, and talked about it. , This woman can talk till tomorrow morning. He tilted his head and looked behind her, pointed out a little, and asked obediently: "What news did you bring to me?"

Xiong Jingyu didn't continue to tease him, just put his hand "Here."

Zuo Guangshu stepped out of the pavilion and took the jade fortune-telling record in his hand. His mind flowed through, and he had received all the news.

Looked towards my mother, his eyes brightened: "True?"

Xiong Jingyu said with a smile: "Can the news from Zhang Huatai be faked?"

Zuo Guangshu laughed proudly: "He's not bad, he deserves to be someone who can play against me."

Jiang Wang and Zuo Guangshu in Grand Void Illusory Realm Xiong Jingyu naturally knew about the friendship, otherwise he wouldn't come over with this news immediately.

"That's OK." Xiong Jingyu smiled and looked at her son, then turned and walked out: "Mother will not disturb you cultivated, lest it annoy you."

"Mother, can don't say this ." Zuo Guangshu said sweetly behind him: "I'm not annoyed at all!"

Xiong Jingyu didn't look back, but waved his hand: "It's cold in your room." Fengwu tea, remember to drink it when you go back."

The figure faded away.

This is the back figure that is accustomed to.

When Mother walked away, the circle was empty, Zuo Guangshu clenched his fist suddenly and jumped in place.


The First Inner Palace in Qing History! It's amazing!

Xiong Jingyu, who had already walked out of the garden, couldn't help but smile again.

Since..., Xiao Guangshu has rarely had such a happy time.

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