Red Heart Survey Chapter 1341

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Jing Country, Longshou County, Great General Mansion.

Today is the day when Huanglong Great General Wei's lover, Huang Relic, the second home in the world, "washes his hands in a golden basin".

A large basin made of red gold stands in the courtyard, and the pinewood bracket stands firmly on the ground.

The two teams of soldiers stand on both sides of the courtyard.

Huang Relic, a fit and sturdy yellow robe, is dragging the ground, standing proudly in front of the golden basin.

In the basin is sweet spring water, as clear as broken jade.

Huang Relic's hand hangs on the water, hesitating.

She didn't want to "retire from the arena", she had a good time, and she had no idea of ​​becoming a monk.

Just wash your hands in an ordinary way.

But why is it so ceremony?

Because she hasn’t washed her hands for more than two months...

To be precise, since the day Jiang Wang won the Guanhetai championship, they shook hands. The right hand has been kept until today and has not been washed once.

Today is the 27th day of September, 3919.

According to Huang Fu Huanglong, Great General Wei, he pinched his fingers for a long time, and this day is a beautiful hand day.

Wash your hands on this day, you will be blessed by the gods and Buddha, blessed and extended, your hands will be slippery and soft, and they are so beautiful.

So, under any circumstances, Huang Relic finally agreed to wash her hands on this day, ending her good memory of more than two months...

It was enough.

She Huang Relic is not a person who loves beauty.

I will hold it again next time!


It's really endless.

Jiang Meiren's heroic posture on the observatory is really like a meteor and a sword like a bright moon. Especially when the sword's immortal state appeared, the flames flowed around, the frost-white cloak curled up, and the eyes shone... it was so beautiful in the world!

And she Huang Relic was on the stage, shook the beauty's hand.

How many people envy it, and she a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first.

Although it is only a few breaths, she has already squeezed and squeezed, touched and touched with her twenty-four martial arts skills to save the world.

I have touched my heart a thousand times. Thinking of it so far, there is still a lingering fragrance.


Huanglong Great General Wei, who squatted next to him like an old farmer, wore a melon cap and held a dry tobacco rod, couldn't help but opened the mouth and said: "Girl, good time has arrived. Hurry up and wash your hands, let's practice saving the world's twenty-four Sanshou. I haven't practiced this for two months!"

"You didn't lie to me Right, old man?" Huang Relic turned his head and looked at him suspiciously: "What beautiful hand day, is it just to lie to me and practice your broken hand?"

Save the World Twenty-Four Sanshou requires heart is like a clear mirror, hands are like colored glaze...simply speaking, hands are clean and spotless.

Of course, it is difficult to meet the standards if you don’t wash your hands for more than two months.

"Why?" Huang Fu flicked his dry tobacco rod and stood up excitedly: "Your father has been for a long time, then the Buddha is nodded! How can I lie to you? Meidi is very!"

Huang Relic curl one's lip: "Let’s do it."

Although I am a little dissatisfied with the old father’s coaxing routine for more than ten years, I still retract my sight and move his hand to the basin. Fall.


A soldier fell outside the courtyard at this moment, half kneeling to report the letter.

Huang Fu inserted the dry tobacco rod on the waistband of his pants and turned his head to look over: "What's the matter?"

While stretched out his hand and pressed against Huang Relic: "You wash yours Well."

Of course Huang Relic would not be obedient, and was looking over with wide-open curious eyes.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I'm afraid it would be hard for anyone to imagine that this old farmer wearing a melon hat was actually a Huanglong Great General Wei from the Demon Subduing Pestle Megatron.

The soldier respectfully handed over a lacquered letter, and said in his mouth: "Your Majesty, disseminate this news to all counties, and all generals need to hear it."

Huang Fu took the letter casually, tearing it up and saying: "What's the news?"

Huang Relic hurriedly jumped over: "What news is spreading in such a hurry, let me look at me. Take a look!"

Huang Fusuo spread out the letter paper and read it with her daughter.

It is said that the information passed on by Emperor Jing's personal order should be classified and can only be seen by Great General himself. But Huang Relic even took Huang Fu's Great General seal casually to play, and the soldiers in the courtyard were not surprised.

As soon as the letter paper was unfolded, and after reading no two lines, Huang Fu felt that the major event was not good, so he had to roll it up.

But it has been taken away by Huang Relic.

"Bring you here!"

This is a letter summarizing important information in the morning.

What Emperor Jing let Huang Fu see was naturally the public's voice of the Three Criminal Palace, which greatly damaged the prestige of Jingshitai, focusing on the chain reaction that might occur after Jingguo, Qi State, and Muguo.

Under the current situation, Jing Country, which is in the Northern Domain with the pastoral country, also has a lot of room for strategic choices and has to be carefully considered.

But what Huang Fu saw and knew that his daughter would definitely shine, but it was Jiang Wang who broke the historical legend and became the first inner palace in ancient and modern times...

"Wonderful!" Huang Relic flicked the letter paper and laughed heartily: "This is the first palace in history! You deserve to be the man who can go to the final stage with me!"

"Girl. "Huang Fu said sadly: "Otherwise, wash your hands first, let's do it beautifully..."

"Wash it!" Huang Relic took the letter paper in his arms and strode out. Go: "This is the hand touched by the first inner palace in the history of history. It is more reliable than your Buddha! This Miss will be kept until the next meeting with Jiang Meiren to show my sincerity!"

Huang Fu gave the soldier who sent the letter a stern look, turned his head and stunned, "Hey, don't show your letter casually, but it's very confidential!"

Then a bunch of letter paper smashed. Came back.

Huang Relic’s voice has floated outside the courtyard: "It’s so troublesome, then you keep it for yourself!"

Huang Fu caught the paper ball and squatted like an old farmer. After he got down, his left hand unfolded the crumpled letter paper, and his eyes continued to ponder the news on it. The right hand took the dry tobacco rod and took a grieving sip.

"Sorrow!" He sighed.



First, apply for the country, then Rongguo, go round and round, and finally come to the country of Zheng.

Jiang Wang's mood is also a word of "sorrow".

If it hadn’t been for Yu Big Dipper’s terrifying power in Broken Soul Gorge, he even wondered if his "remembrance" secret technique had been wronged again.

Why didn't you see the silhouette after chasing for so long?

His name is being sung throughout the world, and he doesn't know it yet.

Just rivet it, and follow the reminder reminders everywhere.

He has seen the evil of Human Demon.

As early as in the Yong country, he could not help showing up to save people when he witnessed these Human Demon cooking and killing the Qingyunting cultivator. If it could be killed then, it would have been killed by then!

Now that there is a long sword in his hand and an enemy in his eyes, there is no reason to let it go.

This young Heaven's Chosen, who is the most popular today, doesn't know that he has completely cleared the suspicion of the magic, and honestly hides his identity with objects such as hats and dragon head sticks.

Walking through the small town of Zheng State is like many moments in foreign countries over the years.

Suddenly stopped.

The remembrance has been frozen.

In front of him, there is an Inn.

A vertical plaque hangs down.

Ming Yue——

Yingbin Building.





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